My Vampire System ​Chapter 1691: Shockwave

Everyone could feel an intense amount of energy bombarding on the wall created by Jake. It was so much that they could even feel the heat produced from the attack. The scary part was how far away the explosion had occurred, meaning this was just the first wave of the attack; the real blow was yet to reach them.

“Hey, guys, I don’t think it will hold up so much… we need a plan B!” Jake gritted his teeth, barely holding on against the incoming energy onslaught.

A few cracks could be seen breaking through the metal indenting inward. Now noticing that the wall wouldn’t hold for long, the reporters and members of the Chained ran back towards the main establishment. The docking bay where all their ships were stationed was on the other side, but they didn’t think they could make it in time.

Seeing that Jake was struggling, Vicky retracted the mud holding up the wall for support. She then formed two daggers in her hand and stabbed them towards the floor, and soon, everyone at the scene was covered in an igloo-like mud bowl.

As soon as Jake’s vision was blocked, the wall crumbled. Next, the wave of energy hit the mud, and everyone inside could feel the ground shaking again. Finally, they could hear the sound of heavy things falling over, and eventually, it stopped.

The time had passed.

“Is everyone okay?” Vicky asked and noticed a few people she hadn’t exactly planned to save eve n though they were here. The Bree leader and her beast had run into the large encased mudball. Even Flora had somehow made her way in, much to Vicky’s disappointment.

The rest were the allies that Vicky had tried to protect, and surprisingly, Aj was also there; he had run into the circle at the last moment

Regardless, Vicky couldn’t complain about who had used her shield and decided to disintegrate the mud wall, revealing the scene on the side, the destruction caused by this wave of energy. In front of them, the ground appeared to be scorched. It had changed from the dry mud ground to being burned black.

Then, when they turned around, the whole Chained establishment that once stood tall was now almost non-existent. The building had collapsed and crumbled, and it certainly didn’t resemble a wedding venue, even the blood-red roses were now nothing but ashes.

Soon, they also noticed a few who seemed to have survived the attack-coming out from the wreckage of the building. Most of them had used their powers in some way to protect their lives, but not everyone was lucky enough to survive.

A few were also trying to heal others, but there was also a look of panic on their face because everyone could hear and feel constant vibrations ringing through the air, and one after another, loud bangs could be heard off in the distance.

There was no incoming shockwave like the one before, but now everyone was frightened that soon there could be another.

“What was that? You have to explain!” Fizzwell asked.

Vorden looked off in the distance from where the energy vibrations were coming from.

“I think that was the warning he was talking about. Now we don’t have much time.”

Saying these words, Vorden could already see people heading straight for where the ships were. They needed to leave this place right now, but it looked like one of the spaceships was no longer in operation, having been damaged in the shockwave.

“Everyone, head back and get out of here!” Vorden ordered. “Ryanmy, Way, you will come with me and head to the Blade ship. We have to stop anyone taking the ship at all costs.”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked. “Aren’t you going to be leaving as well? So why are you protecting the ship.”

As the words left his mouth, Jack realised that everything his uncle had been doing was for a reason, and it had to be a big one to go so far for someone.

“We will be staying here until the last possible second. Don’t worry about us. We were never involved much in your political sphere in the first place. Just leave and get to safety. I’ll see you again.”

The others had already left, deciding it was too dangerous, leaving only Vicky and Jake out of the great allies. It looked like Jake wanted to stay, but Vicky had decided for him as she began to pull his arm.

“When you see him, tell him I said hi,” Vicky shouted toward Vorden. “If he survives this, I certainly will see him again and make sure he comes to us. He’s been waiting for him for a long time as well!”

*** *** ***

In the underground floor of the Chained establishment. They had created a special place, and this place was specifically made for Jessica. They thought she might attempt to escape once again. Thus, they have currently put her in this special room made of Glatharium bars.

The bars were too strong for her to break on her own, and there was a weird circular lock combination on the door. This was where she had been the whole time after Clicker had teleported her.

The underground room was occasionally shaking due to the events on the surface, and even parts of the ceiling seemed to fall, worrying Jessica that she might die a horrible death, either being suffocated or getting crushed. However, she wasn’t alone.

“Please!” Jessica shouted. “Can’t you see that something is going on out there? They don’t care about you or me. They might have even forgotten about us! Do you really want to die down here?”

The hooded figure that was present in the special room with her hadn’t said a word. Instead, she was just tossing a coin the whole time.

“You’re a vampire, right!” Jessica shouted. “Why are you even working for the Chained? That makes no sense!”

“I choose my battles.” The hooded figure finally replied, and to Jessica’s surprise, it was a female voice. “I have lived this long because of how I have acted and who I have chosen to go with. However, I don’t just care for my life anymore.”

“Waking up from my slumber and witnessing all of that. I now wish to know and destroy the culprits… who are behind the destruction of the vampire settlement.” She said, gripping the coin tightly in her hand. “This is one step, and many more are to come.”

When she tossed the coin once more, it landed on the heads facing up. She turned around and pulled her hood down, revealing the most stunning perfect face Jessica had ever seen. She was so taken aback by the beauty that she even took a step back and turned slightly away as if she wasn’t allowed to look at such a person.

While looking away, Jessica soon heard a click, and that’s when she saw the door to her cell door had opened.

“Now is the time for us to leave.” The female vampire said.

*** *** ***

Flying through the air, Quinn was trying to see if he could spot the others somehow. He was up high after all and continued to head towards the noise, but he soon could hear another noise coming in another direction, and that’s when he too saw the large explosion.

“Master Quinn!”

Upon lowering his gaze, Quinn happened to see Mitchell. The latter was running around like a headless chicken looking for Quinn, and he had finally found him, but there looked to be trouble as Quinn could sense the large energy coming towards them.

Quickly, he dashed towards Mitchell. Quinn had to decide whether to try to attack the energy to create an opening or try something else, but at that moment, he could also feel that his shadow had returned. Using the demon tier’s active ability, Quinn instantly used the shadow on his wings and enveloped himself and Mitchell.

The blast hit them, and they were unaffected. After things settled down a bit and the energy blast went by, Quinn spread out his wings again.

“What… was that?” Quinn wondered.

“Thank you! Thank you, master, thank you for saving me!” Mitchell shouted. “There is a lot I need to tell you… and yeah, I might have an idea what that explosion was.”

Mitchell swiftly recounted the summary of whatever happened while the former was away. Upon hearing the details of what had happened so far, Quinn came to know that the explosion had come from Ray, but now there were two questions on his mind: Who was Ray fighting against? And did he need to go and help Ray?


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