My Vampire System Chapter 1687: Expected Outcome

When the celestial energy activates inside Quinn, his veins would glow red as the energy begins to pulsate inside of him. Also, even after transferring the celestial points to the others, Quinn would have enough energy.

However, for some reason, even now, he still couldn’t use this celestial energy in the same way as he had done in his fight against Graham.

In simple words, he couldn’t use it externally and only felt it pulse through his body. But, unlike the others, his body didn’t change in appearance either.

Quinn had a few guesses as to why his Celestial energy was reacting as such. Perhaps he needed to increase his Celestial Level, or there just wasn’t enough energy in him right now. Regardless, this was something that he was sure Russ wouldn’t be able to copy.

And in case the latter could copy it, then without a doubt, it would be some type of illusion. At first, Quinn didn’t use this to fight because it was meant to be energy to fight against other Celestials.

Using his absolute blood control was more versatile, but there was still a lot Quinn had to learn about this energy, especially after discovering how it powered up Peter and the others.

Across from where Quinn was, the two dragon heads split and were lying on the ground by either side of Russ. Quinn could see hot air fuming from their nostrils.

“This energy is really a strange power… is it something that even he doesn’t understand…there has to be a reason why I can’t… still, it shouldn’t be enough to turn the tables, right?” Russ thought.

On the other side, Russ tested out the blood whip as he swung it out from his hand, and in doing so, it released a horizontal wave of blood aura and headed straight in Quinn’s direction.

At that moment, Quinn jumped over the attack, avoiding it altogether. Russ had only done a single swing, and he looked to be surprised by the power he was wielding in his hand. At the same time, Quinn noticed something as well: he felt a little heavy, which was a little absurd.

Although Quinn had great strength, he could feel the light change, and it was the armour he was wearing. Last time the armour disintegrated while using his celestial energy, and it was the same now.

Without his shadow space though, Quinn had no choice but to take it off the old-fashioned way, one by one.

“Oh… are you trying to prove something?” Russ frowned, confused at what Quinn was trying to do.

Although the armour was off his body, now even his clothes were disintegrating every second because of this energy. He didn’t quite understand this energy, and the power he gained from this made him surpass the limits of a vampire.

“There has to be more to it.” Quinn thought, running forward while also leaving behind his armour on the ground.

Seeing this, Russ moved the Dragon forward, and at the same time, he leaped on top of one of the dragon’s heads. Immediately, he started to swing the whips left and right, aiming at Quinn.

However, Quinn remained calm and unfazed.

“Whenever I use the celestial form, this feeling reminds me of when I faced off against Graham, about what will come next. Almost like when I concentrated with the blood form before.”

With this thought going through Quinn’s mind, the lightning-fast attacks that seemed almost unpredictable were easily evaded by Quinn as he slightly moved his head to the side. Then, sliding his foot slightly to the right and leaning back, he avoided another attack.

Next, two more came in a cross pattern directly towards him. Jumping up in the air, Quinn readied his hand and thought of something at that moment.

“I can’t control the celestial blood energy while it’s in my body, and like this, it’s pretty useless, but maybe there is some other way I can control it.” Quinn thought.

The downside to using the celestial energy was that Quinn didn’t have his beast armour, which would have gained him a large amount of stats in multiple departments. Which meant he couldn’t use his blue fang set either.

Because of that, Quinn didn’t think there was much improvement in himself when using the Celestial energy, but he realized that there was an improvement.

He knew that the celestial energy he felt inside him was strong, and he might be able to control it with his absolute blood control. So there could be a way for him to use this energy uniquely.

At that moment, elongating his fingernails, turning them into hard claws, and then using a bit of his normal blood aura, Quinn slashed across his bare chest twice.

Blood began to trickle out, but it didn’t drop on the ground. Instead, Quinn controlled it, moving it around his body, and soon the bright red celestial energy was starting to harden around Quinn’s body.

Out of his own blood, using the celestial energy running through his veins, Quinn had forced it out, and in doing so, he had used his blood control to harden it. This was his way of using his celestial energy.

Not stopping there, Quinn moved one arm and slashed his other arm. It was painful, and he was receiving damage from himself, but using the blood that was drawing it out from his body, he had hardened his own set of blood gauntlets.

So far, he had only created a celestial blood chest piece and a celestial gauntlet, but that was all he needed. And when he clenched his fist, the whole gauntlet lit up with power, and in the next instant, he punched it right through the blood whip.

Small bits of glowing red blood aura spread out from the punch. It looked like dust, but as it touched the other attacks coming out from Russ’ blood whips, the latter were destroyed and disintegrated.

The whip then was directly thrown out towards Quinn, and this time, with his peaked senses, he was able to grab it calmly. Then, clenching his hand, he disintegrated the blood whip.

“I don’t understand… what’s happening?” Quinn thought, but he noticed and realised something.

Now that the celestial energy was on the outside, it was almost as if Quinn could fuse his two powers and use his blood control to regulate the Celestial energy. For example, he could power up his arm to move at speed far faster than ever before.

His arm, blood control, and the Celestial energy were all in sync. The Dragon’s head moved and tried to bite down on Quinn once again.

But before it could reach him, Quinn stabbed his own knee, letting out more of his blood infused with the celestial energy, and from this blood, he created a blood clot.

Using this clot as a spring-platform, he stomped into the ground and pushed himself up while throwing out his fist.

The punch hit the Dragon right underneath its jaw, smashing its teeth. At the same time, a large hole appeared through the top of the Dragon’s head.

“I… have gotten stronger,” Quinn realised as the Dragon’s head went lifeless.

At the same time, Quinn allowed the blood to drip from his other hand by clawing another wound, and then he created a blood spear from it. After it was done, with the blood spear in his blood gauntlet hand, Quinn threw it at a speed against which Russ couldn’t even react.

All the latter knew in the next moment was that the second Dragon’s head was no longer beneath him.

Russ’s eyes widened upon noticing this, and immediately he tried to summon the shadow, but he found out that something else was wrong at that time, something disastrous enough to turn his face pale.

“Did… someone get her?… Without her power, I can’t fight for much longer.”

While in the middle of these thoughts, Russ couldn’t even see that Quinn was already upon him and had his hand around his throat.

“I… didn’t want to do this,” Quinn said.

“But you are too dangerous for others…and your actions show that as well. I didn’t want to be a judge of this world, but perhaps this is something that I must do to avoid more bloodbath.”

Clenching his hand into a fist, he crushed Russ’s neck, turning the latter’s body lifeless. Having defeated Russ, Quinn knew there was somewhere he needed to be.

First, he had to find the others, and without hesitation, he threw Russ’s body and flew away from the battlefield.

He wanted to check the bodies but was worried he might miss since his shadow powers still weren’t working for some reason.

He didn’t know where he was going but decided to just run straight ahead in a certain direction until he found them or his powers came back.

*** *** ***

A few moments later, after Quinn had left the battlefield he had fought on, the Dragon’s body began to disappear, breaking into tiny particles, and the same was happening to Russ’s body.

Something flickered in the wasteland. It was a round object, and after a few more flickers, two people appeared. One of them looked identical to Russ. As for the other, it was a woman wielding a staff.

“Was this your expected outcome then, Bliss?” Russ asked.


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