My Vampire System Chapter 1666 – Haunting past

Celestial energy was undoubtedly a powerful tool. At least in a way to power dedicated followers as the energy amplified their strength hugely. However, there were a few differences between when Mitchell transformed and when Peter transformed.For one, the level of strength; even when Quinn gave the same amount of celestial points as he did Peter, Mitchell didn’t have the same strength as Peter.

This was tested later on after Mitchell had some time to rest. The two of them fought, and there was a clear winner. It looked like the base strength of the person still had a significant impact as well. That also brought up another matter.

Mitchell also needed time to recover after transforming, which Peter did not, even if Mitchell wasn’t hurt in battle. Just the change in his body seemed to cause pain all over. It was hard to tell whether this was due to Peter being a Wight or because Peter’s body was able to hold more energy.

The reason for thinking this was because Peter’s body could hold more energy. There was a point when Quinn was giving out celestial energy to the two, and Mitchell claimed it hurt too much, to the point where he could no longer move because he was attempting to hold the celestial energy within.Mitchells seemed to struggle after 6 points of crystal energy, whereas for Peter, at the moment they hadn’t found that limit.

‘I guess this is why celestials can’t just make dedicated followers and give them a load of energy to power them up. Perhaps there is a chance that some people can’t hold it at all and would just die. I have to be careful with this energy when I still don’t know a lot about it.’ Quinn thought.

It looked like the testing had come to an end, but the group still had a little time left before Mitchell had to set off, and in the meantime, he was just resting, recovering from the transformation and fighting.

“Daddy!” Minny suddenly shouted as she jumped off the rock and ran across the floor, kicking up small stones and not caring what sight she left behind. She soon leapt up and jumped into Quinn’s arms as he grabbed her. “Can you give me that strange power as well!”

Minny had been there for everything, the explanation and more, and it seemed like she had caught on that Quinn could give these powers to others as well.”If I get one of those tattoos, it means I will be closer to daddy, and you can give me powers as well, right?” Minny asked.

“Um…I mean, that’s technically correct, but there are a lot of risks as well, Minny.” Quinn tried to explain. “For instance, if I die, then that means everyone with a marking will end up dying as well, and maybe people will hurt you if they recognize the making of the energy inside of you.”

Minny folded her arms and turned her head away from Quinn.

“Why is Daddy so stupid sometimes,” Minny complained. “You said you would protect me, and I always need to travel with you, right? Wouldn’t it make sense to give me the marking to make me stronger? That way, I can protect myself.

“And if anyone can kill you…Then the whole world is doomed anyway. You’re the Hero, who will kill the bad guy, if the Hero dies…then the story ends.”

Quinn wanted to say more, but when he started to think about it, he realized that Minny perhaps had a point. Maybe it did make sense for him to give her some celestial points. She seemed to be a strong vampire for whatever reason.

She didn’t smell like a noble but certainly was as strong as one and as fast. Perhaps even faster. This meant when she did evolve, she had the potential to become incredibly strong, but Quinn never wanted or planned to use her in such a way.

“It’s not fair!” Minny said, this time looking at Quinn with her eyes a little watery, causing them to reflect a little and seem bigger than they were.

“Damn it…how can I ever win to eyes like that,” Quinn said, as he gave in and placed his hand on top of her head. It didn’t take long, and soon, Minnie could feel a burning sensation on the back of her neck as the symbol that Quinn had chosen, with Ray’s help, appeared.

“Huh, why is it on the back of my neck? I can’t see it. I can’t see it!” Minny shouted. “You promise it’s their right…the marking…I really have one.”

In order for Quinn to prove it, he decided to transfer celestial energy over to Minny, but unlike the others where he would test on them, he had just given her a single point of celestial energy.

Feeling the energy inside herself, Minny wanted to test and see what she would transform into, but just then, a beeping noise was heard coming from Mitchell’s watch.

“It’s time, guys, and this is the last stop. So we will be heading straight towards the destination. Withthe expanded routes, we should arrive there midday.” Mitchell explained.

The long flight was due to the course they were taking. Not going directly there while also avoiding all the flight paths of the other places. Which was why it would still take an entire day.

Travelling at a breakneck speed would also just cause the raiders to go off at each of the bases. Seeing how everyone was getting prepared for training, Lucia, who was in the main console alone with Quinn, finally saw that it was her chance to go forward.

She slowly walked forward, and of course, Quinn could hear the sound of the footsteps.

“Quinn,” Lucia called out softly, regretting approaching him midway. “I…I have a question.” Hearing this, Quinn let out a big sigh.

“I’m sorry, Lucia, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but I don’t know what will happen if I do.” Taken aback by Quinn’s response, Linda decided to hear him out.


“I can’t give you some of my powers like I did the others. Now, this is going to sound strange, but it’s not because you are a vampire, but at the same time, it’s also because you’re not a vampire.” Quinn said, placing his finger on his chin, confused by his own words.

“What I mean is, the others, vampires have stronger bodies than humans, and the energy I give them… I’m not sure if it can be contained in a human. On top of that, they have lived really long lives. If I was to give you the marking and I was to go the next day, your life would be over.

“I know you want to help, but I think you can start to live your own life after you find yourself a little,” Quinn said with a smile, a little proud of himself for getting himself out of that situation.

“Erghh, Quinn, although I am a bit interested in your powers. That wasn’t what I was going to ask.” Lucia clarified. ” I wanted to ask you…I knew you were important when we met with Zinon, and when you told me you were an original.

“But I never knew that you would be the great hero Quinn himself. Honestly, I haven’t even had the time to process it all or thank you for everything you have done so that we can live our lives. This is why please forgive me for being selfish, but I wanted to ask you, and I know it’s a long shot…but do you know about my family’s great grandfather. Our pride Robin Graylash?”

Immediately, images of the dojo, where Quinn had seen pictures of the man in Lucia’s house, flashed through his head, and it was too hard for Quinn to hide as his face dropped. It showed that he knew something, and Lucia wasn’t going to like the answer,

“You deserve to know the truth. I know Robin Graylash…and I was the one that killed him.”


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