My Vampire System ​Chapter 1672: Party Crash

When Quinn held Momo tightly by her neck, the latter knew that her life was in this stranger’s hands, but she couldn’t quite tell what had occurred. For the first time ever, her ability turned out to be useless. Due to Quinn’s hand coming in contact with her, she could not use her ability anymore, and her powers were now futile.

“I… I have to inform the others somehow.” Momo thought, but the grip around her neck became tighter to the point where she had trouble breathing, and eventually, she passed out.

Then, Quinn did something strange to all of the guards who had now passed out. Shadow began to wrap them, and while covering them like blankets, it continued to flicker over their body.

[Shadow cover]

This was one of the new shadow skills that Quinn had obtained a long time ago but hadn’t found a practical use for it, until this moment. Since the Shadow could slow down attacks and the perception of time, shadow cover was something related to it.

It was able to somewhat stick on the part of the opponent’s body, and in doing so, it would slow down certain powers such as healing. It was a skill that Quinn imagined would have been helpful in his early days, but in his current fights, it was best to use his Shadow in other ways.

However, Shadow Cover meant that those he had just knocked out rather than killed would stay unconscious for a long time until he decided to recoil the Shadow.

He was confident that there would be no disturbances for the next few minutes. Quinn loosened his grip around Momo’s neck, and as she fell to the floor, he turned around.

Jesica couldn’t wait to see who her saviour was, or perhaps it might even be an enemy. Whatever the case, she was satisfied for at least this moment. She felt a little free, even if she knew that it was still impossible to escape this place.

“I’m sorry, I was so focused on myself that I didn’t realise that you had your own troubles,” Quinn said as he looked at her.

That was when Jessica raised her own eyebrow.

“Who… are you?” Jessica didn’t recognise this person at all. It was clear the other party was a vampire, but she couldn’t identify who this person was. “Is he someone from the Vampire Corps?”

“I almost forgot, Jessica has only ever seen me with the earth mask on; she has no clue who I am.”

“Maybe this will help.” Quinn raised his hand, and out from the Shadow, a few people stepped out. Minny, Hannah, Peter and finally Lucia as well. As soon as she noticed who was in front of her, Lucia ran and gave Jessica a big tight hug.

“What… what is all this. I’m so confused?” Jessica couldn’t understand what was happening and what these people were doing here.

“It’s us. The person who just saved you was Nate, and this is Peter. And you have seen Minny and me. It’s a long story, but we all came to get you.”

“We heard from Andy that you were being married off to the Chained’s leader and that’s why we are here.” Lucia explained.

Jessica stared at the people for a few seconds before realising that Peter and Nate looked different compared to what she remembered. Still, she also knew that the two always seemed suspicious, as if they were hiding their identity. Either way, even if they were showing their true self, she couldn’t have recognised them.

Seeing the people who she had just met taking such a big risk and coming here, she couldn’t help but get emotional as a stream of tears flowed from the corner of her eyes and onto her white wedding gown.

It was a sweet moment, but it didn’t last long as Jessica soon wiped the tears away as she came back to her senses.

“You all… all of you have to leave! This is the Chained we are talking about.”

“I know you all came here for me, but the last thing I want is for you guys to get killed just because I didn’t want to marry one annoying guy!”

“We know,” Hannah said. “Trust me, we have told these two countless times who the Chained are and how strong they are, but they still have decided to come for you.”

There was still a terrified countenance on Jessica’s face, and she was trying to find the words to speak to them, to make them go back.

She didn’t understand why they would come for her, perhaps if she did understand, she could convince them to go away, but it was then that Quinn walked up to her.

“I know you’re concerned, but we will try to talk to them. I also know you’re doing this for others, but it’s not right.”

“The world I fought for was not one where people had to sacrifice themselves for stupid things like this. I will talk to them.” Quinn spoke.

“And if talking doesn’t work, and I have a strong feeling it won’t, we can always go with my plan,” Peter said while punching a fist into the palm of his hand, making it clear what the other plan was.

“I… I…”

“Auntie is back,” Minny said, smiling.

Jessica realised she couldn’t win. This group had already made up their mind.

Knowing this, a smile appeared on her face.

“Thank y-“

Suddenly, Jessica disappeared from the room. She hadn’t finished her sentence, and she was gone, but it wasn’t just her. The guards who were passed out on the floor were disappearing one by one as well.

“It has to be Clicker!” Mitchell said, “He is teleporting them out of here…”

*** *** ***

At that moment, Jessica’s name as the bride to be was announced. Everyone in the hall turned to one end of the aisle and saw her ruined make-up from the crying and her messed up gown covered in blood.

Countless gasps escaped from the crowd for the next few seconds as they wondered what was going on.

To understand the situation better, Clicker, of course, used his powers on the guards and instantly brought them to the hall. But when they appeared, their bodies were seen just lying there on the floor. The guards were unconscious, with many having their bones broken and were heavily injured.

Aj zoomed in on Jessica’s face.

“I knew that she wasn’t happy with this wedding. Did she try to escape? But I was unaware that she had so much power to defeat many of the Chained Guards.”

Realising what had happened to herself and her friends not being around her, she knew she could be in danger. She could see Russ standing there bewildered while staring back at her. It was the first time she had seen such an expression on his, and for some reason, this gave her immense courage.

Grabbing her dress, tilting her head back and taking a deep breath, she readied herself.

“Russ!” Jessica shouted at the top of her lungs. “I refuse to get married to you! I want to live my own life!”

There was pin-drop silence in the hall. From the Chained to the reporters, no one dared to say anything.

“She just refused publicly… What is going on… What’s giving her the courage?” Aj thought. “The state of the Vampire Corps, the Chained… and now the public knows that the bride to be is unwilling. Although I guess many of them knew that this was a political marriage in the first place.”

“Jessica, what has happened? Did someone attack you? Has someone tricked you?” Clicker was the first one to speak. “If you are in trouble or don’t feel safe, you can speak to us. You have always been free to do as you wish.”

Clicker was doing a good job trying to calm down the situation, and with how Jessica was right now, it did seem like something must have happened that they were unaware of.

“This could get a bit messy, but she has no choice. She won’t even be able to get out of here even if she fights back.” Shiro commented.

Some of the other Chained had quietly stepped forward while Jessica, on the hand, gulped. But just as she took a step back, Jessica felt her back hit something solid.

“It’s okay.” A familiar voice entered her ears, “I said I will talk to them.”

Pushing her behind him, Quinn walked forward.

And instantly, everyone’s eyes and the cameras were upon him.

He was now the centre of the world’s attention once again.

But this didn’t phase him any bit. And without hesitation, he said, “I am here to talk with the Chained to call off this wedding.”


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