My Vampire System ​Chapter 1684: My Energy

“Vorden?” Peter asked, as his transformation had come to an end. This time when the Celestial Energy left his body, Peter could feel he was back to normal, and unlike a few moments ago he didn’t feel tired now.

This seemed like a plus, although being in Celestial Mode might have tired him out, it didn’t seem to affect his normal self, which was still plenty strong.

Walking up to the person in front of him, Peter looked him up and down for a brief moment, before he suddenly threw a punch from his right side, aiming straight for Vorden’s head. Although the latter tried to harden his skin, he was a bit too late. He got knocked into the distance, hitting the ground a couple of times.

“Why did you do that?!” Lucia shouted. “That person saved us! He said he knew who you were.”

Looking at his fist and the man now on the floor off in the distance, Peter wondered whether he might have acted a little prematurely. However, suddenly hearing the name of his once dear friend had triggered him, especially when he saw a completely unfamiliar face.

“Can Vorden really be alive?” Peter thought. “Well, if Logan survived, who is to say others couldn’t do the same, especially with how far Qi seems to have advanced. Come to think of it, last time I saw him he was in the body of a humanoid beast, so no wonder I couldn’t recognise him.”

It was then, he could see the man standing up, rubbing the side of his face.

“Ouch, I guess I deserved that for not coming over to check up on you guys. Back in the past, it wouldn’t have been this way round. I still remember when you pushed Quinn through that portal because you were so scared of getting hurt by others and look at you know.”

“So you really are Vorden.” Peter’s voice raised slightly, but it was only a little up-tempo, After all, the Wight still lacked the ability to show emotions fully other than anger and annoyance. Still, hearing these words, he was convinced that this stranger had to be his friend. That memory was something only him, Quinn and Vorden should know about.

“Peter there’s so much to talk about, but I’m afraid now is neither the place nor time.” Vorden said walking around others. “However, I have to ask, why does Quinn care so much about this one girl that he would crash a wedding.”

Peter honestly didn’t know how to answer that himself, not without starting from the beginning, so he just said something that the two of them could understand easily.

“She’s a friend.”

“Then I guess we really need to try and find Jessica. With Clicker dead, we have no easy way to get to her.”

“Let’s hope there are some of those Chained alive and one of them knows her location… and Quinn’s for that matter.” Vorden suggested.

Before that, though, they looked off in the distance because there seemed to be still one battle going on, and they were wondering if they should provide a little help.

*** *** ***

Fizzle could tell that the others had perished. The connection she had felt with them due to her power had snapped.

The only silver lining was that she no longer needed to focus on trying to head back to where the others were, but it also meant she couldn’t be teleported out of the area at a moment’s notice.

And unfortunately, she had put herself in quite the pickle.

“I can tell your attitude has changed…” Mitchell stated.

As he continued to bind strings on the rods that he had brought along with him. The vampire had been tying up string slowly on the floor, while she hadn’t been paying attention, creating the perfect trap for the woman.

With one hard pull on his string his construct rose up, becoming a type of solid wall in a hexagon like shape. He was on one side, with her on the other.

“I concur that you’re fast, but if you try to run through that, I’ll be able to make sure you’ll never use those legs again.”

The vampire had yet to use any of his Blood Rifle attacks, knowing full well not to use them unless he could guarantee the hit. Now, by limiting the area she could run in, Mitchell started to aim his arm towards her.

Once he was sure he had a clear shot, his arm started to glow red and a rifle bloodshot exploded from his palm.

The Blood Rifle was not just more powerful than the Blood Bullet, but was faster as well. It was what Mitchell was counting on, but even in the small place, it looked like Fizzl’s boots lit up and avoided that as well.

She ran slightly to the right, and was running towards Mitchell, towards the side of his now injured arm.

“I no longer need to use my powers to help others, which means I can just concentrate on getting rid of you!”

Jumping up from the ground, she let out a lightning fast kick, hitting Mitchell right across the face.

He had swung his head in the direction of the kick to attempt to lessen the power, but the Demon tier boots managed to catch Mitchell’s eyepatch, tearing it off, thereby revealing his scarred eye. It didn’t look like there was ever an eye there to begin with, just an indent of skin.

Alas, it wasn’t just a single kick that was coming towards Mitchell. The Chained woman’s legs were moving at a great speed and the next flurry of kicks were aimed towards his stomach and face. It was at a speed even a vampire like him couldn’t keep up with.

The attacks themselves weren’t too strong, but it was enough to damage his body, as he felt his bones fracturing inside. Out of desperation, Mitchell gathered the energy for another Blood Rifle shot and fired it towards Fizzle, but unsurprisingly it missed.

“Now both your hands are practically useless.” Fizzle stated while continuing to kick the man.

“What are you planning to do next, shoot with your legs?”

Although that was an option, Mitchell had a better idea.

“If I can’t aim and hit her, then I’ll just have to create an attack that is big enough to hit her.”

Thinking back to the practice, his body started to transform. It was then that Fizzle could feel a strange energy. The energy was somewhat similar to the one she could feel inside of her. It was as if her chest was shaking from the energy.

When looking at Mitchell, the wounds on his body were healing up, and on top of that something was forming around his eye, it wasn’t his good eye either, the one that wasn’t there.

Mounds of what looked like a lava rock were forming around the missing eye, creating an eye of its own. The inside started to glow red.

Then at the same time, his right hand started to change as well. The strange molten-like substance stretched from his eye all over his hand.

No longer could a hand be seen, nor fingers as it changed just to that of a long shaped narrow cannon.

“I will help Quinn… and get rid of you!” Mitchell stated, pointing the weapon directly at her, it would only take a moment for him to finish her off, but just as he was about to pull the trigger, a large dark figure came crashing down in the middle of them.

It looked like an explosion had gone off between the two of them. Mitchell had covered his face just in case anything hit him, at the same time the others from their battle had come over, just in time to see what had crashed.

Soon, they could see the large black tail, and wings come out from the ground, and standing there was what looked like a Dalki.

“Don’t attack him.” Hannah yelled from the side.

“That’s the Dragon… he’s on our side.” Staying behind, she had seen some of what this dragon could do.

They soon realised that Ray wasn’t exactly himself, he was covered in dark blood, some of his scales hurt, and a big scratch mark had been made across his chest, through the hard black scales. However, Ray didn’t look weak, he looked very strong.

“You guys better get out of here. I would evacuate this whole island, because once I’m done… there will be nothing left of it.”

Ray warned. This proclamation was too sudden for the others to understand what was actually happening.

Looking to his right, Ray saw the one person he had been paying special attention to.

“You… the power you have inside you used to belong to a friend of mine… I’m afraid I will have to borrow it.” Ray stated.

Before Fizzle could start running, she already found the humanoid Dragon’s hand inside her chest, and he was slowly pulling a white energy out of it.


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