My Vampire System ​Chapter 1694: Two Titans

By now, everyone who wanted to leave had already left the Chained Island, and that included members of the Chained themselves. They once called this place their home but now had to decide. They had an ominous feeling that the Chained would no longer be the same powerhouse it was at the beginning of the day.

When the sun rose from the eastern horizon today, their faction was one of the world’s most powerful factions, but now, just because of one intruder, they were nothing.

Some headed in the direction of the Dhampir ship, along with the Pure’s members. In contrast, the rest had left with members of the Green family.

The waves of energy, happening off in the distance, were still shaking the land and destroying all that they had created.

The strong building of the Chained was now nothing but ruins. Even now, pieces of rubble would break further as more and more energy struck them.

Whatever was the cause of this, no one wanted any part in it. Not even the reporters that were dying for a news story, dying to tell the world why or how this had all occurred, had stayed. This included Aj, who was known as the most daring.

They did the right thing by leaving the place. The energy coming from the two blows was so strong that perhaps it would have ruptured the inside of normal human beings that would stand too close.

*** *** ***

Out in the vast expanse on the other side of the huge Chained island, the fighting between the two continued in a crater of a mile-long radius.

A large dark fist delivered right into Chris’s gut, lifting him in the air, then spinning and using his tail, Ray attempted to slam him right on his head.

There had been many times during the fight when Ray had tried to cut him with his claws, but Chris was skilful with his Qi and blocked these fatal blows.

This was why Ray found the best way to have an advantage in the fight was by empowering his fists with as much energy as possible and trying to take him down like so.

Chris raised a hand, grabbing the tail, and his large nails dug through the dragon’s tail’s hard scales. Then, using his other hand, Chris lifted the humanoid dragon by the tail and started to slam him into the ground, to his left and then to the right.

Up to his elbow had been completely transformed, covered in a grey coloured fur. At the same time, the rest of his skin was still red, as if he was still activating the fourth stage of Qi.

Eventually though, Ray had lifted himself using the muscles in his tail and opened his mouth wide. Bright yellow energy left his mouth, hitting Chris in the chest. Immediately the latter let go as he covered his body with his arms and was being pushed across the surface.

The energy continued to push him further, and the wound on his hand deepened as blood trickled off his arms. Eventually, gathering his Qi in his hands, he swung his arms, disrupting the flow of energy from the strange blasts.

“What’s wrong?” Chris said, reverting his face back to normal. It was a little elongated, and his teeth were larger, making it harder for him to speak.

“Why don’t you do the same attack as last time? You almost killed me before with that attack, Or is it a one-time thing, and you can’t do it again?”

A quick blast of energy left Ray’s mouth again. It wasn’t a constant stream like before but was large and round.

Seeing this, Chris threw out his hand simultaneously, hitting the energy away and flinging it into the air off in the distance and there, it eventually exploded. Even though it exploded in the distance, it shook the ground where they were standing.

“I have fought against Werewolves before,” Ray commented.

“Your energy, even though you hardly tire, and you feel like you can fight on forever, you can’t. Your energy is not unlimited. As for me, I could carry on doing this all day.”

Readying up their fists, Ray and Chris went at it again as they kicked off the ground. It didn’t seem like the battle would end soon because none could get a significant advantage over the other. The fact that Ray had something else on his mind also affected his fighting strategy.

“How long… how long until everyone gets off this place?”

As the two were about to collide, a figure came storming down, crashing into the ground between the two. Both Chris and Ray felt like they should pay no bother as they threw out their fist in full force.

Mid-air, as the two fists hit, they felt that they had stopped. It felt like an invisible force like a magnet was pulling them, but all they could see in front of them was a purple shadow.

“You two… what are you doing?… Are you trying to destroy the entire planet?!”

Seeing the shadow and sensing the familiar energy, they both dropped their hands. They knew straight away who this was that included Chris as well.

“Is it you… is it Quinn?” Chris was beyond surprised. The reason why he knew it was Quinn was due to the energy. Quinn wasn’t using his celestial energy now; he was just using his normal Qi, with blood aura.

This feeling was something that Chris had experienced first-hand, and it was an energy that he would never forget, as it was from his one and only student.

At the same time, Quinn was quite surprised that his wings could block the attack. Seeing the destruction around, Quinn was sure that they would have disappeared entirely if he had just had his 10,000 or so MC points.

Only something like shadow overload would have been able to handle this. Yet, with the active skill of the demon tier chest piece, there was no need to. He would also go through his shadow in the past, but it seemed like with the Demon tier equipment, the Qi had no effect.

“Quinn, what are you doing? Are you here to help me or what?” Ray asked.

Turning to Chris, seeing as it seemed like he had been recognised, Quinn wondered if there was another way to resolve this.

“Although Chris is a member of Pure, he has never mistreated me. Leo told me that the two of them even fought against the Dalki together.”

“Of course, a lot of time has passed since then, but it’s still the same Chris, right?”

“Let me talk to him, Ray,” Quinn asked, turning around.

Although Chris wasn’t attacking, his arms were still transformed, ready to strike at any moment. And even if Quinn had blocked the attacks from the two, he was unsure if he could stop another at this distance.

One disadvantage he had was the movement of his wings to block the attack. In the first place, he didn’t have the element of surprise now.

“What? Is he a friend of yours? You know him from back then, but he isn’t a human anymore!” Ray said.

“It doesn’t; look like he’s human to me,” Quinn replied, noticing that Chris looked like the other Pure member he had seen before. And, it was clear that the latter also had some Werewolf DNA in him.

“Let me give you a warning, Quinn, before you decide to talk to your old friend.” Ray started to speak.

“For the others, there was a reason why they all lived their time. I don’t know what it was exactly or how they did it, but this person in front of you is different.”

“If you look closely, even now, all the Qi in his body isn’t quite his. If you put two and two together, there is only one way a human could have lived for so long.”

“Quinn, he stole other people’s lives!”

Quinn had heard Chris’s heartbeat become slightly faster for a moment. It was a sign that there was some truth to these words. But Quinn wasn’t much worried about this. Instead, putting his hand out towards Ray, he opened his palm.

“Ray, just rest for a few seconds.”

A shadow appeared behind Ray, and the next second he had disappeared.


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