My Vampire System ​Chapter 1665: Plan C

The group was still currently travelling around Earth, making frequent stops whenever they sensed incoming trouble. It was so they wouldn’t catch the attention of the other cities, Vampire Corp’s bases and the other factions.

It was a good thing Mitchell had come along with them since he could use the information provided by Andy to let them avoid any trouble. Apparently, Andy had left them more than just the directions to where the Chained faction’s base was.

He also informed them of the routes all the Vampire Corps base would have and the patrols they would do. It was something Mitchell understood well and had often performed during his time as a Lieutenant in the Vampire Corps.

Currently, the group had stopped over an inhabited piece of land.

There had to be some nature and greenery for the Earth to remain habitable. So there were just, in general, protected areas where there would be next to no fighting.

The whole group had deboarded and rested in one of these jungle-like areas known as the Amazon Rainforest. They had camped close to a river where they could wash up and go over their following plans.

“We’ll be here for a few hours, so use this time to rest. We still have a day before the wedding, and I doubt anyone would expect us to come.” Mitchell informed the others.

“This place reminds me of where Arthur used to train all the time!” Minny said, sitting on a rock. She reminisced about the beast planet where she was raised and lived with her mother. Tears started to flow down her face, and it looked like there would be an outburst in a few seconds.

“Minny!” Quinn called out with his arms folded. “Tears will do nothing. Remember this: if you don’t want to cry in the future, then there is something you can do… get stronger.”

Although Minny was young, the world around her was full of conflicts and battles, even if it’s been more than a thousand years and even after what Quinn had sacrificed. He never thought she would need to protect herself with him around, but it looked like he was wrong about that.

Also, giving her a goal to focus on would take her mind off of the past and even help her overcome the bad memories. Sure enough, it seemed to work as she wiped her tears off her cheeks and nodded with a look of determination.

Since the group would be there for a couple of hours, Quinn did something that almost surprised everyone when he lifted his hand, and suddenly as if out of the sky, a female dropped down, falling face first on the floor.

“Right.” Quinn looked at his hand as if he had done something wrong because it was the first time taking someone out of the shadow lock one’s body would come out limp like that.

When standing up, Quinn could see that the person’s body was covered in injuries and only now were they starting to heal.

“You… You brought her!” Lucia shouted, not surprised by the wounds but the person who had appeared in front of them.

“I had my reasons.” Quinn replied.

“She helped us out before and she will continue to help us out now We have someone from the ‘Graylash’ family, The Vampire Corps and now the Red Vampires as well. Information is essential and each group has different information that we can use. She promised that she would follow us, and she will prove that by helping us out.”

He did get some intense stares from Lucia and Minny, who no longer liked Hannah, but Quinn was more concerned about the wounds. Then it hit him….

“You didn’t have anything to do with this? Did you, Ray?” Quinn asked.

“I knew what you had planned and I believe she wasn’t up to the task. However, now she will be more willing to complete the task than before.” Ray answered.

Quinn could only imagine what had occurred inside and was hoping his other two prisoners that the others didn’t know about were alright. He had wanted to return the dhampirs but never quite found the right time.

With Hannah now added to the group, they went through what they had planned to do. According to Mitchell, it was impossible to just arrive at the Chained faction without getting detected.

The other party would know that they were coming, so it would be useless even if Quinn was to put them all in his shadow. There were still two options to approach from the front during the ceremony and hope that the Chained would be open to a discussion.

The other method would be to approach Jessica and try to get her out, but with that, they would be the target of the Chained.

“If only we could convince Andy to help us.” Lucia said while smacking her lips.

“Maybe then the Chained would have been open for communication and you could have just revealed who you are to them. But if we were to go now, claiming you were the Hero Quinn, they would never meet with us.”

“Then the second option will be best. The red vampires are already seen as enemies of everyone. So after you take Jessica back, then you can… can… stay with us?” Hannah said, stealing glances at Quinn and every time she would, she would turn her head away.

Looking at her expression, the others noticed a tinge of blush across her cheeks.

“Either way… if the red vampires know who you are, they will all lay their lives for you… Qui…Qui.” She couldn’t even say his name and the word got stuck in her throat every time she tried to pronounce it.

It all felt surreal, but she had plenty of time earlier to get over her initial reaction upon learning whose shadow space she was trapped in.

“Haha, all of you forget that there is a third option,” Peter said with his arms folded.

“We just take Jessica back and just kill anyone who tries to stop us.”

“Killing bad uncle!” Minny shouted.

“Okay, we beat them until they no longer want Jessica.”

Those who knew of the Chained thought it was a crazy idea, including Mitchell, who didn’t hesitate to speak up.

“Look, I do not doubt that Quinn is probably the strongest existence on this planet at this moment,” Mitchell started.

“However, the Chained aren’t just strong because of one person or ability. They are some of the best known for synchronising the use of their abilities and we would be going right into their home.”

“With just us… I don’t think we could forcefully get Jessica.”

The others glanced at Quinn, waiting for his response.

“We have enough power with just us as a group.”

“Honestly, it would have been best to have Logan Green first if possible, but this is a more gone to urgent matter for now.”

“Either way, I have a couple of trump cards up my sleeve and you are one of them.” Quinn pointed towards Mitchell.

At first, Mitchell was surprised by this. Him? A trump card of the legendary Hero Quinn? Sure he was a strong vampire that could perhaps go up against the weakest member of the Chained, but that was it.

“You have my energy inside of you, just like Peter has. You are already stronger than before.” Quinn replied in a matter-of-factly way.

With still some time left, the group decided to use this as an opportunity to assess Mitchell. It was to help him get used to the Celestial energy from within, just like Peter had done.

“When trying to use the energy, Peter said that he had an image in his head and his body transformed to suit that image.”

“If we assume that the same is with you, you should be able to do something as well.” Quinn explained.

They had already tried to differentiate the different energies and it was easy to do with Quinn there. He could suppress the red energy, so Mitchell only felt the Celestial energy. After that, Mitchell just had to find the celestial energy himself, which didn’t take long.

“Well, here it goes” Mitchell said as he started to gather the energy and almost immediately, a red glow began to emit from his body….


The transformation was over and he was lying on the floor on his knees, grabbing his arm. While in front of him, where a green forest was just a second ago, nothing existed as far as eyes to see.

“I’m starting to think that Peter’s plan… might actually work.” Hannah commented, breaking the awkward silence.


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