My Vampire System ​Chapter 1682: Little red

“This is frustrating,” Peter frowned as he stomped on the ground so hard that a large piece was uplifted and went straight towards Clicker and the other two around him. Of course, Peter never expected something like this to happen; he was just letting out his frustration.

“These guys aren’t even strong! They’re just running around and wasting our time!” Peter said in frustration this while looking at the two girls. He knew Quinn had asked him to protect them, but they were slower than him. If he attempted to go out and try to find some way to take out Clicker, it would put the girls at risk.

“Do it, uncle!” Minny shouted.

“I’m not as weak, I can protect Lucy, and she can protect me. We can both deal with these guys. So you should go ahead and beat up that Clicker and ask him where Jessica is.”

Although the words coming from Minny were full of confidence, Peter didn’t know what to do, but it was quite clear that if they didn’t get rid of Clicker or got control of him somehow, maybe they wouldn’t see Quinn for a while.

“I will keep an eye on both of you and I will keep chasing the Cliker no matter what. I’ll run faster than his damned teleportation skills or whatever… but… you two should call me if you need me!”

After saying these words, Peter flicked his long head-tail and planted it in the ground. It managed to carry his entire body weight as it stomped down like a spring. The next second it unleashed with energy, sending him like a spring up in the air. He looked like a rocket flying to break through the atmosphere, the only thing was that it wasn’t heading for space.

“So, Minny, I don’t know if I should ask you this, but do you have any plans to get to the other two?” Lucia asked.

She had gripped her spear tightly. Although she couldn’t use her lighting powers, she was still quite skilled in using Qi, and perhaps she could do something with this.

“We just have to get close! Use attacks from far away or something while Uncle Peter is distracting them.” Minny said.

Wondering what she meant, Lucia saw Peter coming down like a meteor strike. He had reached the maximum height of the projectile and was now coming down at an accelerating speed.

He slammed coming down at an accelerating speed. He slammed directly where the enemy group was standing, and the aftershock of his landing created a big crater, sending the rocks and land flying.

Not just that, the rocks seemed to be fused with red energy. A debris wall of red vampire aura had erupted along with the rocks, and not too far from Peter was Clicker, who looked to be breathing heavily with the other two by his side.

“That was close… he is so fast.” Just as Clicker said these words and regained his composure, he saw Peter was already heading towards him.

“Cube, Kin, Lock, you’re on your own. Deal with them!” Clicker ordered and clicked his fingers.

Unfortunately, there were quite a few limitations to Clicker’s power. As for one of them, it was the fact that he could only move two objects or people at a time using his powers.

This was because he had two hands, and each click was one teleportation. However, he had mastered a way to click as fast as possible over the years to match his powers. This was why in a challenging situation like this one, with his life on the line, Clicker needed to think of something else.

Clicking his fingers, two more people appeared in front of Clicker. They were other members of the Chained but were left quite confused. However, upon seeing a certain person come toward them though, they readied themselves to fight it out.

But Peter didn’t waste any time on them and ran right through the gap, and when he did so, they hadn’t even realised that he had already used his tail-head to slice through their bodies, killing them on the spot.

“I don’t hesitate to kill those trying to kill me!” Peter shouted. Clicker had moved, but Peter would continue to hunt him down no matter what.

*** *** ***

The two girls were now staring at the three Chained members they needed to take out. It was going to be tough. Still, they ran forward, heading towards their opponents.

“You think without Clicker, we’re useless? You two are just a bunch of novices.” Lock stated.

Minny aimed one of her fingers towards Cube. Lucy had told her that it was most likely him blocking the abilities. If that was the case, then getting rid of him would eliminate a big disadvantage.

She shot out a red blood bullet which went right for his head, but before it could reach though, Kin appeared in front of it, and by throwing out his hand, he created a wall made of strange lights.

It was at that moment, as the red blood bullet hit the wall, the latter froze in place for a moment and then got reflected where it came from.

“No, he can counter red blood aura as well. What a strong ability.” Lucia thought.

The blood bullet was coming back just as fast, and while thrusting her spear forward with her Qi to defend against it, Lucia was afraid that the small vampire’s attack might actually be stronger than hers.

“Don’t worry, remember I’m here to help you out as well.” Just then, they heard a young woman’s voice.

She placed her hand on the spear and enveloped it with her red aura. The spear glowed red, and as if in sync, they moved their hand forward towards the blood bullet.

Their defence pierced through the blood bullet and shook the spear slightly, but they were okay.”You added your blood aura…how is that possible?”

“Qi and blood aura are often seen as opposites that can’t mix,” Hannah answered.

“But there was someone who did it quite often. The Hero Quinn. Although I can’t produce Qi myself but together, we can create quite strong attacks in doing this.”

“Where were you all this time?!” This was Lucia’s first thought after hearing this. After all, they could have used her help earlier. Just as the former was about to answer though, they listened to a sound coming from not too far from where they were.

When looking to their left, they saw it was Minny, and she had her head down and was making small grunts.

“Minny, what’s wrong? Is everything okay?” Lucia asked.

The other three still weren’t so keen to come forward and try to attack them, which was good for them, but now with Minny acting like this, it made Lucia quite concerned.

After a few more seconds, Minny finally lifted up her head, and Lucia was taken aback by the former’s appearance because all she saw were glowing red eyes, but not like that of a typical vampire when activating their powers.

Instead, Minny’s eyes were glowing to the point where the white couldn’t be seen in them anymore. Somehow, Minny had summoned the little celestial energy she had during her fit of anger.

Although Quinn hadn’t given her a large amount, it didn’t matter. Just one point could change a vampire completely when using the energy.

The red veins appeared running up Minny’s neck. In fact, it looked like they were branching up towards her mouth and head.

The glow started to settle down a little, and as this happened, the red power inside her also seemed to settle. Although, it was still concentrated around her neck and had created a type of ring around it.

With this new energy inside of her and still being overwhelmed by anger, Minny started to run forward.

She was fast. Lucia tried to reach out and stop her, but she couldn’t even react in time. Seeing a small girl run toward them, the three Chained members felt like they had nothing to fear, and Kin was ready to counter whatever attack was coming their way.

When Minny finally got close, she leapt up in the air and opened her mouth wide.

“AHHHH!” Minny screamed, and with it, several rings of red aura came out like waves.

Calm and collected as before, Kin swiped his hand to reflect the incoming attack, but when the first red ring of power hit, his ability couldn’t reflect the attack. The rings didn’t touch him though; they kind of surrounded him like a tunnel.

While inside the tunnel of red rings, Kin could feel the pressure around him suddenly rise – the power of the red aura was now hurting his skin. His ears started bleeding, and suddenly, Kin’s head exploded, popping like a balloon.

The other two members of the Chained were left stunned. In the next moment, they brought out their weapons and gave their utmost attention to this little red vampire.


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