My Vampire System ​Chapter 1667: I'm Ready

The first thing that came to Lucia’s mind was that this had to be a joke. It was so surreal. It wasn’t that she had a close connection to Robin Graylash, she didn’t even know him, but it was something that their family had been wondering about for years.

It was never quite clear how he had managed to die or what had happened to him; they just knew the downfall of the ‘Graylash’ family, her part of the ‘Graylash’ family started then. Since she had heard of this from her family so much, the family’s obsession had somewhat become her obsession.

To finally find out the answer, by some accident, it didn’t feel real, which is why she chose to think of it as a joke, but looking at Quinn’s face, it didn’t seem to be. On top of that, Lucia started to think, when has she ever seen the person in front of her lie.

Apart from the lies that were made to cover up his identity, Quinn just wasn’t that type of person, at least not to lie or joke like this when it was a serious moment.

“What… What do you mean?” Lucia eventually said, taking a step back, thinking that there might have been more to this than she realised. “Are you actually against the ‘Graylash’ faction… or maybe… Robin betrayed the ‘Graylash’ and you had to get rid of him.”

Hearing all these things, Quinn shook his head.

“I will explain myself. Robin was a great man is the first thing I want you to know, and although I was the ne behind his death, I had no choice.” Quinn answered.

“Back then, the Cursed faction that I was in control of, we’re looking for Demon tier weapons that could help us in the war. There was one that was located on a ‘Graylash’ planet and Robin was sent to aid us.

“The demon tier beast we came across was quite a strong one. It had the ability to control and take over Beast’s mind and not only beasts but also humans. The Demon tier beast had taken complete control over Robin at the time and was using him as some type of Vessel.”

“He was so strong, one of the hardest enemies I had faced. The item was retrieved thanks to him and it helped out the Cursed faction and the whole world. I had no choice but to-”

“Enough!” Lucia shouted, interrupting Quinn mid-sentence.

“I understand… you don’t need to tell me anymore. I understand what happened. Thank you, thank you for telling me this.” Lucia said as she walked off and left Quinn to his own in the room.

“Well, looks like you really know how to let upset a girl.” Ray commented.

“Did I do anything wrong? I just told her the truth.” Quinn replied.

“Well, it’s kinda how you delivered it, and you have to think of her feelings as well in all of this. You knew this was her lifelong mission.”

“She probably thought that she had to kill the person or go for vengeance ect… But now she’s found out that there was nothing behind it.”

“Anyway, you just need to be better at talking to girls. Otherwise, you might end up staying a virgin forever.”

Quinn’s face went bright red at that moment.

“What are you on about? You weren’t even with me the whole time. And I have had plenty of chances and how can you know anything about that? You’re a dragon!”

“Please, I know your type, and I did have a family if you remember. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here today, you knumbskull.”

Leaving the conversation where it was and seeing the night sky out, Quinn decided to try and get some sleep for the first time in a while.

After all, there was a chance that tomorrow would be a big day.

*** *** ***

Lucia was in the sleeping quarters on the ship.

Due to its small size, there were just several bunk beds in one room. However, the others didn’t seem to be present, either in the dining room together or somewhere else.

While Quinn was sleeping in the command room, the ship was on autopilot, and Mitchell would just come to check on it once in a while anyway.

“The Great big mystery solved just like that…” Lucia thought to herself, lying down.

“I left this place, feeling that I might discover something for myself. Get stronger and bring back glory to my family name.”

“So when I walked the streets, the ‘Graylash’ members could say I actually deserved my place.”

“I can still do that… right… I can still do that. There Is no shame in how Robin went.”

“To the great hero in the middle of fighting a Demon tier beast. It sounded like a strong one as well.”

It was safe to say that Lucia’s mind was currently everywhere.

She couldn’t decide what to focus on or to do next. She didn’t have any family or kids, and no one expected anything of her.

Right now, she was also travelling with perhaps the most famous person in the world.

“Wait, that’s right… are you going crazy, Lucia. You’re with the hero Quinn, and even now, you’re going to meet the Chained.”

“To save someone who you do know. For now, I’ll just focus on one thing at a time, and that’s saving Jessica.”

Thinking about this, Lucia realised that she needed to get stronger. Grabbing her spear, she started to think of ways to improve herself.

*** *** ***

Quinn’s face turned warm, which made him finally open his eyes.

When he did, he could see that the spaceship was still flying, but at the same time, there was a time till the destination-one hour.

“I really did sleep for a long time, huh? I guess I haven’t slept even a bit since I woke up!” Quinn thought to himself.

“Well, look at you,” Peter said, standing next to him.

“This reminds me of those 1000 years. Where I stood here, and you slept. Since you slept for a 1000 years, I thought you would stay awake for a 1000 years.”

“I don’t think that’s how it works,” Hannah commented, now also in the command room.

“Then how does it work? Why can I just stay awake forever?” Peter replied, which caused people to raise their eyebrows.

Hearing Peter’s comment made Quinn realise why he had been staying awake. It was because he was a little scared. Sacred to the fact that the last time he had slept, so much time had passed, so much had changed, he had to have uncounsilcely been trying to avoid sleep, and with his body being somewhat unique, it didn’t even feel like he needed it.

“Okay, so we are nearly at our destination, and before we arrive, I just wanted to go through some information about The Chained just in case we have to go with… Peter’s plan.” Mitchell reluctantly said.

“There are many powers in the Chained that we don’t know about, but there are those that we do know.”

“I’ve noted the individuals that we need to look out for. Whenever the Chained have a tough job or mission, they send out their elite squad.”

Mitchell then went on to show the recent video of the fighting that had taken place yesterday at the Chained establishment, freezing the screen each time one of them was mentioned.

“The first person is known as Clicker. He has the ability to teleport things, items, people and anything at a great distance with a click of his fingers.”

“Honestly, no one knows the limit of his abilities because we don’t know where these people or things come from or how his ability works. We just know it’s linked to teleportation.”

“Although by himself he doesn’t sound dangerous, the other members can utilise their abilities well, which brings me onto the next person, Lock.”

“Lock has the power to control gravity in an area to some degree and as you can see, it’s not limited to touch.”

The Video continued showing Lock suddenly smashing the two ships down out of the sky. However, it made Quinn think, although these were indeed abilities that he hadn’t faced and weren’t common. There had to be a reason why Hilston Blade hadn’t selected them. It was also why even after watching the video, he couldn’t feel the same fear as he did when watching them.

“There then is Kin.” Mitchell continued.

“His ability is known as Counter. His ability varies because it depends on what is thrown at him in the first place, but essentially whatever is thrown at him, he can throw back at others, including vampire aura and more.”

“On top of that, please remember that all of these guys have high-level equipment, even at the Demon tier level.”

“As for the last three, I left them because it is unknown what exactly their abilities are, but they always still come out as a group. There is Fizzle, the female of the group, who seemingly is always doing something but not what others can see. Her hands are held out each time.

“There then is a man known as Cube, who has yet to act publicly. There are too many rumours to count what his ability is to the point where we can’t even guess.”

“Then there is Russ, the leader of the Chained. Despite how many times his ability has been used on-camera, no one can still figure out what it is.”

The scene of the planes turning and crashing into each other was then shown and it only confirmed to the others that Peter’s plan wasn’t the best plan to go ahead with.

When looking at Peter, he answered.

“I’m ready” as confident as ever.


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