My Vampire System Chapter 1673: Peter's Plan!

After seeing the bodies of the Chained disappear, Mitchell quickly caught onto what was happening. After all, being part of the Vampire Corps, he was aware of the Chained abilities and doings.

Quickly, he had explained to Quinn what was happening, although they didn’t quite know how Clicker’s ability worked. It seemed he could only teleport those that he had marked in some way before.

“The wedding, it could be happening any minute right now. You have to go!” Lucia shouted. “We have to get there quickly.”

Hearing these words, and with the Nitro accelerate still having a few seconds left, that was precisely what Quinn had done. He ran off towards where he could hear the most noise.

The Chained establishment was mostly empty, and on their way there, it was hard to miss where the crowd was exactly, and that’s how Quin could get to Jessica after only being at the isle for a few seconds.

“Who is this guy?” the reporters asked loudly.

For one, they wondered who would have snuck into the Chained base. Then there was the question of who would be willing to as well. Someone who could do two of these things, the reporters, thought they would have at least had or heard of this person.

As the reporters looked at each other and talked with one another, none of them could come up with an answer.

“Jessica, things could get very dangerous here, so just stay close to me, okay,” Quinn said as he carefully placed his hand behind her.

Instinctively she latched onto Quinn’s arm at this moment. She didn’t know why, but she felt somewhat safe with him close to her. However, what this had done was made it clear that Jessica knew this person.

“Is it some sort of secret love rival going on here?” The reporters asked but still had no idea. “Someone finds out who this person is!”

“Do any of you know this person?” Fizzwell asked. He was a little annoyed as he attempted to get through to Andy Regardless of his attempts, he was unable to get through, as the Chained seemed to have some way to block all forms of communication while they were there.

If this wedding didn’t go through, Fizzwell was worried that the vampire corps would take the brunt of the problems from them.

“I have no idea, but it would make a great drama series, Jake replied. “It’s a shame he didn’t come in just as they were about to kiss. With a… “I object!” that would have been a bit cool… or maybe too cheesy.”

When Jake had fought against Quinn, he had done so with the disguise, so to him and Vicky he was just another person.

“Why… does he feel familiar? Do I recognise him from somewhere?” The others heard Shiro mumble of all people, but they thought he might just be saying things with his old age.

The truth was, Quinn wanted to use his shadow space to place Jessica inside, but he was worried that taking her away like that might cause everyone to act. It was clear that all of the members of the Chained were already on their toes getting ready to pounce at any second.

“Ray” Quinn called out. “Tell me I’m not the only one that can feel it… I know you’re in the shadow space, but you can tell, right?”

There was another reason why Quinn was being a little cautious. He could feel something from before, but now here, he was sure of it.

“Yes… I can feel it. The energy’s the same as hers.” Ray replied, with a sour taste in his mouth, and refusing to say her name.

The energy Quinn could feel now wasn’t just the energy of a celestial; he could tell that it was a celestial themselves. Whether the celestial was working with the Chained or perhaps just here for fun, Quinn didn’t know, and it was quite possible that they would just be doing things of their own accord.

“I am here to talk,” Quinn shouted once again but noticed something was off but wasn’t quite sure what it was.

“You heard that Jessica does not wish to go through this wedding. I understand that this is important to you, so I thought that maybe I would be able to give you something in return to call this wedding off.”

There were few things Quinn had in mind, perhaps maybe even his Demon tier gauntlet, or he could even hunt some beasts for them. Even an I.O.U from the Hero Quinn should be enough.

“The others can’t hear you or me,” Russ said from the other side. “It’s the ability of one of my men. You have caused quite the commotion, and we wouldn’t want you saying anything to frighten them, now would we?

“I’m afraid that a stranger wouldn’t have anything of interest to give to me, and even if you did offer something, why wouldn’t I be able to just take it from you?” Russ asked.

To this, Quinn smiled; he thought it might be the only way to get out of this situation.

“Because of who I am. My name is Quinn Talen. I assure you, I should have or could do one or two things that would allow you to stop this wedding.”

There was a pause from Russ for a second. He didn’t outright laugh like others did when Quinn revealed himself. Instead, it looked like he was thinking.

While the silence was taking place, everyone else was on their toes. They were unable to hear the exchange going on but could see their lips moving. Obviously, it was an ability from one of the many Chained.

Aj found this interesting, a way to silence anyone that wanted to speak up or maybe could reveal a big secret of theirs.

It was then that Russ finally said something, but when he moved his mouth, Quinn was unable to hear him this time. At that moment, a single person came out from the crowd and stood down the aisle in front of Quinn.

The man started to run forward towards Quinn, and his skin started to change slightly, turning a little grey. It was hard to tell what his ability would be, but nonetheless, he was a Chained and everyone knew they were strong.

“It looks like we got a bit of entertainment for ourselves; maybe this was even all planned.” Chris said with a smile, eager to get some fighting done himself.

Before reaching Quinn, the man threw out a fist, and a strange rod-like structure came out from the end of his knuckles. Seeing this, Quinn quickly hit the large rod away to the side and took a step in.

He grabbed the man by the shoulders and kneed him in the stomach. The second it hit, blood came out from the man’s mouth.

The impact was loud, and a large cracking sound could be heard. Everyone who was close could feel the energy that had come from the attack. It even shook the hairs of a few standing close.

“I held back. It’s not the time to kill him.”

The man was somewhat resilient as he attempted to throw another quick fist ignoring the pain he was going through. But avoiding it, Quinn pushed the man forward before throwing out a high kick and breaking the man’s thigh, dropping him to the ground.

Once again, there was silence, as the stranger had dealt with the Chained member rather quickly.

“That was skilful, really skilful. To take out a member of the Chained like that.” Aj thought, happy that he managed to catch everything. Either this is some show the Chained are putting on… or this is going to be one of the craziest events in history.

The other reporters felt the same way as their hearts beated even faster.

“Was that meant to be a little test to prove to you who I am?” Quinn asked, still silenced by the strange ability. “I held back, I don’t want to kill your people, but I assure you I can prove I am who I say I am.”

Quinn was unsure how it would go, thinking that things could turn at any moment. The man in front of him was strange, and even after seeing Quinn’s powers, he was unafraid. It was as if, even if he knew the real Quinn was in front of him, he wouldn’t be scared.

Which was unsettling to Quinn.

“His mouth is moving again, and I can’t hear what he’s saying… and now… I can’t hear what the others are saying as well.”

Clicker was walking up to the table where Jake and the others sat.

“As you can see, the intruder wishes to stop this wedding. Our leader, Russ, has called on you all to help in stopping him. As a sign of the friendship the Chained hold with you all.”

The others looked at each other. Many on the table were enemies. They thought that maybe this was a sign that the Chained weren’t on anyone’s side.

“This will be easy work,” Flora said as she stood up and drew her thin blade. The dhampir was ready to take action immediately. She had been holding herself for a long time at the table next to other vampires.

“All of you, feel free to stop him!” Clicker shouted to the rest of the Chained, who were also eager to help.

“Nate!” Jessica shouted. “What do we do!”

The members of the Chained hadn’t quite attacked them yet, but they drew their weapons. It looked like they were waiting for the others to act. Quinn, seeing who was at the table, wasn’t quite sure he wanted to be fighting all of those at once, especially since some were possibly allies.

“It looks like we go with Peter’s plan, and I have a good way of solving this.” Lifting his hand. Something dark appeared above Quinn’s head.

Seeing this, those that were about to move on the table froze. This was the shadow ability. The shadow was a power that only a few knew, and the size of this shadow was fighting itself, but soon they were left in awe as they could see a significant figure falling from the shadow itself.

Slowly descending, with its enormous tail swinging and its two giant wings, they could hear its breath. Finally landing directly behind Quinn, its large, heavy body shook the ground as all four of its feet hit the floor.

It let out an almighty roar swinging its neck and opening its large mouth. The roar shook the ears and hearts of all of the people there.

“Ray… it’s time to be useful.”


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