My Vampire System ​Chapter 1688: God Slayer!

The terrain was unrecognisable compared to what it was before. The ground was destroyed on both ends. Multiple holes in the ground, as well as giant craters and more from attacks.

Russ and Bliss stood there for a few seconds as they inspected the battlefield’s aftermath. Bliss had been here the whole time and watched the two of them fight while concealing her presence with the help of strange magic she would use.

“What do you think?” Bliss finally asked. “If you could fight to the end, do you think you would have won?” Hearing this comment, Russ chuckled a little.

“Answering my question with another question?” Russ replied.

“You know how my powers work. He was… beyond strong. Being able to defeat someone who was as great as himself.”

“He partially improved during the fight, which was more than I could keep up with. If I was to answer your question, I think that even you wouldn’t have predicted that he could beat his imagination.”

“He certainly is an exceptional person. I just wish someone like him had come into the world sooner.”

“Maybe, something like the Chained would have never existed with him in the first place.”

Now, Bliss chuckled as she heard those words.

“Do you think I don’t know the truth? Do you really think that I just see one vision and that’s it? I do my research into those that I chose to help? There is a reason why I picked you.” Bliss stated.

“I know your story was mostly bogus, a way to get the others onto your side. A reason to go against the Blades.”

“How could you care about a woman that you never even knew? All of this revenge talk. Just remember I was the one that helped you back then.”

Russ stared at Bliss as soon as she said these words as if he wanted to say more, but he decided to keep quiet about that matter and moved on to something else.

“This power… is the power that you gave me. You are right, you were the one to help me. It wasn’t the powers of my family, but instead, you came along and gave me a crystal, with this powers in it. When you gave me this power, I’m sure you knew what use it had for you. You didn’t just help me out of the kindness of your heart.”

“Which is why I want to ask you? How much of this did you plan from the start? Did you ask me to marry Jessica just because you knew he would come after her? Or knowing you, there is something more to her as well.”

“Perhaps, you giving me your powers is just a way for me to train him? I saw him… I saw him get stronger during the fight. The truth is, I don’t know whose side you are on, mine or his, or even the world”

Bliss then decided to wave her staff and as she did, a mound came up from the ground, and soon it formed a seat, like one would when using the earth ability. She then moved her hand once again and waved her staff, and just as she did, another seat formed in front of her.

Of course, Russ took the seat as he was ready to hear what she had to say.

“No matter how many times I strived to help the humans out, they always seem to try and make me out to be an enemy.”

“I was once called a great witch and many more names during my time, yet all I do is try and save the human race.” Bliss sighed.

“We have known each other for a while now, so I think you deserve to know more of the truth. The truth about us. I have told you some things before but the world is complicated.”

“The whole universe is complicated and so is our existence. The Universe is the decider, of things as it chooses, to grant those that are great, great power.”

So many things happen that I can not predict, and for one, him becoming like me was not one of them. As you know, he is strong, but there are many reasons for that.

For one, he carries the power of what we celestials call the god slayer powers. Your power itself is power from one of these god slayers, from beasts beyond the demon tier level.

“They are out there in the grand universe, and his shadow power is one of them. The thing is, one can kill all beasts, unlike us celestials who are reborn upon death.”

“However, their powers can not die. Their powers can be passed on and what I gave you was a god slayer’s power, which is why it was so strong.”

“With each person or being, this power is adapted to the user over time in some way or other, allowing them to make the power their own.”

“Still, it is frightening for us celestials because the God slayers ruin the balance: the balance we have between the celestials on our plane and the other planes.”

“The problem is… is how Quinn became a celestial, reaching the top on his own… it’s difficult to convince him, but with time, I think he will learn.”

Russ didn’t know how to feel about what he was learning. Honestly, he was more worried about human matters than worrying about any of this god nonsense, but it was still interesting to learn why his powers could do more than others.

“I want to ask you, why were you so confident in the shadow blocking his blood drill?” Bliss asked.

Russ smiled.

“Because it is his shadow. You told me about his past, about how much he treasured this person called Arthur. In his mind, the shadow is one of his strongest skills, which may be the case if what you say is true.” Russ replied.

“But as you saw, whatever that new energy of his was, him not knowing of its powers caused a bit of a disruption. I would have liked to have continued to battle with him.”

It was then that Bliss felt like it was her time to leave, as she nodded her head, Bliss stood up from her seat and used her powers to put it away.

“Yes, perhaps one day you will get to battle again, or perhaps you will use your powers to slay celestials in the future. That is something I do not know.” Bliss stated as she felt it was her time to depart.

“It would be useless fighting him now,” Russ answered, staring in a far off direction.

“Can’t you tell, my powers are running out…it’s because she is no longer there. My guess is, she is no longer alive.”

At that moment, Bliss’s eyes lit up as she realized something had to be up. For her, she could still sense the energy out there, which is why she thought nothing of it.

But, now knowing that Russ had stopped fighting due to the no longer receiving energy for his MC cells to be used constantly, it meant something must have happened on the other battlefield.

Soon, the area around them changed slightly, as if they were moving from a sudden space. At the same time, as Quinn was running off somewhere in the distance, the rocks and terrain around him started to change.

The scene around him looked similar, out in a wasteland full of nothing, but it was clearly different. Now he could also hear the sound of shouting and more off in the distance. Now, finally, he was back, close to the area where he was before.

Without hesitation, Quinn started to run towards the sounds.

*** *** ***

At the same time, Bliss became aware of what had happened and saw that a certain humanoid dragon had glowing white energy in his hand.

“No! This is bad news.” Bliss almost shouted.

“Who is that..and what is happening?” Russ asked.

“That used to be someone who was very dangerous…” Bliss replied, squinting her eyes in the dragon’s direction.

“And now?”

“I don’t know, he isn’t like his former self… but with that thing in his hands, he might become as dangerous as he once was.”


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