My Vampire System ​Chapter 1685: Blood vs Blood!

Honestly, Quinn didn’t understand what was going on. His Blood Drill skill was powerful, extremely powerful. It was an attack that allowed him to use his speed, strength Qi, and blood control powers to boost the drill.

It wasn’t the fact that Russ had somehow managed to stop his attack with a shadow, but how was this even possible?

“An attack of this calibre, with the amount of MC points I have right now, even I won’t be able to stop an attack like this… maybe only someone like Arthur or Laxmus can.” Quinn thought.

It was then that Quinn noticed a shadow heading towards him from the corner of his eye. After a moment, this shadow split up into multiple shadows. Reneging his attack, Quinn moved away to avoid the strike, and in the next instant, he saw a blood sword pierce the ground in front of him.

Turning his head, he now could see the countless swords coming toward him simultaneously. Something Quinn thought he perhaps would never have to face again, but they were now coming at him, and he didn’t have his shadow on his side to defend himself.

Immediately though, Quinn avoided most of them just by putting all his concentration on them. Then, even though there were too many, Quinn stuck the incoming blood swords with his bare hands or kicked them, breaking them into pieces upon contact.

Then, when there was an opening, Quinn sprinted forward while the blood swords continued to follow him through the air.

“With my absolute blood control, I should have been able to sense these blood swords… but I can’t. What’s the reason?”

“It is because he created them through his ability, or maybe they’re not blood swords at all?”

Finally turning around, Quinn braced himself as he saw all of the swords. He placed his left leg in front, bending it slightly while leaning his right leg back. He then gathered the strong Qi and powered up his muscles.

At the same time, the blood aura formed around the leg. It looked like Quinn had another leg on top of the one encased in the blood aura.

“I didn’t have chances to try new things for a while… since getting the absolute blood control, I have relied on just its own skills rather than mixing it up with what I already know.”

“Then with the shadow, it was just the easier way to fight, but it’s time to experiment with something new.”

At the right moment, Quinn swung out his leg, and the red aura around it expanded. The aura made Quinn’s leg look like it belonged to a giant.

Of course, this colossal leg was just purely blood aura, but it was moving at the speed that Quinn could swing his own leg.

The giant red aura leg crashed into the blood swords and crushed them to pieces in the next second.

On the ground, due to the moment of the red aura leg in the air, it created an after-shock force, creating a deep cervix.

All of the blood swords were destroyed by the kick Quinn had used multiple times in his life, only this time it was made of the world’s strongest blood aura.

Reneging his leg, Quinn looked back at Russ.

“So what if you can use my powers,” Quinn said.

“I can take care of anything you bring towards me.”

“Really… well, what if it told you I was just getting started?” Russ said with a smile on his face. From his back, there now was what looked like ten times the amount of blood swords that Quinn had just dealt with, numbering around ten thousand.

There were so many that they cast a dark shadow over Russ.

Now, there were even more questions on Quinn’s mind. For one, how could someone even use that much blood? Although Quinn could perhaps do the same, he would need access to others’ blood energy or blood from a field as such.

He could only create around a thousand blood swords with just the blood aura inside him without tiring himself out.

“This makes no sense… but… I will deal with it just like I have dealt with everything before.” Quinn thought. First, Quinn activated the demon tier chest piece he currently had. In doing so, the wings spread out from his back.

As his active skill, the shadow certainly would have been something that Quinn would have liked in a situation like this, but he had no such choice right now. As he flew through the air, Quinn did cover his wings with the blood aura.

Coating them this way, Quinn could extend the wings as he wished while still using blood hardening to block certain attacks.

If there was one thing that he confirmed in the last attack, it was the fact that Russ at least wasn’t able to make blood attacks stronger than Quinn could.

When their swords clashed, nothing had occurred. This was even more confusing because if Russ couldn’t have a stronger blood attack, how could he create more?

Flying up in the air, Quinn was moving as fast as possible and heading through all the swords. It looked like Quinn was heading right into the centre of the attack, and that was because he really was.

When he was close enough, he closed the wings, allowing him to be like a missile heading for its target.

Then, when the blood swords were close to him, he used blood control to spin his body as fast as he could, at the same time extending the blood on his wings.

Spinning like a blender, Quinn was able to fire off his own blood attacks in different directions and hit them with the wings, taking out a good proportion of the blood swords.

After dealing with the ones around him, he continued to fly through the sky more and gathered two large blood whips in his hands.

“This skill… I hate it…it reminds me of her, but I have no choice this time.’ Quinn thought as he swung the blood whisp in all sorts of different directions. Then, as the end of the blood whip hit the air, it caused a loud bang, and an explosion of blood smashed all of the swords away, and finally, there were no longer any blood swords after him.

“You are impressive…more impressive than what the rumours have said. It looks like in the last 1000 years, you haven’t just been sitting idle.” Russ spoke.

Quinn ignored Russ’s words and was coming towards the former while gathering the blood aura in his hand.

“This is something new I learned recently, but I just need to increase its size, which should put an end to all this.”

Out from the palm of his hand, a large beam left Quinn’s hand. Swirling around the beam was more blood energy in a serpent-like pattern. This was similar to the blood rifle, but only on a more advanced and powerful scale.

The size of the attack could destroy nearly the whole of the Chained resort from before, and Quinn didn’t see Russ get out of the area in time.

After the attack concluded, Quinn began to descend with his wings heading straight to the place, but he found nothing, nobody, not even ashes or any other sign of Russ.

Turning his head, it was as he expected. Russ was standing off in the distance in another place, completely unharmed.

“Running away? I thought you were going to show me how strong you are. I have to admit you have an amazing power, whatever that it is… but you haven’t even been able to hurt me.” Quinn said.

“You’re right,” Russ replied. “The thing is, I haven’t even tried hitting you myself, but the simple answer is because I don’t need to.”

Lifting his hand up, a giant shadow portal appeared above Russ’s head. In that instant, something slowly began to come out from it, and it had the appearance of a dragon, not just any dragon but a dragon with two heads, just like the one that Quinn had summoned before.

“What…” Quinn was left speechless.


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