My Vampire System ​Chapter 1692: Catching up!

The shockwave had destroyed most of the Chained establishment, but the other half of it was still standing and mostly relatively intact. There weren’t any vampires at all in the Chained establishment other than Jessica, so at the moment, the group was running around hoping that Minny’s nose was able to catch something.

After running through the rubble and finding nothing, they decided to head into this part of the establishment which mainly was undamaged. They ran through the marble floor, looking into the empty rooms and places, and eventually ran to where the living quarters of the Chained were.

Due to their fast speed, they had managed to get past a few of the Chained who were still in the middle of escaping.

They arrived in a large hallway decorated in red and gold. However, the building was clearly not what it used to be with most of the ceiling cracked due to the force from the shockwave.

“They might know a few answers?” Peter asked as he placed Lucia, who was riding on his back this whole way, back on the floor.

Her face was a little embarrassed because the truth was her lighting abilities had already come back, and she could have kept up with the group on foot, but it was too late as Peter had already picked her up before she could say anything.

It was then that those of the Chained turned around and also noticed them.

“Hey… I think I saw some of those guys fighting against Clicker and the others.”

“Come on, let’s just ignore them and get out of here.” Another one commented.

Look, do you think we will be able to just leave this place? The enemies might attack as soon as we step out, but if we take one of them with us as a hostage, we will have a better chance of escaping.

Some of the members of their group seemed to agree with this. Soon, six of them turned around, facing Peter and his group.

“Well, it looks like we don’t need to stop them after all,” Peter said, and in the next second, a fluorescent glowing substance came out straight towards Lucia. The latter was ready to use her lighting abilities and defend herself, but before it even reached her. Peter stepped forward and placed his hand out, blocking the attack.

The glowing substance turned out to be some strange acid as it melted Peter’s hand upon contact. However, as the latter’s hand fell off, it regenerated itself, quick enough for him to use the same hand to punch the attacker right in his face and send him flying through the walls.

“Where is Jessica?” Peter asked, turning around. “Or do you all want to be beaten to your last breath?”

The Chained were stunned to move and too afraid that they would pay for the consequences if they did. They couldn’t clearly see Peter’s movements, but they could easily see the hole that their fellow member created in the wall after getting hit by Peter’s punch.

“Peter… he didn’t hesitate to protect me again. I know he’s strong and has good regenerative abilities, but to not hesitate at all? That was quite reckless; who knows what abilities these people have.”

“Uncle is so cool,” Minny said, pumping her fist.

Remembering that Minny was on her back, she thought that perhaps Peter wasn’t doing it for her but was doing it because of both of them. After all, he stated he would always do whatever Quinn told him to do.

However, turning around, rather than capturing the others, Peter walked up to Lucia.

“Are you alright? You didn’t get hit by any of that acid stuff, did you? It’s quite strong.”

Lucia nodded, confirming she was okay without saying a word, and the next second, Peter had grabbed someone by the ruff of their neck and held him in the air.

“Minny, use your influence skill,” Peter asked. “And if this person tries to block your questions with his Qi, I’ll slowly start squeezing his head until it explodes,” Staring at the terrified man in his grasp, he added.

“Trust me, this is not a threat, but something I can easily do.”

The man was almost shedding a tear due to his situation, but he was also the one that had come up with the idea of attacking them.

“There’s no need!” A voice shouted down the hallway.

Turning away, as they saw who was the one speaking, Lucia and Minny were shocked for a moment but then swiftly recollected themselves and ran towards the person incoming.

“Jessica, finally! Are you alright? Where were you?” They shouted.

But they suddenly paused when noticing Jessica wasn’t on her own, and another female was standing next to her.

She stood so close that Lucia and Minny didn’t think of her as an enemy. Regardless, Peter was so stunned by seeing this person that he had let go of the Chained in his hand.

“How… how are you still here, and why do you look so young? Why are you even here?” Peter asked, ready for another battle. He hadn’t seen this person much, it was only a couple of times, but Peter remembered the vampire leaders well,

“It’s a long story” Muka replied.

“But I think we should save the stories for later his whole place won’t last for long. There are strong shockwaves of energy hitting this building every second and I don’t think it can take much more. But for a quick answer you can say I’m one of the lucky ones.”

They didn’t argue with her response as the building shook, and parts of the ceiling were now falling. The group decided it was time to leave, especially since they had achieved what they had planned to do. Still, Peter’s mind was occupied on how Muka managed to live so long and still look somewhat the same.

Muka was a vampire that had already lived quite a long time, and then there was Fex as well. How come she didn’t turn old like Fex? Things just weren’t fair, something wasn’t right for things to be this way while so much time had passed, and Peter knew Quinn would surely look for the answers.

It didn’t take long for the whole group to reach the area where all the ships were docked. Ships were currently taking off and leaving the island, flying into the air. They weren’t leaving the earth’s atmosphere but flying to other areas.

However, there was one Spaceship where they could see Hannah and a middle-aged black-haired man and the other Blades that had arrived with them. There also looked to be a few knocked out people near the ship as well.

As expected, some had tried to steal the ship because the shockwave had destroyed most of the ships, and only a few ships could take off. But, of course, there weren’t many who could take on the Blade Family.

‘Well, it looks like everything worked out well. Hannah smiled while thinking, “They really came in and saved the princess in the middle of all these people, but the real question is, where is the hero?”

“Where is Quinn?” Vorden asked.

“We didn’t see him around; he must be out there somewhere, Mitchell is looking for him as well.” Lucia replied. Now, the others needed to decide what to do.

“Quinn… are you talking about the old king?!” Muka asked, completely stunned her hand covered her open mouth, and her eyeballs nearly popped out from the shock.

“We will wait for some time,” Vorden said.

“We can wait, and even if we board the ship, we will search for the two. Knowing him, he might have even decided to go and search for what is causing this mess. He might even still be fighting out there.”

The others who knew Quinn were inclined to agree. That was when Minny sensed something and quickly hopped off Lucia’s shoulder. In the next moment, rising through the shadow, they could see the one and only Quinn.

Quinn raised his hand upon stepping out, and suddenly, Mitchell appeared out of a shadow.

“I’m here,” Quinn said, looking at everyone around him. He was happy to see Jessica and the others all there okay, but after a moment, he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, especially towards Muka.

“We will catch up later, let’s get out of here first.” Vorden smiled.


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