My Vampire System ​Chapter 1686: What Ability?

Copying the blood weapons, copying the shadow powers that Quinn used, Quinn could somewhat imagine an ability to do that, to do something along those lines.

But now, seeing a dragon in front of him, but not just any Dragon, the demon tie breast that had created the Dalki, the two-headed dragon, now Quinn was starting to have his suspicions about this power he was fighting against.

“There is only one dragon like that in the world… at least I think there’s only one dragon like that. He shouldn’t be able to replicate living matter. This isn’t just copying what I do. It has to be something else.”

Thinking back to the interactions Quinn had so far, he had come up with a guess, what if it was an illusion ability? If that was the case, he could understand why he couldn’t sense the blood energy because it wasn’t real, why a human could use blood control in the first place. Still, though, that didn’t quite seem right.

When fighting against those that had illusion powers before, they would break on impact, similar to the copy Quinn could make with his shadows. His blood swords wouldn’t have disappeared when they both clashed.

“Maybe it’s such a powerful ability that it’s all in my head.” Thinking this, Quinn walked up towards the Dragon. As it stopped its feet, he could feel the ground shaking, making him believe it wasn’t so much of an illusion.

The dragon gave out a big roar just as Ray had when he was summoned and soon turned around, swinging its large tail straight towards Quinn.

‘It’s just an illusion!’ Quinn thought as he put his hand out to stop the giant tail. However, unlike Quinn thought, thinking the tail would pass right through him or nothing physical would touch him.

He was hit across the land and sent flying off in the distance. Not only that, it was a powerful enough blow to cause him even to bleed. Blood was coming from his mouth, and the system stated that he had even lost some HP.


Eventually, Quinn flapped his wings in an attempt to slow down and regain his position.

“Damn it.” Quinn wiped some blood from his mouth.

“That was definitely a real tail… but there is one thing I’m sure of. That’s not Ray.”

Quinn summoned the blood drill once again, charging forward at full speed with his legs and wings. The blood drill was able to be stopped by the shadow, but against this physical monster, he felt like it would be okay.

At the same time, the Dragon ran forward, and in doing so, it opened its mouth wide. This time rather than throwing the giant blood drill with his fist, he threw it, so it left his fist, shooting out like a large arrow.

Just before it hit the Dragon, a large shadow could be seen, a circular one right in front of the dragon and like before, Russ was seen standing there.

“I thought you would do that, so I planned something else!” Quinn thought, as he was already above the Dragon and had gathered the red aura around his leg to make it a giant size once more.

As he flew down, Quinn swung the heel of his foot down towards the dragon creating a tremendous axe kick.

It landed right on the dragon’s neck, and the large, powerful force caused the dragon’s knees to buckle and hit the ground.

Quinn was getting ready to finish it off, creating another blood drill, he knew the dragon’s skin was hard, and he would need something sharp to pierce it. As he readied himself and started to descend, he felt an acute pain hit him from behind and nearly thrown out of the sky.


Turning around, Quinn felt another sharp pain inside him, and he could see what it was now. It was the blood swords from before. One thousand of them were coming towards him.

He knocked a couple of ways but got stabbed a couple of times again.


[- 4HP]

“This has to be real. Otherwise, the system wouldn’t state that I was losing HP from these attacks.” Quinn thought. On top of that, this fight was proving to be a difficult one, as he was fighting someone with similar powers to himself while also having to face the Dragon as well.

In the middle of that, Quinn could see that the Dragon had stood up again, and turning its head, it opened its mouth wide to breathe fire towards him. Before the fire could reach him, Quinn threw out his hand, and with it, he produced the third stage of Qi.

It looked like the flames stopped before they hit him, but there were still the blood swords to deal with.

“Come on, Quinn concentrate. You can do this.” Thinking to himself, Quinn had focused the blood aura into a pure form, and in doing so, he had created a small sharp blade at the end of his gauntlet sticking out a little past the fist he had made.

Seeing the sword come to him, Quinn moved his other hand quickly, each time slashing the blood swords and breaking them to pieces. Although the 1000 blood sword attack was strong, the blood used wasn’t as pure of a form as what Quinn was currently doing.

Moving his hands as quickly as he could, Quinn focused on wasting no movements he needed to make sure he would no longer get hurt. With a single swing, it was as if Quinn could see a motion in the air. He would take out around five different swords at the same time.

In his head, Quinn was trying his best to imagine it like a game, imagine it like the block block game, and for a second, everything seemed to be moving slower than it actually was, even his own hand, but it allowed him to know where to strike.

“This…. his attacks are strong, his abilities are strong, but he keeps on performing things that are far beyond what I can imagine.” Russ thought as he looked at Quinn.

Still, the Dragon wasn’t just standing still. It produced its flames and started to run on all fours full speed ahead. When getting close to Quinn, it snapped him out of the air and tried to clamp down on him with its large jaws.

Moving his wings up, Quinn stopped the clamping, but many metallic-like feathers started to fall as his armour was breaking.

“This deman Dragon has a lot of strength… I knew it was strong, but this strong.” Quinn thought.

At the same time, the blood swords were still coming at him, the few that were left.

Seeing this, Quinn swung one of his legs out, kicking at a fast speed and producing a blood crescent kick. As it hit the sword, it looked to be strong enough to cause an explosion.

Quinn didn’t just kick once; while one foot was in the dragon’s mouth holding him steady, his arms raised above supporting his wings on its jaws not closing, he continued to kick with the other leg destroying the swords, again and again, then when there finally was a break, Quinn pounced off his legs with his Qi power getting out of the dragon’s mouth, and trying to get some distance away to decide what to do next.

Finally, for the first time in a while, Quinn had caught a break, but he was sweating slightly on his forehead, for he was getting a little tired from using all the Qi powers. Even though blood powers no longer affected him, they still tired him out.

Now, he could see Russ standing there with two blood whips in his hands.

“It looks like you finally decided to join the fight.” Quinn smiled.

“Your damn power is annoying, whatever it is… but you’re just copying me. You think you can beat me by copying what I can do?”

“It seems to be working so far. I have only just begun,” Russ said, smirking back.

“Fine… then try and copy this,” Quinn said as the veins on his body started glowing red.


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