My Vampire System ​Chapter 1690: Get off!

Vorden, along with Hannah, had decided to head back to where the others were. Without the Dragon there, everything was possibly left to Jake and Vicky and the other two members of the Blade family who had come along with Vorden on the trip.

“Although I did that training with the dragon in the shadow space, I don’t think I’m ready to take on the world’s best.” Hannah thought as she made her way over, but they soon realised that perhaps Jake and Vicky didn’t need so much of their help.

Before, many members of the Chained were worried about getting involved in the fight due to the Dragon, but now, with the Dragon gone, they could take part in the fight. However, within the next few moments, several mounds of what looked like heavy mud crushed many of the members.

As for the person responsible for this, it was Vicky. Using the demon tier beast weapon at her disposal, she ensured the others wouldn’t get involved. Then there was Jake, along with the other two blades, who had done well to hold off the other attackers.

Just as they arrived, General Fizwell looked to have recovered and was going in for a hit, but before he could even get close to Jake, the latter stomped his foot, and a metallic mound lifted from the ground. Fizwell’s punch had successfully hit but did next to nothing.

“Am I doing the right thing?” Fizwell thought.

‘I’m kinda pissed at the Dragon that effortlessly defeated me, but I can’t just attack the Green family. Andy will bite off my arse if I continue.”

Jake knew this well that Fizzwell was putting up a show which was helping him take out the others, including the real problematic one, the dhampir. It was almost as if she had gone up a second gear.

No matter what Jake tried to do, he couldn’t reach and attack her. He struck out a quick lighting strike towards Flora after blocking another attack from Fizzwell.

However, she had readied her sword and swung it in a lower semi-circle arc. Hitting it at the right moment, it looked as if she had wrapped the lighting around her sword.

Then, throwing out a strike of her, the lightning strike went back towards Jake but was quickly stopped by another metallic mound he had created.

“Her swordsmanship is troublesome against lightning attacks. But, at least I’m learning something. Jake thought.

“The dhampirs have always been good with the sword. Are they preparing something special against the Graylash family? Are they expecting to clash with them as well? Either way, I might have to select a different set of powers against them.”

“Hey, it looks like you could use a hand,” Vorden said as he walked forward, he had reached this group of four, “Look, this fight is useless.”

It was then that Vorden pointed towards Fizzle, who was now captured. She looked extremely guilty with her head down towards the ground and still had a few wounds on her body from the fight against Mitchell.

“If you know we captured her, you should know that we dealt with the rest, and unfortunately, the rest weren’t as lucky as her.”

It didn’t take long for the expression of the members of the Chained stuck in the mounds to turn pale.

Nevertheless, the fact that he had come back with one of the core members of the primary Chained team meant something, and the reporters who had been hiding at the back also had to pinch themselves to believe what was happening.

“Does this mean that the Blades… defeated the Chained? Their long dispute is over?” A reporter asked.

“That can’t be right; they just have one; maybe it’s a transformation skill or something?” Another replied. “They just want to stop the fighting”

The reporters didn’t believe Vorden’s words and hearing them, those in the Chained weren’t inclined to believe it so much either. They just couldn’t. Did it mean their leader Russ had died as well? And where were these others that had defeated them?

“It’s true.” A voice came through from the crowd.

“The ‘A team’ as you guys refer to them, were completely defeated.” When looking at who was speaking, they saw that it was the famous reporter Aj.

“I filmed everything. I filmed them getting beat by the intruders, I saw it with my own eyes, and all of you will be able to witness it as well.”

Hearing this was a big blow to the Chained. They all knew how strong this A team was, but there was still one question on their mind.

“What about that Vampire…and Russ, are they…” The reporters and many questions to ask, but Aj simply shook his head, indicating he didn’t have an answer for them.

“I don’t know where the two are. I can’t find them… but everything else is true. I think before all the major factions leaders fight, you need to consider why you are fighting.”

“There may be no reason for you to fight anymore.” Aj said.

He, too, wanted the fighting to stop. Although he was a reporter, he felt like, based on what he had seen… that they were perhaps fighting on the wrong side because there was one thing that Aj had captured, and he had figured it out.

It sounded like Clicker had transported the main intruder out of the fight, which meant he had to have known his name. If that was the case, then who was the intruder?

Something was playing at the back of his mind: a video he witnessed his family line make many times. But if he were to report this, he felt like the world would think he was crazy.

As a reporter, it was his duty to verify facts from alleged possibilities. “Everything that the reporter said is true,” Vorden said, stepping forward. “We just want the girl named Jessica, and everyone will leave.”

“We can talk about things properly another time, but there is another problem. Everyone needs to leave this place… something is happening, a fight that could destroy this island.” Now the others were even more perplexed.

“Yeah… right.” Flora laughed. “You think we would believe that. You use an excuse like that to stop this fight.”

Vorden shook his head.

“Look, I just care about my own life and those I need to look after. That’s why I’m trying to stop this fight, and if you don’t listen, I will do it by force. But let me tell you, I won’t be the one dealing with you. It will be someone else.”

Vorden pointed to his head when he said that, and many didn’t understand what the Blaide was trying to convey, but Vicky looked over and shook her head. She knew this wasn’t a good idea but chose to remain silent.

The situation was now at a stalemate. The reporters, Chained, and allies were deciding what to do and what would be the best decision to make.

“I came here with those from Pure, and they told us to help the chained, so I will continue to do that,” Flora stated, pointing her weapon towards Vorden.

Just as a few others were about to make their decision, a flash of bright light could be seen on their faces. Quickly all eyes turned to their right, and all they could see was a giant cloud off in the distance, having erupted high in the air.

Less than a second later, the ground started to shake, everyone could feel the surface beneath their feet rumbling, and it was getting wilder with every passing moment. Then, before anyone could react, they heard a loud bang – the sound of the explosion had reached them.

“Everyone! Get behind me!” Jake shouted as he jumped to the side of everyone.

He placed both hands on the ground and created the largest mound he could. Then, combining his hardening powers, he tried to harden them as much as possible.

Seeing how dangerous the situation was, Vicky also used her demon tier weapon to try to reinforce the wall with the mud. Everyone wondered what was happening, but they heard another loud bang, and they all could feel as if something had hit the wall.

“What is this, vorden…? This is just the first wave; the real explosion hasn’t even arrived and…I don’t even know if this wall can hold!” Jake shouted.

“It’s… what I was talking about. We all need to get off this island.” Vorden replied while gritting his teeth.


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