My Vampire System ​Chapter 1681: blood clash

The sound of fighting behind them didn’t disturb the others too much because they had their own worries to deal with. Lucia, for a brief second, felt relief. After Lock had been hit in the leg by Minny, she could feel the pressure release from her.

She took this moment to grab her spear and prop it into the ground as she lifted herself up. She then rolled over to where Minnie was.

“Thank you. I’m the one meant to be protecting you, but it looks like you’re the one protecting me.” Lucia stated.

Still, while the two were in the middle of conversing, Clicker managed to control the battlefield once more. Lock had been transported directly behind the two girls when clicking his fingers and had both of his hands ready.

With his powers, both of them would be out for the count. As he went to press them down, he suddenly felt immense pressure from behind and on his arms. It was felt on his wrist, and a cracking sound was heard.

“You think you guys can keep playing games!” Peter shouted.

“I might not be able to catch that girl or get a hold of that clicking bastard, but I can take care of this one.”

Currently, Peter didn’t look like his current self, at least not what he would usually look like. He had unlocked his celestial form in frustration. The red glow in his veins showed, and his head’s long taillike structure appeared.

“All I had to do was guess what you wanted to do, and I think I made a good guess.”

Lock was in pain, in agony, but he knew there perhaps was only one way out of his current situation. With Peter touching him, he could use his ability to the max, using as much gravitational force as possible.

“I don’t need my hands. He needs to be in a certain area… l’m going to skin this guy alive.” Lock thought as he smiled but quickly realised that something was wrong.

For one, Peter hadn’t let go of Lock’s hands, which also meant he wasn’t lying on the ground like all his opponents before.

“Is my ability not working? Did Cube use his powers on me by accident?”

“You are confused,” Peter said.

The next second using his head while still holding on tightly to Lock’s hands. Peter swung his tail like a structure. It was slower than it usually would be.

After all, Peter was affected by the gravity, but it was still as fast as ever. Clicker clicked his fingers, hoping to get his ally out of there, but it looked like he was a little too late.

“ARGHHH!” A loud scream was heard, coming from across the field. Minny and Lucia looked over and could see Lock, who no longer had any arms. They had been cleanly sliced off.

“Damn it, I was trying to go for his head, but me holding onto his arms seemed to make that part of him transform slower.”

And that’s why Peter was at least able to cut off Lock’s hands only.

Clicker had sent Lock off somewhere, and he was no longer on the field. Peter took this chance to see if the others were okay, especially Lucia, who had been hurt. She had explained to him about her losing her powers.

At that moment, Peter tried to use his transformation powers, and that wasn’t possible either. Clearly, one of these people had the power to stop their abilities. The next second, though, Lock was back, and it looked like his arms were back in the condition they once were.

“That damned bald-headed Clicker is annoying!” Minny shouted as she pointed her finger and fired away a red beam straight at him.

The attack was avoided by them disappearing and reappearing, but Minny had at least let out some anger.

“They have so many users from the Chained. They probably just used one of them to heal this guy somehow. We have to get rid of Clicker, but there’s the other two as well as Lock around him.”

As for the other two, Lucia was referring to, it was Cube with rings on his hand and a shorter gentleman who had yet to act. Judging by the information they had, this was most likely the Chained member Kin, who was able to counter attacks and abilities.

*** *** ***

Not too far from them, but have distanced themselves a little away from where the others were. There was Mitchell and the female Fizzle.

Although unable to hit her, Mithcell had cleverly been cutting off her path of where she was able to Mitchell had thrown out a few black metal pins that he had on him into the ground and attached his string to them. In doing so, he had cornered the female somewhat.

Using his blood powers and the strings to slow her, bit by bit, he was pushing her away from the rest of the group.

“I see.” The female finally spoke.

“You think if you get me far enough away from Clicker that he won’t be able to help me get away… but you haven’t been able to hit me once with your attacks.”

“There’s a reason the Nutcracker doesn’t care so much about me, and you know he can teleport me to him whenever he wants?”

Mitchell found it weird. Not once had this woman on the attack, and it was as if she was the one being more concerned with being near Clicker.

Something was seriously up. Why would she hold out her hands in a strange way whenever she stopped. What exactly was she doing?

*** *** ***

Out in seemingly in the middle of nowhere, away from anything where two people. Quinn didn’t have a clue where they were because he was unable to hear a sound from any of the others.

However, he was more surprised at something else, and that was the fact that Quinn had met someone who had blood control on the same level as him for the first time.

“How can he create a 1000 blood swords? This was something that I copied from Bryce!” Quinn thought.

Quinn was sure of it. The person in front of him didn’t have any celestial energy, nor did he smell like a vampire. Either way, Quinn had no time to hesitate as he used his blood control to confidently throw out all of the blood swords.

At the same time, Russ imitated Quinn moving his hands, and his thousand blood swords moved forward as well. All of them were moving at a devastating speed and crashing into each other; a mist of red and raw energy was felt all over where they were.

Looking at the red sky, as all of the weapons were destroyed, Quinn was in disbelief. The power he was using was one of the vampire’s most treasured gifts. Not even the Blades were able to copy blood aura.

“I have to think of this rationally. I can’t just be shocked and surprised. It has to be an ability of some sort. Can he just copy an ability like the Blade’s but not quite the same? If that’s the case, then I just need to use something he hasn’t seen before.”

Running across the field, Quinn started to gather a large blood aura around his fist. As it gathered, it started to swirl around, and while doing so, the blood spun like a drill. Another one of Quinn’s strongest attacks, borrowed from Richard Eno able to destroy anything.

Unlike before, even if he could copy it since Quinn had only started to form it when getting close to Russ, he believed that Russ would be unable to copy it, and he was right.

Because Russ started to do something else, a strange black substance appeared from the ground.

It gathered around his hands and became even more saturated. It suddenly expanded in size, growing to the same size as the blood drill.

As the blood drill hit, it was stopped in its tracks, not being able to move forward.

“This is making no sense… this is my shadow… the shadow powers, but how can it stop blood infused Qi drill? Is he using Qi as well? And why can he use the shadow powers.”

While his blood drill was doing nothing as it hit the shadow, behind Quinn, there were now thousands of blood blades all pointed towards him.

“Today, you will learn that neither Hilston Blade nor Quinn Talen were the strongest in the world, but I.”


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