My Vampire System ​Chapter 1676: Strange powers

“Ladies and gentlemen, you guys are seeing exactly what I am seeing and although we can not confirm for sure, it looks like we have a Dalki.”

“The race that has been seemingly extinct for the last eight hundred years!” Aj reported to his viewers.

Immediately, the online audience began pulling up the reference photos and pictures of the Dalki from the internet, and made comparisons with what they were witnessing on the screen. Although the figure didn’t fully match the pictures, there certainly was a resemblance in the appearances of the two.

“If history that we have learnt is correct, the Dalki’s strength was determined by the number of spikes on their back. Our great hero Quinn had defeated the strongest Dalki in existence and that Dalki was known to be an eight spike.” Aj continued to report, and that’s when he knew he needed to confirm something.

Because there were people between Aj and the supposed Dalki, it was hard to get a clear picture of the latter. Without hesitation, Aj used his ability and ran from one side, went around all the destroyed wedding decorations and the ongoing fight, and reached the other side.

He came to a halt, and although there were others around him, it looked like he could only see one thing: the Dalki.

On its back, just below the shoulder level, there was a single spike looking somewhat similar to a shark fin. Then, there were two smaller spikes on either side, totalling the number of spikes to three.

Then following the beast’s spine, one could count four more spikes going up to its tail bone. This alone would have meant they were looking at a seven spike Dalki, but the spikes didn’t stop there as they continued along the tail until the very tip.

This was something never seen before.

“Eleven spikes?” Aj mumbled. He didn’t have to say it out loud, as his viewers had counted along with him.

“He thinks I’m an eleven spike Dalki?” Ray could hear the reporter even from a great distance and smirked inwardly at these words. He and the Dalki were two completely different things.

The Dalki had pretty much become its own separate race when mixing the beast’s DNA with humans. In fact, the Dalki, upon reaching a certain level, could even beat the Dragon, and Ray knew the Dragon’s strength well.

Graham, with eight spikes, was certainly stronger than the Dragon even if the latter was fully combined with its two parts; although the power gap wouldn’t be much, it still would exist. So for him, the species meant nothing. It was merely his form, but the whole world thought differently as they looked at him.

“Anyway, I’m more surprised at something else. Why did this black-haired man come and protect me from the rest?”

“What are you doing, Uncle!” Jake asked aloud as he landed by his mother’s side. All the allies had spread out and were staring varyingly at the Dragon figure.

Most of the members of the Chained had already been dealt with or at least felt the power of the Dragon to know that they were useless even if they attempted to join the fight, and thus, they just stood far back along with the other reporters.

Shiro glanced behind him for a second. He wasn’t looking at Ray though. He was looking past him, towards someone else.

“What do I say… is there any way to stop the fighting at all.” Shiro thought.

“You will have to give a good answer,” Chris said aloud. “We know the Blades and Chained aren’t on good terms. But if you choose to side with the enemy and a Dalki no less, we will have to fight.”

Hearing this, Jake glanced at his mother. There was no chance that he or Vicky would fight against Shiro.

But if they didn’t solve this immediately, the united battle against this Dragon could turn into a fight between each other.

“The person…the person behind me…” Shiro hesitated for a moment and then, with the most serious expression he could pull off, he glanced at the mother-son duo and said, “Listen to me, Vicky! That person, look at him and remember, that’s Peter… I am hundred percent sure that’s Peter!”

Shiro was unable to see Peter before, he hadn’t even noticed Peter and the others go past the dragon, but when Ray had shrunk in size, he could finally see the others behind, engaged in some sort of battle.

That’s when everything had clicked for Shiro. If Peter was here, after a thousand years, then the reason why he felt like the other person was so familiar, the shadow powers and this dragon right here, what because the other person had to be ‘him’! Although, his appearance wasn’t what Shiro had vividly in his mind.

After all, it had been a long time, a very, very long time, but there was always an image of ‘him’ in Shiro’s mind. It was from a moment in Shiro’s life that he would never forget, no matter how many years passed.

“The person who is attacking… he is my teacher,” Shiro answered.

*** *** ***

Before Ray had transformed into his Dalki-like state, Peter and the others had arrived by Quinn’s side. Honestly, he wasn’t sure if he was happy or not that they were here. These people in front of him were pretty dangerous.

“In the past, the system would give me quests and rewards for facing tough situations, but since becoming a celestial, it’s only given me long-winded quests, and I guess stuff to do with celestials. Which doesn’t really make the current situation easier.” Quinn thought.

“Still, it’s a good thing I have Ray to keep the others busy, including Jake Green and Chris.”

“They are a handful and half, and Chris has a Qi amount I have never seen before, but I need to focus on those in front of me.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to talk it out?” Quinn shouted out to the other side.

The people in front of him were gearing up for battle.

“I’ll let you in on a little secret,” Russ replied.

“If I can have everything I want, then why would I not just do that? In the end, things will always work out for me.”

Hearing this, the first thing Quinn did was raise his hand and use the shadow lock skill on Jessica. She instantly disappeared, swept into the dark shadows. He wanted to keep her safe, and now he had what they wanted.

However, Clicker clicked his fingers in the next moment, and Jessica reappeared right beside Russ. It was the first time Quinn’s shadow lock hadn’t worked.

“We not have you do that again.” Clicker said, clicking his fingers again, making Jessica disappear.

“It looks like you will have to force us if you want to see her again.”

Annoyed, Quinn ran forward towards the group. He used his full speed. His armor set had already changed to something else since the blue fang set had cooled down, but 200 plus speed was definitely no laughing matter.

It allowed him to cross the large land between them in seconds. Yet, even with all of this, the whole group didn’t look worried at all.

“We have to support Quinn.” Peter said as he ran forward, having a bad feeling about this all.

As for Quinn, looking at them all, he decided that it would be best for him to go for the most troublesome one in the whole group.

There were plenty to pick on, and as he approached the group and headed for Russ in the centre, he quickly changed his direction at the last moment.

Clicker prepared himself, but Quinn ran straight past him and instead went for the dark-skinned female who was seemingly the most ordinary in the group.

Quinn’s hand reached out towards her, but just as it looked like he was about to grab her, the armour she had around her legs began to light up, and it suddenly released steam, blocking Quinn’s view.

He clawed his hand anyway, thinking he would be able to grab hold of her, but his hand only caught air. And when the steam settled, she was already out of reach, leaving a trail of steam behind.

Twice in a row, Quinn had been bested. First, his shadow lock skill was countered, and now his speed couldn’t match up to one of the members of the Chained.

“I could tell from the inspect skill that they were demon tier boots and would most likely be speed based… but I didn’t think they would be this powerful.”

“Still, I have other ways to deal with her, and there’s something that can surely slow her down.” Quinn thought, thinking of his shadow.

While Quinn had attacked the female, the Chained were shocked by his move because they were not expecting Quinn to target the female from the get go.

“How did you know?” Russ suddenly asked, “It wasn’t a coincidence that you went for her!” He felt challenged by Quinn’s actions, “It looks like you’re full of surprises, but so are we.”

It was then that Quinn tried to use his shadow to expand on the ground and envelope the area to slow down his enemies, but when he attempted to use it, nothing happened. The shadow did not appear from under his feet.

“What is going on here…? I can’t use my ability!”


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