My Vampire System ​Chapter 1680: Beyond imagination


General Fizzwell was a well-known member of the Vampire Corps. His feats are world renowned, and that was why when he arrived at today’s event, others thought that the Vampire Corps was taking the whole matter exceptionally seriously.

Although he had yet to show or do something shocking today that would warrant what he was cable off, they knew he was strong.

This was why it came as a big surprise to everyone when he was defeated with a single hit. The others paused for a few seconds, waiting for Fizzwell to stand up from the crater he was in, but he didn’t even move an inch. It was as if one of the most powerful members of the Vampire Corps was one shooted!

“The dragon…is it stronger now that it’s in Human form?”

One of the reporters whispered, echoing the thoughts of the others around him. They had yet to see the dragon use that much force to take someone out.

“Maybe those spikes… are real.” Another reporter gulped.

“If that is the case, we will need someone more powerful than the Great Hero Quinn here. Unfortunately, even the Great Hero had only defeated an 8-spike Dalki. I have a feeling… the whole world is doomed.”

Usually, reporters would tend to over-exaggerate the situation to cater to more audiences.

Tragic and scary news always brought in more readers and viewers. Which was why, after working like so for all those years, they had gone straight to changing their broadcast names to:

“End of the earth.”

“The human race is about to go extinct?!”

“Someone stronger than the Hero!”

“I make 500 credits working from home, and you can do it too! Click here now!”

“I say goodbye to you all.”

“The End Is Here!”

Staring at the vampire on the ground, even Ray was taken aback too by how still the latter was.

“He shouldn’t be dead… right? I am sure I calculated everything well. I did put some of the Dragon’s energy, similar to how the second stage of Qi works, into his body so he couldn’t heal, but that’s it.”

Either way, neither group would stand around after Ray had acted, and immediately, the huge lion-like beast spat out fire from its mouth and sent several rings of fire toward Ray. Once again, Vicky dashed forward and released rings of water as a counterattack.

“I will take care of things here. Jake, be a good kid and deal with the rest,” Vicky shouted.

“Uncle, go help the others like you said!” Jake shouted. “That dragon human is strong enough as it is.”

While saying that, they saw that Ray was already on the move, and he was heading straight towards a particular blonde-haired female.

“There is one that I can kill, and I should at least help the kid out,” Ray thought, as the energy collected around his fist, creating sparks in the air, like a meteoroid coming through the earth’s atmosphere.

Even though there were no flames, Flora could feel an immense heat on her face. She had a strong intuition that this punch was more powerful than the one used against Fizzwell.

However, before it could reach her, a red skin figure, similar in size to Ray, appeared right between the latter and her. The large man’s muscular, scarred chest was going to take on the attack head-on, but oddly the skin was bright red in colour, as if the skin itself was pulsating with power. This man was none other than Chris!

The interruption from Chris was too soon for Ray to pull back, so he had to go ahead with the punch.

“I didn’t mean to kill the two of you. I just hope Quinn won’t mind too much.”

On impact, the fist made a loud bang, and a large wave of red energy like a meteor had hit the ground and flew behind them. It caused the debris of the wedding venue to spread even further due to the aftershock.

Some of the lucky guests and the Chained that were too close, flew up in the air, while others received a few burn marks on their bodies.

And in the other direction, the ground was utterly uprooted, creating a large canyon-like landscape Though, the surprising thing wasn’t the power of the punch itself, rather it was the person who took this punch.

The reporters were receiving the images from the situation after switching to their own personal cameras due to most of their drones being destroyed, they noticed something.

The red-skinned figure was still standing there with his chest puffed and the energy still looking alive.

Although there was blood dripping down to the ground, the wound on his body wasn’t a large one, and it was slowly beginning to heal. On the other hand, Flora, who was standing behind Chris, was completely fine.

“That hurt,” Chris said while wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“All this time, I improved my body beyond anyone’s imagination, and even then, when I saw that punch, I knew just using Qi wouldn’t be enough. I had to use the fourth stage, and I ended up in a state like this.” He smiled at the end.

“If you think you’re shocked, what about me?” Ray replied.

“I didn’t want to hurt the earth… l didn’t want to damage the land that we grew up on, but I might have to if you’re going to try and get in that kid’s way. He might just not be ready for you yet.”

Chris, then grabbed onto the hard scales on Ray’s arms. He held onto them tightly.

“The dhampir’s power has disappointed me,” Chris stated.

“I thought they would have sent someone cable to this event. You should at least be able to keep that young one at bay. I hope this isn’t the best that your kind can do.”

It was then that Chris jumped up while holding onto the Dalki. It looked like it was almost his loss until Flora looked on the ground and saw craters in it from where the Dalki-like figure had stood.

They were both willing to go, and looking up in the air, one could see the Dalki had sprouted wings and gone off somewhere in the distance. No one really knew to do what or what for, but there were no reporters brave enough to follow, that was for sure.

While flying through the air, Ray could see a nice piece of open land. The Chained owned many lands and had only built upon a small section of it.

“Here will do,” Ray said and soon whacked Chris’s arms away and punched him into the ground.

Following quickly, he landed not too far from where Chris had fallen. And a few seconds later, pushing the ground and the ground and the rocks away, Chris jumped out ot the crater.

“It looked like you didn’t want to show everything you have in front of those cameras. So I thought I would bring you here… l can tell you’re old… very old.”

“Which begs the question, how did you survive so long as a human? I can think of one answer, and that is you stole others life forces.” Ray said.

Chris was impressed with this person. “You are clearly not a Dalki… otherwise, everything I know about the Dalki would be wrong. This whole thing is interesting for Pure. Were you the one that killed him? Killed the one on Mars?”

It took Ray a second to figure out what he was talking about since Ray hadn’t followed the events of Quinn closely, but he remembered that there was someone from the group Pure that Quinn had fought on Mars.

“I guess out here we can both go all out!” Chris shouted as he summoned even more energy from within, and Ray could sense it now.

Before, the Qi energy had covered it up, but a different type of energy was deep inside of him.

This man was incredibly strong, but so was the energy inside him, making him an absolute monster. A monster that had the strength to take on the celestials, a monster like him.

“You… you’re a Werewolf!”


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