My Vampire System ​Chapter 1689: One in a million!

“Are you watching this?”

Agent four said as he pushed back his glasses and firmly placed them over his eyes with the help of the tip of his index finger, “I can’t believe someone would attempt to attack the Chained when the whole world is watching and many powerful factions are present.”

He could hear the sound of waves hitting the cabin he was in, and through the large oval window on his left, one could see the sea outside. Right now, Agent four was in what was known as the moving city.

It was where the members of Pure, as well as general citizens who tended to support them, lived, and the numbers were in the millions here.

Currently, they were on the upper levels of the big city in a grand room that was made for meetings, and sitting there along with Agent four was another man who seemed even younger than Agent four, possibly in his early thirties.

“I believed something would happen here. It seems like an attack from the Red Vampires. I’m happy that the Dhampirs have decided to try and get rid of them.” The man replied.

“Zero.” Agent four replied. “It looks like they have sent quite the cavalry for this little event. they certainly aren’t nobodies, and what do you think is up with that Dragon?”

“It doesn’t seem to be a Dalki, but it was clearly incredibly strong, enough to catch Chris’s attention at least. Maybe we should have given him the blood armour.”

Zero started to laugh. “You only think that way because you last saw Agent 1 fight before he was infused with the DNA. Agent 1 is one of a kind. He’s one in a million people.”

“No, perhaps there isn’t anyone like him. Usually, when someone is natural in the talent of Qi, they simply stop working hard. Perhaps the Qi catches up to the limit of their bodies, and they stop there.”

“However, Agent 1 has accepted everything I have thrown his way, and after that, I didn’t even have to guide him. On his own, he has continued to get stronger as if he believed there was no limit.”

“The purpose of life he has created for himself is to be the strongest. I am confident that man will be fine against whatever enemy he faces, especially after receiving the werewolf DNA we discovered all those years ago.”

*** *** ***

Everyone out on the field stood there stunned as they looked at the tall and muscular humanoid Dragon. On top of that, he had done something that seemed almost magical.

Without causing any wound, he managed to stick his hand into another person’s chest and pulled out a glowing white object.

It wasn’t large, but everyone who looked at the energy started to feel like they were somewhat drawn to it. In particular, Peter, Mitchell and Minny could feel tingles all over their body as they stared at it.

It didn’t take long though, for the humanoid Dragon to place the very energy inside its own white chest. A few seconds later, all of the wounds on its body were starting to heal.

“This body… it can’t handle the full energy of a crystal. This body is nothing like my old one.” Ray thought.

“If I use too much energy, I might even be separated from the demon tier beast, and I can’t predict what will happen after that. So I have to be careful.”

Bending his legs slightly, Ray was ready to take off into the air.

“Remember what I said, all of you get off this island. I’ll try to hold back for a little bit to give you some time. Also if I don’t come back it doesn’t mean I will be dead, but I want you to look after the kid.”

He jumped up before anyone could react, and the aftershock from it sounded as if the jump had set off two huge bombs.

Everyone could see ripples of energy through the air, and Ray was gone in the next instant. As for the people watching the scene, they were pushed back by the sheer force of the incoming energy wave.

“It looks like that guy was serious about destroying the whole island, and I’m guessing he’s on our side,” Vorden said.

“We need to get out of here, all of us.”

Lucia looked behind her, noticing a small flicker as the energy had hit something. It looked almost like a ball, but once Ray’s push-off energy had appeared, she could see nothing when looking in that area.

Unsure whether her eyes were playing tricks on her or not, she decided to focus on the matter at hand.

“We can’t just leave; we still need to find Jessica; we have no clue where she is. If that thing destroys the whole island, we need to get her out of here.”

“And don’t forget Quinn!” Mitchell shouted, coming back; although Fizzle was still alive, she was no longer willing to fight. But something did pop in his head.

“It was a good fight that I was going to win… so how about a nice reward.”

When asking this, Mitchell was looking at the Demon tier boots on her feet. With his newfound power, the boots would grant him extra strength. At the same time, Fizzle wasn’t really in a position to say no either.

Heading back to the others, it looked like a decision had been made, and a plan had been put in place. With the dhampir and the reporters, fighting was still going on not too far from where they were. Vorden and Hannah were to try and convince everyone to get off the island.

They would bring Fizzle along as proof, stating that the fight was over and the wedding was now cancelled. In the meantime, Peter, Lucia and Minny would search for Jessica, and lastly, Mitchell would stay out to try and find Quinn and update him on the situation.

After that, they would all head to the docking bay where the ships were docked, and all of them would board the Blade ship.

“Is everyone okay with the plan?” Vorden asked.

“Look at you; you’re back for like two seconds and already bossing everyone around,” Peter mumbled.

Vorden raised an eyebrow at this comment.

“Me back for two seconds? I have been here a long time, Peter, waiting for both of you. Now that we have finally met up again, I promise I will not let us split up.”

“There was a lot that happened while the two of you were away. A lot of things that I have to tell you.”

It looked like Quinn and Peter had found someone who had the answers they were looking for, and after this event was over they were sure they would get them.

Nodding along, the group split up once more for the last time and would regroup at the Blade ship.


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