My Vampire System Chapter 1674: Mighty Two!

With the sheer power coming from the beast’s roar, everyone who was present could tell what this was; without a doubt, it was a demon tier beast. They had fought many beasts countless times, making it possible for them to tell that this wasn’t just a demon tier beast, but an extremely powerful one.

It was unique because it looked like a dragon, but not only that, because at present, the beast was doing something strange. At the moment, there was a single head, but suddenly from its shoulder sprouted another one, another head.

It was just as great in size as the other and caused even more fear as its large eyes looked to the left and right of the people beside it. Honestly, Quinn didn’t even know what was happening but noticed that sometimes when entering the shadow, that Ray had either two heads or one.

He thought that maybe it might have something to do with the real dragon’s consciousness that Ray had taken over, or perhaps Ray just prefered having one head rather than two.

Since the dragon had been summoned, it was almost as if everyone had somewhat forgotten about the shadow power used to summon it and who had done such a thing.

“That Dragon… it can’t be it has two heads… and a dragon demon tier beast. I haven’t heard of one since back then.” Shiro thought, his hand tightening around the back of his chair. He had yet to move and so had everyone else, somewhat stunned by the roar.

“Do you recognise it at all?” Shiro asked, but these words weren’t spoken out loud; they were spoken in his mind.

“Back then, the dragon only had one head. It was never whole, so we never saw what it completely looked like… it has some similarities, but it has been a long time.”

“The question is, what is it doing here if it is here?”

This was something that Shiro wanted to know as well, and seeing that the said person in front of him was using shadow powers and this uncertain similarity, there was one person that kept coming to mind.

“But… that’s impossible… right?”

Shiro was mixed about this whole event in the first place, so honestly, he thought he might be just using this as an excuse not to take part in the first place.

“What are you all doing? Take down that Demon tier beast before it takes us all out!” Clicker shouted.

Hearing this, it looked like the fifty or so members of the Chained had now sprung into action. Abilities started to fire off towards the dragon, while others ran forward. Quinn was about to use his blood powers to help, but there was a voice in his head before he could.

“No need, I’m surprised you decided to use me in a situation like this, but I’m kinda happy!” Ray replied, speaking directly into Quinn’s mind like he usually would.

“I can’t believe these idiots think they can actually take me on. Even if I’m not in a body of my own. They are using powers that were originally meant for me.”

Immediately, Ray placed a large wing covering Quinn and Jessica up. Most of the abilities hit the large wing, doing next to nothing. The dragon’s scales were one of the strongest, and it would need powers beyond what the Chained had, even with the extra Qi boost.

After knowing this, a large flap of the wing sent out a large gust of wind, and the wing’s span grew slightly in size as it was let out, knocking several of the chains flying through the air.

The reporters still believed that they were somewhat safe until this point, but after seeing this, and knowing that not even the members of the Chained could protect them, they knew it was their time to get out of the area.

Many started running away from the wedding; some stopped filming completely as they cared for their lives, while some were determined to get the scoop they had been waiting for.

Even Aj, had gone somewhat further away from the fighting but summoned some of his tiny drones to continue filming the whole event, while others did the same.

“Our mysterious stranger just summoned a beast of some kind, and it looks like the Chained powers can do nothing! Is this a member of the Bree family that has been turned, or is it someone else?” Aj spoke as he continued to film.

Letting out a large breath from both of his heads, two wind vortexes of great strength and pressure had been created from the dragon, blowing onto both sides. The Chained rolled up their defences to try to block it. Some were able to withstand it, while others were blown away and cut up.

The attack was more devastating than a user of a wind ability.

It was then that a blonde-haired young man was seen in the air flying above. The cameras turned and could see that it was Jake Green.

At the moment he was using the ability of flight, he swept down as fast as he could, and in doing so, he created a giant fist out of earth, that was getting bigger by the second. Using the speed ability with his flight, he could fly incredibly fast, and a huge impact was made, hitting directly the top of the dragon’s head.

It looked like the dragon staggered for a second as it moved its foot, but Ray pushed off and used its second head to grab onto Jake. At that moment, Jake used the hardening ability to cover himself.

“Don’t kill him!” Quinn asked.

Biting softly onto Jake, Ray swung his head and threw Jake off to the side.

“It looks like they might need all of our help, after all, to take on that thing,” Chris said, after seeing Jake’s attempt in attacking the beast fail.

“What’s the plan!” Jessica asked, still frozen about what this vampire had just done.

“Talking hasn’t worked, so we will get out of here,” Quinn replied, and just as he was about to grab Jessica, he saw her disappear in front of his eyes.

Turning his head, he had some idea of where she was, and now Quinn could see Clicker had summoned Jessica to Russ side. On top of that, they weren’t alone. The Chained A team they would travel with Russ, was present having gone back a bit further from where the aisle was onto the wasteland.

Aj turned his camera, focusing on Russ rather than the dragon, like the others were doing so far. Panning his camera, it seemed like this person had a lot to go through. There were the allies of the Chained that had arrived, Jake, Vicky, the Blade family, Pure and more.

“Go get her.” Ray said. “I’ll clear a path.”

The active ability on Quinn’s armour had ended, but he was still plenty fast. As he ran forward, the allies attempted to attack him, but each time they did, the Dragon was clearly seen firing out powerful gusts of wind from its mouth, aiming to hit the others.

Then, there was a flame ball instead when it came to the dhampir girl who was about to directly get in Quinn’s way.

“I can kill that one, right?” Ray asked.

None of the allies got hurt, but they couldn’t get close to Quinn. The dragon was seemingly ignoring the other Chained attacking it, to allow Quinn to get through, and at the same time, some of the allies weren’t exactly focusing on Quinn.

“It looks like we might have to work together to get rid of this dragon first before we go after him.” Fizzwell stated.

To somewhat clarify that, Ray then jumped up over everyone and landed just before where Quinn had gone, blocking the path for any of the Chained or the allies. Ray was happy to take on the rest.

Now on the Dragon’s other side, Quinn could see Russ, Jessica, and his main group of people.

“You have done far more damage than I could have ever imagined,” Russ spoke. “I had no idea that the Hero Quinn would act like this, and there was no talk that he was able to do things like this either.”

“Some legends are over-exaggerated.” Quinn replied. “But not all.”

Russ smiled at the comment.

“Even if that is true, it will be impossible for you to take us all on yourself, even for someone like you.”

Once again, Quinn could hear the confidence in Russ’s words, even after summoning the Demon tier beast; why was this person unafraid. Perhaps, it had something to do with the celestial being in that group of his, Quinn thought.

“Maybe, things need to just be a little more even.” A voice said as one group had emerged past the Dragon. “This is a little fairer now, right?” Peter spoke while the others stood by his side.


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