My Vampire System ​Chapter 1677: Double up

With everyone somewhat surprised that a member of the Blade family had come to aid the Dalki looking figure’s side, it allowed Ray a few moments to glance behind him, trying to figure out the situation. And whether his descendant would need some help.

“The Celestial Energy that I can feel… he will be okay, right? He is a Celestial, and is strong himself. I have seen him fight, but why is the energy familiar?”

“It’s not that damned woman… but the person the energy is radiating from… I don’t recognise them.”

A thousand years seemed like an incredibly long time for Quinn, yet the time when Ray had been active on Earth made it look small in comparison. Recognising faces wasn’t exactly something that he could do well. However, feeling the power of energy was somewhat similar to smelling or tasting something.

Part of your brain would remember the familiarity, which would make you try to recall the related memory.

Either way, whatever came up for the young one, Ray was sure he wouldn’t need his help, so he could instead focus on what was in front of him.

Since the group had been standing around for awhile, Flora had decided to make a move against the Dragon once more.

She had already recovered from before, and took a step forward, but as she did, something akin to an electric whip headed straight at her.

Just when it looked like it was about to touch the top of her head, a large hand reached out and grabbed onto the blue electrified whip. Sparks continued to go off, around the arm, as if little shocks of lighting were trying to bite it.

“I thought we had an agreement… shall I take your actions as a sign that you wish to renege on it?” Chris asked, eventually letting go of the electric like whip as he could feel its power fading.

Putting his ability away, Jake was being a little more cautious than he would compared to before.

“He held onto that with his bare hands… is he really accomplishing such a feat purely with Qi?”

“I’ve never met anyone that can do that sort of thing, and it doesn’t look like that hurt him at all. I guess Pure hasn’t just been sitting back and doing nothing.” Jake thought.

“He’s a family member, you have to understand that. I’m sure he has his reasons for doing what he is doing. At least, hear him out!” Jake argued, before turning around.

“What do you mean by teacher, Shiro? How could a vampire be your teacher? That makes no sense!”

Shiro then looked towards Vicky, and closed his eyes for a second.

“It might be better for someone else to answer that question.”

After saying these words and opening his eyes again, Shiro is entire presence changed.

“Vicky.” ‘Shiro’ called out, the fluctuations in his voice were different compared to what it was before.

“It’s him… he’s returned. We knew he would come back one day..and he’s finally returned.”

*** *** ***

Quinn had tried to summon any part of his shadow and he even quickly checked to see if the system was all in order, including his MC cells.

Nothing seemed to be wrong, but as he tried to activate his powers, he felt nothing in his body. It was as if he never had the powers to begin with.

“Oh what’s wrong?” Russ asked, a grin on his face.

“It looks like you are having a little trouble with something. I have met with one of you Guardians before, and your shadow powers are certainly troublesome.”

“Unfortunately, he managed to escape before I could finish him off… but I won’t be making this mistake with you!”

Hearing the word Guardian, made Quinn think of the Red Vampires again, and it looked as if Russ was mistaking him for part of their group.

Lifting his head up and looking towards him, Quinn had a sad smile on his face, as he let out a sigh.

“Haaah… so you think I’m part of the Red Vampires?… I guess, I can’t blame you for mistaking me for one of their fanatics claiming to be Quinn Talen. Well, it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, I don’t need to rely on the shadow powers or beast weapons to deal with the likes of you.”

Russ had taken a step back, and the others did the same.

They hadn’t acted yet, worried that this person might very well have a trick up his sleeve. It was then that a large amount of aura started to emit from Quinn’s body.

His eyes glowed red, and the aura wasn’t just covering a single part of his body, it had erupted as if it were flames from his body. At the same time, something else was occurring. The blood from the victims that Ray had fought was moving.

It had floated in the air, like raindrops and was coming towards Quinn mixing in with his aura. The aura continued to glow until it was as if there was against flame behind his body.

“What is this… are you sure he’s one of theGuardians and not the Red Vampire leader himself, Russ?” Clicker asked, worry in his tone.

“No… he doesn’t look anything like that guy…” Russ replied, getting slightly nervous at Quinn’s display of power.

“I… not unless he replaced him.”

“Perhaps this is all my own fault. Ever since I woke up, I tried keeping a low profile, not wanting to disturb anyone since it was no longer my time.”

As Quinn spoke, more and more blood gathering around him.

“Unfortunately, even after all those years that I have been gone, nobody wants to just talk things out.”

“Kindness still appears to be something that isn’t given freely, but something that has to be earned by force… fine then, let me speak the only language guys like you seem to understand!”

The aura that surrounded Quinn was condensing into a darker red. Usually the aura from vampires was quite light, and they had never seen something like this before.

Suddenly, throwing out his hands, the blood aura from his body had split, and with it in the air behind him, they started to form into the shape of swords.

Soon, the aura had created a thousand BloodSwords floating about in the air. This was something that not even vampire leaders should be capable of, and the crowd’s eyes were starting to linger on the scene behind the human dragon.

“My body has really changed. I can’t feel the strain when even using this much blood power like I could before. I haven’t used the Celestial Energy yet, but let’s get rid of all the annoying bugs around here.”

“Me and you are the same, so let’s just make this a battle between us.” Quinn said, as he continued to look at the dark skinned lady.

“Clicker!” Russ shouted, as he understood what the intruder meant.

As soon as his boss called out his name, Clicker lifted both his hands and clicked with both of his fingers.

Quinn was ready to move the Blood Swords, yet stopped since his target was nowhere to be seen.

To his left and right, none of his friends were there, behind him there was no wedding scene, nor guests filming videos. However, there was one person who was in front of him and that was Russ who was still present.

“You… might have convinced me a little, that you might be the Hero…” Russ stated solemnly, his voice containing some faint hints of reverence.

“No one, not even the Red Vampires could have as much blood control as what you have demonstrated. You said to make this just a battle between us, no? Then let’s battle.”

Although Quinn had no idea where he was, that wasn’t an issue for him. He could always travel back to the others by using Minny’s shadow.

Of course, for that to happen, his shadow would first have to start working again, but since only Russ was currently in front of him, it wasn’t hard to guess the reason for his powers abandoning him.

“Fine.” Quinn answered and was ready to throw out the thousand Blood Swords towards his opponent.

Moving his hands quickly though… quicker than humanly possible, to the point that only someone as quick as Quinn would be able to follow, a strange aura surrounded the Chained leader, a red strong aura.

The aura left his body, and started to form objects in the air. And with that, suddenly Russ wasn’t the only one faced with a thousand Blood Swords…


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