My Vampire System ​Chapter 1678: The special one

Most of the group were unable to keep up with Quinn, with the exception of Peter somewhat, and they all knew that, but they had decided to follow him anyway. Even though Quinn was leaps and bounds ahead of him in strength, Peter knew that at times there could be trickery involved, especially with all this celestial talk Quinn had told him about.

Still, when seeing him dash ahead into the group of Chained, Peter knew that he was able to deal with it. Even when Quinn had missed, he wasn’t worried and seeing him summon his blood aura; it looked like Quinn had control of the situation.

After all, Quinn was only using the appropriate power needed to crush these fools. In fact, Peter believed when summoning the 1000 blood swords, he was perhaps using too much power.

A human wouldn’t use its whole strength to squash a few ants after all, but things had quickly changed because the next second, Quinn had disappeared suddenly, and it wasn’t just him but Russ, the leader of the Chained as well.

“Where did Quinn go!” Lucia said.

“Was it Clicker’s ability, but how… how was he able to teleport him to another place without even having touched him before.”

As the group had discussed earlier, Clicker’s power allowed him to transport people and objects.

They knew this but it seemed like there was some type of condition involved, and as for that condition it was unknown.

“We don’t have to worry about him,” Peter stated.

“Wherever he is, I’m sure he will deal with whoever gets in his way. This is the person that has taken on Graham, Hilston, and more than you people know.”

Hearing Peter’s words, Lock, a man with large bushy eyebrows that were pointed upwards towards his large forehead, couldn’t help but laugh.

“The person who defeated Graham… I admit those blood powers are strong but don’t try us corner with this lie, right guys?”

When asking the question, he looked at the others, that all seemed to agree, but there were two people that were a little startled, one of them was Fizzle.

Her boots were still active. Usually, she would only use her boots when needed and deactivate them, but even now, she had turned her head a couple of times, thinking that maybe the vampire in question would be after her again.

As for the other one who was in shock, it was Clicker himself.

“What’s wrong? You can’t possibly think our leader will lose to that guy?” Lock asked.

“Wait…” Cube, a square-headed man said, who had several coloured rings on all of his fingers.

“How was Clicker able to transport that vampire? Did you know him?”

Clicker shook his head.

“I… I haven’t met him before… but… the fact that he was successfully teleported means… He’s telling the truth.”

“Screw you guys!” A loud voice said, and Peter was already in the middle of throwing a punch directly towards Lock. It was unexpected from the group since they believed they were quite a safe distance away from the other group, especially with Clicker moving them a little further away, after moving Russ first.

Snapping out of his troubles, Clicker used his ability to move Lock out of the way and away from the punch, causing Peter’s fist to hit nothing but air, but as it followed through, a loud bang, as well as a cloud of smoke.

Peter hadn’t held back with his punch, and the others could visibly see it.

“Damn…none of these guys are normal.” Lock complained. “He’s fast and strong as well.”

“If you guys have the chance to talk, then tell us where Jessica is so we can have a nice present for Quinn when he comes back!” Peter shouted, running forward once again, but even as he started moving, Clicker just transported the whole group to a different area, moving once again.

Peter had to readjust his position, attempting to run towards them again, but this time, Clicker had split them all up slightly, leaving Peter confused about who exactly to go for. Eventually, he had chosen one, but after running towards the said person, Clicker just moved them again.

“Damn it, I hate to say it, but you guys can help a little. There’s five of them and four of us, so maybe distract them a little, or get rid of that annoying guy!” Peter shouted.

“Hey, there’s five of us as well!” Minny said, staying on top of Lucia’s shoulder. It was then that Lucia quickly thrust her spear forward, and out from the tip a blue lightning bolt had left, heading straight for Clicker.

It wasn’t a random attack either. It was timed perfectly to when Peter was about to run towards one of the other members of the Chained. The one great thing about the Graylash family’s ability was the speed of the attack itself. Seen as it was incredibly fast, now Clicker had a choice, move one of his allies or take the hit himself.

It was then that Clicker decided to click his fingers once more, and while doing this, he bashed both of his hands together. At that moment, the armour he was wearing over his arms had formed a strange round shield.

The lightning bolt hit the shield directly, and it was a mighty blow, causing Clicker’s feet to move slightly. The attack looked like it would soon bypass the shield completely and hit Clicker himself, but before it did, he used his own ability to get away from the lightning bolt.

“Damn it, how many times can he use that ability. Does it not use any Mc cells or what?!” Lucia shouted as she once again aimed towards where Clicker was.

If there was one thing she was sure about, it was the fact that he couldn’t keep teleporting all of them forever. There had to be a limit.

Peter had unlimited stamina, and she had only just started using her powers, and as long as Clicker didn’t have an incredibly large MC pool, he would soon be unable to use his powers. However, as she thrust her spear forward again, this time, nothing came out.

“My… my ability, what’s happened? I can’t use it! I can’t use any of my lighting powers!”

The square-headed man with the rings on his fingers started to laugh at this. Cube just looked at her, smirking away.

“It has to be that guy… does he have the power to stop abilities? Is that what happened to Quinn before?”

Of course, it was fine for the rest of the group if they didn’t have their powers. They could still use their red aura, and Lucia could still use her Qi as well, but she relied on her ability more than the others, which meant she was no more than useless and perhaps would soon become a sitting duck.

“You’re not wrong. You are our target.” Clicker said, looking at her. Clicking his fingers, soon Lock had appeared directly behind her, and in doing so, he had pressed his hand on her, and the next second she felt an immense weight all over her.

Trying to use her Qi, she powered her muscles to stand and swung her spear behind her, but it was slow, and the weight that she could feel in the area was being magnified. She fell to the ground lying flat on her front.

The ground was crushed along with her body as the strange force was felt, pushing down.

“The power of gravity… it’s so strong..far more immense than I imagined.”

“It’s time to finish you.” Lock said, getting ready to throw a kick, but a red beam came out midway, sharp and fast going right through his leg. Lock shouted out in pain. He always had a level of Qi surrounding his body, so the attack had to be strong.

As for who the attack had come from, it was a little girl standing a short distance away from Lucia.

“I want to protect my family as well,” Minny said with her hand in the shape of a gun and her finger looking partly destroyed already.

Seeing this, Fizzle started to act. She ran forward using her boots, heading towards them to get rid of the girl, but then getting in her way was a similar red beam coming from a different direction. She stopped short, allowing the attack to miss her and looked to where it had come from.

“You were the one he went for,” Mitchell said.

“Although you have done nothing but have your hands empty this entire time, you were the one that Quinn went for. There has to be a reason for that.”


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