My Vampire System Chapter 1664: The diffrence in time

Looking outside the ship’s windows, Quinn could tell that the Earth that he once knew looked quite different from before. Back then, few satellites surrounded the Earth. Later, most of them were destroyed by the Dalki in order to sabotage the humans in the war.

This situation forced humans to create and rely on different technologies if another threat like the Dalki might appear. After a thousand years since the Great War, Earth now has many layers of defences. For one, there were fleets of ships that would just encircle the Earth.

The spaceships were in different colours and flew just to specific zones. One such group of spaceships had a green tint on them. They also clearly had several other weapons on board and were equipped with mechs. It didn’t take much to speculate that the Green family owned this fleet.

As for the other ships, the technology didn’t seem too far behind. But the material was a hard blue, almost looking like a flying crystal of some sort. It was a material Quinn couldn’t recognise, nor had he seen before. He couldn’t help but assume that people most likely discovered this material in the vampire or beast planet solar system during his slumber.

Even during his time, it looked like humans were still discovering new things about the beast solar system, and now they had the vampire solar system as well.

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At the same time, there were large round objects that looked a little bit like small planets. However, they were clearly artificial, made of different types of material and more.

“I guess this would have made it difficult for us to approach Earth. There are so many defence forces set up.” Quinn commented.

“Correct,” Lucia answered. “This is why we needed someone in high ranking, like Andy, to take us there. I don’t doubt your strength, but I imagine that space battle is a different story compared to a 1000 years ago. Even though Pure and the Green family don’t see eye to eye, the space division of both groups rarely fights against each other since they are a force set up to protect Earth if an unknown third party ever attacks it.”

“Something else, like what? Aliens?” Peter chuckled.

“Maybe,” Lucia replied back, not finding the former’s words amusing. “You could consider the beasts that we discover on each of these planets as Aliens. New types of beasts and demon tier beasts are discovered all the time…and that’s only from the three solar systems that we know. There could be more out there. Although Pure and Green are fighting for Earth and humanity, the last thing they want is Earth to be destroyed by an outside force.”

The ship headed straight for Earth, and a fleet from the green coloured ships surrounded the ship they were on, but it looked like the defensive spaceships did this to protect Andy from being attacked. And eventually, when their spaceship entered the Earth’s atmosphere, Quinn noticed that a lot of the land had been developed, but not as a living area.

The current Earth was now mostly covered with an endless number of military bases.

‘They say they are fighting for the people…’ Quinn thought to himself, seeing this. ‘Yet, every family that just lived on earth for peace is now living off the planet.’

While thinking about the current state of the world, Quinn’s eyes landed on a city that looked a bit more habitable, but the most eye-catching thing about it was also a spherical bubble enveloping it.

The bubble itself was slightly see-through but would give off a green tint, and it looked like a forcefield of some sort.

The city looked even more impressive because it was ‘constructed above the ocean’. Giant towers were rising out of the water, which then supported enormous platforms, and these platforms were the building blocks of the city.

Then finally, there was the main building, which was taller than the others and was the most eye-catching because it had a giant energy ball constantly sparkling above it. It was like a beacon of light connected to the forcefield around it.

“It’s a pretty eye warming sight. This city is where you have been trying to get to…because this is where Logan Green lives.” Lucia commented. “There are only two places where humans can live on Earth if they aren’t involved in the fighting.

“One of them is the System City, which you’re currently looking at. This city is from the mind of Logan Green. He’s always looking for ways to expand it by researching ways to create an artificial landmass and for humans to live on large water bodies. The other is Pure’s base, which has gone for a similar but unique idea called Moving city. You’ll see why it’s called that if you ever visit it. Since both of their leaders live there, it’s the most protected place on Earth, and that’s why everyone considers it to be the safe haven of this planet.’

“So far, none of these cities have experienced an actual attack. Pure and Green are not enemies. You can consider them as two political groups with extremists on either side. At least that is how it is to the Public. Some believe that once one side gets regional dominance over the other, this balance will instantly fall apart.”


Upon hearing her explanation, Quinn had a better understanding of the current situation, but it still made him wonder. What happened to Leo and Sera, who had sworn to destroy Pure. Something big must have happened in the last millennia for Pure to get such a strong foothold on public opinion.

The ship landed at the main vampire corps base, which looked like the one on Mars, but it was far more extensive in scale. There looked to be around 10,000 or so vampires based here, which was a considerable amount.

Quinn couldn’t help but feel strange upon seeing so many vampires in one place, and the numbers were even more than that of a settlement. This sight confirmed one thing: there didn’t seem to be a population problem for the vampires or humans anymore.

Though, one thing that didn’t change even after a thousand years was the atmosphere around the vampire bases. The bases have always had a dark vibe around them, and even the buildings were painted black, with a faint yellow glow coming from the crystals. Quinn was used to this, and he had no problem seeing everything with his powerful eyesight.

However, instead of a tour or being welcomed, Quinn’s group was almost secretly escorted through the buildings and were not even allowed to interact with any other vampires until they reached an area that seemed like a docking spot for multiple ships.

Looking around, the group noticed Andy had cleared the place off of any staff, and only he was present at the scene. Even the guards who had escorted them had turned around and left.

“This is as far as I can take you,” Andy said without any delay, “The ships here are currently recognised as one of our own. You can leave the base using any ship you wish, but I will report the ship as stolen after that. This way, anything you do once you have left won’t be linked to us.”

Quinn nodded at Andy, who looked worried while handing over a key fob that the group would use to access the ship.

“Quinn… I’m sorry I couldn’t help more.” Andy said. “But I hope you really do try to talk to them instead of fighting against them. Or maybe, just kidnap Jessica?

You should know about the Blade family, and I am sure you’re also aware of their real strength. The Blade family is strong, and not even they were able to get rid of the Chained. The former even attempted to exterminate the Chained but failed, and in the end, they had no other choice but to let the latter settle down.”

Hearting this did make Quinn wonder a little bit. The Chained was a group that was once captured by Hilston. And Sil, whom Quinn knew beforehand, if he’s still alive today, should have been as strong as Hilston, if not stronger. Either something had happened to Sil, or Hilston was somehow able to capture people even stronger than he was. The situation was peculiar, to say the least.”

Also, from what Quinn had noticed of Jake Green and Vicky, he knew that the Chained would be strong.

“What about you?” Quinn asked. “Will you be okay?”

Although Andy wasn’t helping him much, the man in front of him was still one of his closest friend’s son. Thus, Quinn felt inclined to ask.

“I am quite stronger, stronger than you know, and I am confident that I could even give you a run.” Andy replied with a smile, “Although I lost that wrestling match, I haven’t revealed all my cards. There is a reason why the Chained won’t touch me…so don’t worry about me. But take note of another thing: many groups respect the Chained faction’s power, and they might even do anything to stop you from succeeding.

“So it won’t just be the Chained you are up against, and remember it’s been a thousand years since you went into slumber. Everyone had a thousand years to get stronger while you were sleeping.”

The two shook hands before they left and mutually decided to wash off any bad blood they had behind them. Their paths will now take them in different directions.

Boarding the ship, Mitchell was given the coordinates of their next destination. They would have to fly steadily and stealthily, maybe even stop multiple times so as not to make anyone suspicious of them. Either way, they would eventually get there.

Onboard the ship, while trying to kill their time, they stumbled across the live streams taking place and following Aj’s broadcast, they witnessed quite a few surprising sights. For one, Quinn had no idea that they had already captured Jessica.

Still, it didn’t change the fact that he was going there to talk to the Chained. And now, it just meant they needed to get there quicker. And while on the way, they witnessed the rest of the happenings at the resort.

‘That…Agent 1…it’s Chris from Pure… he’s still alive?’ Quinn frowned. ‘A thousand years to get stronger…I wonder how strong you have become?… And they even mentioned there’s someone from the Blade family coming as well. It looks like I might see a familiar face after all.’


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