My Vampire System ​Chapter 1675: The Return of an enemy!

All eyes of the Chained and the allies were on the Dragon in front of them. If they wanted to help their leader in any way, they had to get through this demon tier beast. However, after seeing a few attacks, including it chucking Jake Green off to the side, they weren’t so confident in their attacks.

“This is in a way testing the Unity of the Chained.” Aj thought.

“Unlike other groups, the Chained are banded together as individual strengths with a common goal and background, and although they respect their leader, they wouldn’t risk their lives to protect each other or their leader.”

What was surprising for the audience who were watching through the reporter’s channels was that the Chained powers and attacks did nothing to stop this thing.

“I don’t understand, isn’t that a demon tier beast. The Chained have taken out demon tier beasts before. They even have demon tier equipment.”

“Well, to be fair. The main group of the Chained aren’t even fighting.”

“Yes, but this is meant to be such a powerful group that all of these groups are fighting for them to get on their side. Yet they can’t even take out one Demon tier beast?”

“If that’s the case, then Earth and all the other planets would be doomed if there was another strong demon tier beast attack. Or a horde of them or something.”

“You seem to forget that those very same allies fighting for the Chained’s acknowledgement are also struggling against this Demon tier best.”

It was precisely as the comments started because the ones on the move were Jake, who was recovering from being flung off into the distance. His mother, Vicky who was making a more laid back approach as she seemed to be using more of her powers to protect members of the Chained.

Then, Fizzwell, the vampire crops leader, Chris from Pure and the Dhampir Flora.

Giving out a big huff and placing his sunglasses away, Fizzwell locked up at the Dragon.

“Andy isn’t going to be happy if I didn’t;t act, so I guess I should do something.”

Holding out his hand, string started to come out from his fingertips and attempted to wrap around the dragon’s leg, but as it got close, Fizzwell could see his strings being cut.

“Well…. What is this, some type of wind barrier or something? Does this dragon have some type of wind ability, but it also fired out a fireball earlier as well. Maybe a dragon with all the elements, or just two because of the two heads.”

“Either way, I’m pretty useless without my strings in a situation like this.”

Fizwell shrugged his shoulders as if he really didn’t care.

“Why am I not surprised.”

A female voice was heard and the next second, Flora could be seen running right past him. Her hand was still holding the hilt of her sword, ready to unleash it from its scabbard as she got closer to the Dragon.

Seeing this, Ray focused one of the heads toward the allies that were against him. While the other head was busy attacking the members of the Chained that were willing to try and take down this beast.

There weren’t many and simple air attacks seemed to be working well enough.

These members seemed to be acting more so as a test for themselves or to prove how strong they were.

Multiple shots of air that were near enough invisible had been cast from his mouth.

They moved at a speed that most would be unable to avoid, but Flora was able to jump at just the right time. Explosions would be seen hitting the ground creating large craters beneath it.

“Wow, she’s the only one that has been able to get that close to the dragon apart from Jake.” A reporter commented.

“Perhaps we are seeing the fighting strength of the dhampirs. How is she even able to avoid those invisible strikes?”

Hearing this comment, Fizzwell was a little concerned. With all the reporters, seeing the dhampir using her power might cause trouble for them. Honestly, this just wasn’t the right match up for Fizzwell, and showing everything he had on camera he didn’t think was a good idea either.

“Those reporters that know nothing about combat really annoy me. There are other ways to tell if an attack is coming your way other than just your eyes.” Fizzwell thought.

“The position of the mouth forms the dragon, the sound it makes when it cuts through the wind. Do they really think that none of us could have done that… there are just more problems to worry about.”

Finally, Flora having reached a good distance where she could prepare her attack, she started to draw her weapon. The next second though, and she could hear something else coming from her right side.

The sound of the wind being cut through, but it wasn’t like the sounds she had heard previously. Turning, she had only managed to draw her weapon halfway out from its scabbard, and she had no choice but to fuse her aura energy to make it somewhat defensive. She spread out her Qi as well.

An object as large as a pillar had slammed right into her, dragging her across the ground. As she made contact, she could feel the same defensive wind barrier constantly trying to attack her.

Her body was being cut up by the second, and her natural Qi was being dwindled down by the attack.

“It’s the dragon’s tail!” Flora released.

“If I put that much Qi, into stopping this attack, then my body is going to get destroyed from this strange wind defence this beast has!”

In the middle of contemplating what to do, that’s when she felt the force of the tail stop. Looking to her side, she could see a shirtless man who was scared all over his body with red hair holding onto the Dragon’s tail.

“It looks like you might need a little help.” Chris smiled, as he held the tail with one hand, and gathered his strength up, the outside of his hand could be seen glowing as so much of the second stage Qi was being used.

The fist was thrown into the tail, and a loud bang was heard as if a bomb went off. The tail was seen swinging back out in the direction it had come from, nearly hitting some of the others.

Still, the tail was under control, and Ray turned to look at the man who had managed to damage one of his scales. A few seconds later though, the scales by his tail that looked injured had started to heal as well.

“There are some strong ones here, and although this dragon is not as strong as I was in the past. It has been boosted in power with my own a little. Making it stronger than the Demon tier beast it was in the past.”

“What’s annoying though, is that Quinn told me not to kill many of them, and that’s caused a lot of trouble for me.”

It was then that Ray could feel another attack coming from his right side, and lifting up his large wing he defended the thunderbolt. Jake was back in action, and all of the allies realising that they couldn’t beat the dragon alone, now knew that they needed to work together in some way.

“I thought that I would enjoy fighting as a dragon again.” A voice was being projected into all of their heads, and at the same time, the Dragon appeared to be shrinking in front of their very eyes.

“However, it seems like I have somewhat become more accustomed to fighting in a different form. I think this will be easier for now.”

Once again, everyone on the field had paused, they didn’t know what to do, and the reporters were somewhat shaking. This was due to what Ray had done.

He was now a little bigger than a regular human. No longer did he have two heads and he had made his body look like that of a human. However, in doing so, using the body of the dragon, the dragon that had created them.

To the people, he looked like an ancient enemy that hadn’t been seen for a very long time. Ray had the appearance of a Dalki. Only covered in larger scales and had a more menacing look in its eyes looking more dragon than a man.

“Let’s try this again.” Ray smiled.

A lightning bolt came out from above, where Jake was currently. It was green in colour this time, having been mixed in with another ability. Ray stood there planning to show them all that this would do no harm.

He was somewhat thinking that the others might give up if they saw they were no match, but something had even surprised him. A person had come to his side, showing no intention of harm, quickly held two hands up, two blue coloured thunderbolts of his own appeared and had hit the green one.

Seeing this, Jake pulled back on his attack, trying to weaken it as much as possible. When the two thunder strikes collided, there was an outburst of power in the sky, causing a faint glow to appear on the others’ faces.

Now looking at who had stood and blocked the attack for the dragon, Jake was raising an eyebrow.

“Uncle Shiro! What are you doing!”


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