My Vampire System ​Chapter 1679: The return of a legend!

A lot of attention from the reporters was where the most people were present. That of course was not too far from the wrecked and destroyed wedding equipment. Most of the reporters were hiding behind the wreckage as they continued to film the scene in front of them, that of the strange Dalki against the allies.

Not much had happened for a while now, as it looked like the groups were discussing something, but thanks to everyone having enhanced microphones, they were able to pick up on the conversation between the two sides. However, there was one that noticed something going on behind the Dragon that had been summoned.

“Everyone will be filming this fight, and the others are too scared to go ahead, but that’s where that strange shadow user went, and it looks like something else is going on.”

Quickly, moving from one pile of debris to the next, AJ was making his way over so he could get in a better position. He was planning to make another scoop by filming what the others were too afraid of.

Of course, he had to be careful not to catch the attention of the Chained. Going around the whole area, AJ finally found some of the ground which had been uprooted, making it look like a large rock.

It had been from the shipwreck that had happened the other day. It looked like they didn’t quite bother to repair any of the grounds that weren’t going to be used for the wedding.

“It looks like I’ve hit a jackpot. That’s the Chained’s A team that’s fighting against the intruders.” When checking how many viewers AJ had at the moment, the number had gone significantly down due to him being on the move.

The ones who had stayed were the hardcore fans of his that believed that he would show him something phenomenal. Since it was nearly impossible to watch multiple streams at once, the others had left to other channels who were covering the main event, leaving him with only a few thousand.

“Although I might not have a lot of viewers now, once this is all over they will all start flocking to the other things that happened during this event.”

While taking a peek, AJ noticed that there were two people missing from the main event.

“Where is the Chained leader… and where is the intruder.” There were goosebumps on his body. Wondering what was currently happening.

At the moment, there were three major events occurring, yet it appeared as if the world would have to miss out on seeing one of them.

*** *** ***

“So, what are we going to do?” Ray asked, making sure to use a mental connection to address only those who had been fighting on his side.

He had long since noticed the reporters and could guess that their strange machines were aimed at them to listen in.

“I am happy to wait here, so you guys don’t get involved with what is happening behind me. They need practice after all and if they don’t survive, that’s just how things were meant to be. The cycle of life.” Ray rambled on.

“I’m afraid the situation has changed a little.” Fizzwell said, walking forward.

“Now that we know that there is a powerful Dalki still alive, this has become a worldwide matter. It would be best if we could get rid of the problem here and now, but if the Blades insist on supporting him, I guess there is something in history that we don’t know about.”

Hearing this, Jake looked towards his mother. His uncle Shiro clearly said something to her that had stunned her. He had never seen her this shocked. Whatever was to happen, though, he would follow her.

Suddenly, one person decided to act, the current leader of the Bree family that had also attended the wedding, had charged out from where the Chained were.

She was riding on the back of the flaming lion. As the beast opened its mouth, it shot out a large flame ball that was in the shape of a ring. It was heading straight for the two Blades.

Shiro looked like he was ready to block the attack, but lifting his hand, he could see eight lines of large yellow aura coming towards him. Seeing this, he had no choice but to harden his body, the attack was too quick to do anything else, which meant that the flame was still going to head towards Ray.

“You guys really don’t have to do this for me.” Ray thought and spoke to those that were seemingly on his side, because he could see one more person heading in front of him.

That was Vicky herself, she lifted her hand, and blasted out a ring of water to crash into the flames of fire. As the two closed, large amounts of steam filled the whole area, blocking the view of everyone.

“Uncle Shiro!” A voice was heard, and throwing out his two whips of lighting that were in his hands, Jake had slashed all the yellow aura attacks from the Dhampir before it reached his uncle.

“If mother has decided to help you, then I will help you as well.”

“Thanks,” the man replied as he placed his hand on Jake’s shoulder. “But it’s not Shiro right now.”

Vicky, having blocked the attack, could see the steam clearing up, and she then looked towards the other Blade.

“If you want to go help your friends out, then we will do whatever it takes to stop them, it’s been a long time.”

Hearing these words, there was a genuine soft smile on the man’s face.

“I keep telling you guys, there is no need to help them.” Ray let out a sigh, and now that the steam had finally heated up, everyone could clearly see the VIPS having split into two sides.

“Is it really going to be like this, with the Green’s there now I really don’t know what to do, and I can’t get through to Andy.” Fizwell facepalmed, shaking his head.

The Bree family leader, a Vampire Corps General, Pure’s Agent 1 Chris and the Dhampir Flora were all on one side facing off against the Dragon/Dalki Ray, and the others were on the other side.

“You’re right.” Shiro replied. “Somehow Peter has looked after him this long, so they should be okay. Since Quinn summoned you, I will protect you, whoever you are.”

“You protect me, that is a funny statement to make.” Ray couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of that statement.

“However, you seem to know the young boy. So what is your name?”

Hardening his body until it was in a complete solid state of metal, he turned around to look at the others.

“The name is Vorden… but let’s talk more later. For now, let’s subdue those pesky flies and wait for Quinn to return.”

Now with how the situation had turned, even Flora who had been aggressive in her attacks wasn’t sure if it was the best option. It wasn’t just anybody that they would be going against. These people were strong, and they were already having trouble when it was all of them against the Dragon.

“Pure will be happy to show that they care for the people.” Chris announced loudly.

“We will go against the Dalki. If they have returned, then it is our duty to fight them off. Pure will always protect the human race from whatever dares to threaten their existence, be it Dalki or Vampires.”

Chris hadn’t done much so far, but with a single hit, he had proven to be the most effective against the Dragon. Stating that he would be joining, it had already dropped in the Dhampir, and it looked like those from the Bree family had made up their mind as well.

“I really don’t know what to do.” Fizzwell uttered, as he twisted his foot in the ground.

“Why does it have to be my decision to make?”

Looking up, Fizzwell could feel a breeze on his face, and all he could see was a dark fist in front of him. On impact, he immediately felt his nose getting broken and his whole body flipping, until the punch forced his body to go downward into the ground.

The Vampire General slammed into the ground, chucking up countless piles of rock and debris.

“Don’t worry, I made the decision for you. I was never going to just let you guys go. Not after getting the chance to fight for a long time, anyway.”


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