My Vampire System ​Chapter 1683: What's your name?

Lucia had seen how much the celestial power had affected Peter. He had legendary power before she met him, possibly stronger than any of the current strongest in the world, but it was almost as if he was unstoppable with the celestial power.

It was only because she would see him next to Quinn, a person that was greater than him, that Peter would at times not look so impressive.

Either way, this strange power that this group could use, Quinn’s marking given to them, was the reason for this boost, and Minny had proven that. The fighting was one thing, but it wasn’t her power that had concerned her. It was that she hadn’t flinched at killing the person in front of her.

Either way, Lucia wouldn’t let Minny fight alone, and she continued to run forward to see if she was okay. Storming a little past her was Hannah.

“Damn it, even with Qi; I’m not fast enough to help those I care about… I could use the lighting steps to catch up to them if I had my lighting powers.”

Immediately, Minny was doing something strange. When seeing the dead body in front of her, she headed straight towards it and gulped down the blood from her dead victim. Of course, seeing this and seeing her strength, both Lock and Cube went straight for her.

“Down!” Lock shouted using his ability, and immediately Minny was forced onto the ground. She tried to push up with her arms, but her strength wasn’t enough. Her neck was still glowing red, and slowly her head was shaking as she tried to lift it.

Cube smashed one of the rings on his fingers, and it appeared to bulge up his muscles slightly.

“You keep using your damned gravity on her, and I’ll pound her until she’s dead!” Cube shouted, running forward.

Looking from the outside, perhaps there would be those that thought, how could one attack such a tiny little girl. However, if one could see the look on both Lock and Cube’s faces, it was one of pure fear. They were afraid of the little vampire and were fighting for their lives.

Seeing Minny like that, after helping her, was about to be in trouble. Mustering all the strength she could, Lucia infused the Qi into the weapon and threw out the blade as hard as she could.

Cube had no choice but to throw out his fist toward the spear. The two clashed, and the spear stayed floating in the air.

“I can do the rest!” Hannah claimed as she pulled out both of her small daggers and dug them into the ground.

“None of you know what I went through in there… how much fighting I did against that damned dragon!”

The red aura was placed in the blades, and dragging herself; she flung her body like a slingshot. Immediately she crashed into Cube’s body, sending him back and tumbling. However, a clang was heard on the impact.

When on the ground, Cube looked to be fine. That was because the daggers were unable to pierce his chest piece. The daggers looked to be slightly frozen, with only the tips touching.

“Do you really think the Chained are just useless and rely on their powers!” Cube stated, one of his other rings activating and now a fist of fire came towards Hannah.

The ice around the daggers had spread to her arms. She was struggling to pull it out.

“He has strong beast items… but I can take it.” Hannah thought as she was prepared for what was coming.

Regardless, it didn’t seem like she would need to act because a large gush of water had sprayed directly onto Cube’s fist. Then the next second, a metallic fist pounded him in the face.

After that, his body was dragged towards him, and the strange man punched him once again into the ground until he could no longer move.

Looking at who this person was, Hannah wasn’t entirely sure.

Soon, the older gentleman who had just saved Hannah went over to Minny, who was on the ground. She was standing to Hannah’s surprise. The old man bent down on his knees, looking at her face.

“You don’t have to worry,” Vorden said with a sweet smile.

“You can relax now all your friends are safe.” He pointed behind her. Minny turned her head and could see that Lucia was just fine.

Seeing her all okay and running towards her, Minny started to walk over. The red energy inside her started to fade away. She collapsed again, falling to the floor, landing safely in Lucia’s hand.

“You… You took care of Lock..and you used all those powers. You’re a Blade, aren’t you? Thank you so much for saving us.” Lucia said straight away.

“Be careful.” Hannah said. “We don’t know whose side he is on.”

“I’m Vorden, and I’m a friend of the other one still fighting,” Vorden answered, looking off into the distance.

*** *** ***

Peter and clicker were still in the middle of their battle, and it looked like something was going on. For the first time in a very long time, Peter was huffing and panting. It was an odd expression, but he was getting tired.

“Is this because of the celestial energy? Have I been using it for a while now? It has to be that unless it’s because I’ve been standing for so long and I lost stamina, but that makes no sense.” Peter thought.

At the same time, his opponent didn’t look any better. Although, his tiredness was due to the pressure he was facing. A couple of times, it looked like his opponent had gotten closer.

“Is he getting faster… but I can’t get much further away from Fizzl. It looks like she’s having trouble as well. If I get out of her area, I’ll no longer be able to use my ability freely like I have been doing.”

“Wait!” Clicker said, shouting out with one hand pointed towards Peter and the other ready to click his fingers.

“You know I can just click away from you when I want, but I don’t want to run away anymore.”

“You’ve already killed countless members of the Chained… and I’m getting tired. Before you kill me, please let me know your name.”

For some reason, Peter was inclined to listen. For one he was catching his breath but was trying as hard as possible for his opponent not to notice. Then, there was the fact that doing the same thing wasn’t working. If this man wanted to give up anyway, then so be it.

“I can’t kill you.” Peter finally answered. “I… we need Jessica.”

There was a pause before Clicker finally answered. “Okay… I’ll give you Jessica, but in return, please grant my request..what is your name?”

Seeing no harm in the request that was asked, Peter was ready to answer.

“Peter Ch-“

“Nooo!” A loud yell was heard from behind. “Don’t tell him your name. It’s how his power works. If he knows the name of an object or person, he can teleport it as he wishes.”

Peter didn’t turn around to look behind him, but he felt like something was strange, and now he knew the answer. Finally, it made sense; why hadn’t clicker teleported any of them, yet he was able to teleport Quinn.

At the time, the shocked reaction on his face was the realisation when teleporting Quinn that it really was the great hero. It really was Quinn Talen.

The fact that Peter had almost got tricked, he was shaking with anger. More of the celestial power was being drawn, and it was heading to one place, the large tail.

It started pulsating with power as if it was a reaction to his anger. It looked like the tailpiece had a life of its own.

Once again, pushing off, Peter ran towards Clicker, he knew the same thing would happen, and he knew he was far away, but with his anger anyway, he went to attack with the top of his head, at the same time the whole tailpiece lit up red, and a line of red aura I was released from it.

It looked like a blood attack, but a blood attack wasn’t possible for Wights. Either way, it was only viable for a second, as it soon disappeared as if it was never there.

Clicker was seen standing on the other end, still with his finger ready to click, but he hadn’t clicked them for some reason. Slowly, Clicker’s body started to fall away into two parts, both of them hitting the floor.

“I thought you weren’t trying to kill him?” A voice said from behind.

“I know!” Peter turned around, looking at the person. “And who the hell are you?”

“It’s me… Vorden… I really… really missed you… Peter.”


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