My Vampire System ​Chapter 1671: I know you

The sound of clapping and cheering reached her room, only making her feel even more nervous. Jessica could hear her pounding heart, which was a very unusual feeling for a vampire.

“What is going on outside for everyone to cheer so much, and how long will I have to just wait here?” She thought as she stared at the guards standing still around her. Especially, at the leader of this group, a female guard named Momo.

“This dress is quite heavy, and it’s uncomfortable around my waist… and time is moving so slowly.”

While waiting in the room, it was then that they suddenly heard an explosion. It didn’t sound too bad from inside the establishment, though, since the spaceship was quite far off. At first, Jessica didn’t think much of it, but a few seconds later, it looked like Momo, and her group had received some order as they looked at each other and nodded.

“Someone came in to try and break me out of this wedding, have they?” Jessica commented sarcastically, knowing no one was coming for her.

“Do you know anything?” Momo asked.

It was clear this was a serious question, and now, Jessica knew something was going on.

“Of course not! Who would even come for me? I mean, you should know I was just a normal member of the Vampire Corps, and my family aren’t even important people.” Jessica said, shaking her hands.

Her plea didn’t do much, though, as Momo ordered one of the others to go and hold her. Immediately, the guard stepped forward and grabbed her two arms from behind.

“Should I fight back? I mean, I should have more natural strength than these guys as a vampire.” Jessica thought, but in the end, she decided to let them do whatever it was they were trying to do. Just then, a short man, wearing a strange set of goggles, walked toward her.

The goggles were extremely thick, making him look like he had a pair of bug eyes… And upon reaching, the man took off his glasses, and that’s when Jessica noticed that his eyes were entirely black, as if all he had was a pupil.

“I heard you vampires use something called an influence skill, but it’s a shame with the increase of use of Qi that you vampires have been able to do next to nothing. We humans have continued to evolve while the vampires have stagnated and haven’t increased their strength since the beginning.”

Jessica wondered what this guy was trying to say and had a real urge to punch the person in front of her in the eyes, but she knew she wouldn’t be able to get out, so she just gritted her teeth.

“Tell me, is there anyone that is coming for you?” The weird eyed man asked.

It was at that moment that Jessica knew what his ability was. It was something that could surpass the protection of Qi, something that was stronger than an influence skill. It was an ability that forced its victim to reveal the truth.

“No… no one’s coming for me” Words came out of her mouth against her will, and tears almost streamed down her face upon realising the truth.

“Are the Vampire Corps planning something?”

“No!” Jessica shouted again. “They abandoned me to you guys! They’re the ones that brought me here!”

“What about the Blade family? Are you working with them!” the man asked again.

“NOOO!” Jessica screamed, and she had enough.

Being forced to answer these questions truthfully had unlocked something inside Jessica. She realised that she had no one, and in the end, why was she then keeping her secret from these people? Why was she trying to do anything for them when no one would come for her?

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Jessica summoned the power from within. Her right eye started to glow yellow, which had somewhat shocked the strange bug man.

She had gathered her Dhampir power as she usually did when she got into challenging situations. Her secret was now revealed to the Chained, and what they would do with this information was up to them. However, that was not important right now.

The inside of her chest started to glow, and it was then, sprouting out from the back of her body, a hard wrapped red string. So hard that it looked like tentacles were wrapping out from her body, and their edges were sharpened with her red aura, turning them into flexible blades.

Immediately, two of the string tentacles stabbed into the arms, holding her and then coiled around the arms, tightening their grip on the attacker’s forearm.

Screaming at the top of her lungs, Jessica used all her strength to lift the man and slammed him right on top of the strange bug-eyed man, causing the two to crash.

“Are you crazy!” Momo shouted. “Do you really think you could take on us, and even if you can defeat us, did you forget where you are?”

Ignoring what the person in front of her was saying, Jessica used the rest of her string as a shield, spun it around her, and ensured no one got close. She was determined to get out of her no matter what.

Like a spinning top, her string blades could spin non-stop, and now all she needed to do was run out of the place, but that was when something strange happened.

Momo began walking towards her, and just when she was just inches away from being attacked by the strings, she disappeared from her spot, and in the next instant, she had already grabbed Jessica and slammed her face onto the ground.

There was intense heat that slightly burned Jessica’s face, coming from the gauntlet that Momo now had in her hands.

“Don’t damage Russ’s wife’s face!” A guard shouted.

Hearing this, Momo quickly let go, and by the time Jessica got up from the ground to attack her again, Momo had returned to her previous spot.

“What was that? How did she manage to get close to me? That makes no sense. Does she have teleportation powers like Clicker? But, the Chained don’t usually share powers like that. It must be something else.”

The number of abilities in the Chained created a significant disadvantage when fighting against them. Still, since the Chained didn’t want to hurt or kill her, she could use that as an advantage.

Using her soul weapon again, she was ready to get out as she wished until one of the men lifted his hands, and something strange happened to her string. She was no longer in control!

Her solid like string tentacles had wrapped around her own body and created even more strong wrapping around her stomach until she was completely tied up.

“Did you really think we are just random guards from the Chained?” Momo stated. “We could have killed you in a few seconds, but we aren’t allowed to, which is why you were even able to put up that little show, but I guess one interesting thing came out of it.”

The group started to laugh as they walked up to Jessica on the ground.

“You are really an idiot, and you aren’t strong enough to do anything.”

Just then, from under the door, a shadow entered the room and went to where Jessica was. It was quick, and the guards didn’t even have a moment to react. Then, rising from it, was a lone figure wearing the sharp silver blue fang set.

[Nitro Accelerate]

The guards only saw the figure for a second, but with a single hit here and there, they were sent flying out of the room, slammed into the ground, and made so they could no longer move. Knowing something was wrong, Momo used her time stop ability to see what was happening.

That’s when she could see there was an intruder. It was less than a second, and he had already taken four of her people out.

“Who is this person… I… I can’t use my power for long. I will have to take him out right now!” Momo was stunned.

Her ability would stop as soon as she made the slightest contact with a person. So, when she attacked him, she thought it was enough, but as soon as time resumed, the intruder lashed her hand away and grabbed her by her throat.

“Although she isn’t strong enough to do anything herself, it’s a good thing she knows someone who is,” Quinn, the intruder, thought.


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