My Vampire System Chapter 1663: Hiding powers

In the past, the Originals were a world-renowned group. There were two meanings to this word—they were the ones who originally had the power, and later on, they taught their abilities to the whole world. The second were the ones who, during the Dalki war, decided to keep their powers to themselves and did not share them with the public.

The second definition of originals became more apparent later on as they grew with power. These secretive groups would become some of the strongest factions, families and travellers. And with how much time has passed, the world now thought they had access to every ability so far.

Even from the other Originals who had tried to keep their abilities secret. Perhaps the former didn’t know how to teach or use the ability of the other Originals, but they knew of them. However, this all changed when the world came to know of the existence of the Chained.

Although their abilities perhaps wouldn’t be classified as the strongest, they certainly had original and interesting abilities that the world had yet to see. At the same time, some were strong, incredibly strong, and they were the reason behind the rise of the Chained in terms of power and prestige.

”There are still many powers within the Chained that we don’t know about. Today will be an exciting day indeed.” Aj thought. Although he wasn’t the only reporter filming the scene, he was the only one who had risked his life and had left the establishment to take a close-up footage of the incoming battle.

Almost everyone invited to the resort was now witnessing what was about to occur. All of them were standing at the edge of the large windows to see everything clearly.

Because the Chained were not the aggressors in this situation, and with the people and the reporters present at the scene, they had the right to defend themselves from this attack, which was why no one was going to interfere in the ensuing fight.

The audience could see Clicker stepping up. He snapped his fingers a few times, and each time he would, someone would teleport beside him. These new arrivals were four men and one female, clad in beast armours, they all had a distinctive look.

Each of them had a smile plastered over their face as if they were excited to face the enemy. What was surprising about the whole thing though, was that Russ, the leader of the Chained, was also out on the field.

The area was surrounded by mostly forested land. And after a few moments, Clicker snapped his finger for one last time and brought over another person on top of the other five. This person immediately put his hands on the ground, and it suddenly began to shake.

The whole forest, from trees to pebbles, everything bega to move to the side. Everyone knew this was the Earth ability, but the scene itself was amazing. Giant landmasses, even bigger than the whole resort, were being displaced by one person.

The forest parted as the ability pushed the trees to the side, revealing dark soil underneath.

“It seems like the Chained also has normal ability users,” Aj commented. “And they can’t be weak if they can move that large amount of earth…but there’s something strange about this…why is it so slow?”

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Although the landmass was moving, it was moving at a slow speed. It was as if a low Earth ability user was making a move but had a high amount of MC cells, and this didn’t make sense based on all their knowledge so far.

Or perhaps it was just a talented person with a high amount of MC cells who didn’t quite know how to use the ability yet. Either way, it wasn’t important, and it seemed even more so since Clicker clicked his fingers to make the man disappear.

“The Hunters are here today to get the large bounty on your head!” A loud voice boomed from the ship leading the enemies. It looked most impressive and was clearly the most powerful amongst them. “We’ve been planning this for a long time, and what better time and day to do it than today! The whole world will be our witness!”

“The Hunters are a strong faction that rather than prioritising hunting beasts, go for bounties instead. They go primarily for bounties on criminals and the like.” Aj reported to his viewers. Due to him being directly on the field and recording a closer view of the action, most viewers had switched to his reporting channel.

“Although there is no public bounty out there on the Chained heads or the Chained leader as they are an officially recognized group, the Chained are infamous for their past actions and covering up a lot of their wrongdoings. This has caused many Underground and private groups to put Bounties on the individual members of the group. And those bounties are most likely these Hunters’ goals!”


Amongst the people whom Clicker had brought out on the field, was a young woman with a dark skin tone and large frizzled hairstyle. However, what seemed most striking from her appearance were her pupils: they were white, as if she was straight out of a horror movie.

Her name was Fizzle, and she also had the least amount of armour on her. In fact, it looked like she was wearing nothing at all apart from what was on her legs. The beast armour made her legs appear twice the size and was glowing with a strange blue energy.

It was a demon tier piece of equipment, which the others in the group also possessed. During the first Dalki war, the discovery of beasts was short-lived, and it was the same as demon tier beasts. As time went on, people discovered and passed down demon tier beasts, armours and other legendary tier items such as this.

Rather than using her legs like many expected, Fizzle just placed her hands out to the side. Many expected something spectacular to happen, like the ships suddenly falling out of the sky, but no such thing ensued.

In the end, as usual, it was Clicker who had acted. He snapped his fingers, though it wasn’t to teleport the ship but to teleport someone from the group. And in the next moment, a man, garbed in gladiator-like armour with a red-feather helmet on his head, appeared right below the incoming ships.

He then raised both of his hands, and immediately, two of the ships lost control and crashed to the ground as if an invisible force had hit them. It was a heavy explosion as the ships slammed into the ground and turned into hundreds of metal pieces, creating craters on the surface. All this happened so swiftly that those two ships didn’t even get to use their thrusters to escape.

Shocked by this, the other ships moved and instantly began to descend. This was the only viable option because the man in front of them could simply swat them into the ground as if they were flies.

On the other side, Clicker was getting ready to move him into position but decided not to snap his fingers. When the ship landed, masses of people began to step out and were prepared to fight, although they had already lost plenty of their morale after witnessing the strength of the man.

Still, the hunters’ leader, who was at the very front, spread out his hand, and with it, a solid form of blue lighting went out directly toward the lone man who had destroyed the two ships.

The man who stood out on his own and was part of the Chained went by the name of Lock. Upon seeing the incoming attack, he simply folded his arms.

“The Hunters faction leader was originally a strong lightning user from the Graylash family. Before I say anything else, I want to remind you that not all lightning users are part of the Graylash family, and some have even defected from that group, just like this person.” Aj commented.

It was clear to see how and why, with such a strong ability and being able to use it efficiently, this person had become the leader of a strong bounty hunting faction and where they had gotten their confidence from.

Still, Lock wasn’t scared, and just then, another man appeared beside him. He had a square face and went by the name, Cube. At the perfect moment, just as the lightning was about to hit, Cube swung his arm, and the lighting suddenly got reflected and turned towards the hunters.

In doing so, the lighting strike went directly to the large group of people and pierced a member of the Hunters. And because of its intensity, the lightning bolt struck five others next to him, hurting and injuring them on the spot.

“Return now,” Russ said, walking over with the others following him. “Today is meant to be a joyous day, and I do not wish to get my hands bloody.”

The Hunters’ leader looked nervous, but he knew he had the advantage in numbers, even with two of his ships being destroyed. But there was one thing making him hesitate, and it was the fact that the leader of the Chained had yet to act.

‘I never thought we could beat the Chained, but I at least thought we could have put up a good fight. Show how strong we were and get some recognition and extra gold, but…we have already lost a lot of people.’

Seeing his men physically in pain next to him and by his own lightning bolt no less made it, so he had to decide.

“We will retreat!” He hollered. Not knowing all abilities of the Chained was a significant disadvantage to them. He had initially thought that his lightning powers would have given him the upper hand, but it was now useless because the enemy could simply reflect the lightning strike towards his people.

As the hunters retreated, it looked like Russ was keeping his word, as he did nothing but watch the aggressors leave and enter their ships. They then flew up, and it looked like they were ready to run from the Chained faction gladly.

The reporters were a little disappointed that they didn’t get to see more fighting but were still a bit satisfied that they could film something interesting. The ships hovered for a bit as they were ready to power through to head back to where they went until both of the ships turned towards the main ship.

There was a sudden silence on the field, and as everyone held their breaths, the ships suddenly zoomed right into each other and caused a giant explosion in the sky.

This scene left everyone witnessing the incident wondering what had happened and just what other powers were the Chained hiding.


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