My Vampire System Chapter 1662: The power

It wasn’t common to see these figures all in one place. For starters, the Dhampirs weren’t even an officially recognised group, unlike the Red Vampires. To the humans and the other groups, both of these factions were seen as a nuisance to their goal. In the end, the other factions were, in some way, just looking out for the humans.

Whereas these two groups had their own agenda and cared more about that than what the general populace wanted, which was why all of the reporters and news channels were going crazy. The event was trending on online platforms more than it had ever been.

The Chained were a hot topic, but just a wedding like this wouldn’t be so big if it weren’t for the people who were arriving as guests.

‘And now we know that another Blade will be coming. I wonder who it will be.’ Aj thought.

Clicker had directed the other guests to their respective lodgings. The staff then informed them about what they could do in the room and where they could go. Of course, the Chained were treating them like guests and wanted them to enjoy their time here, so there weren’t many restrictions on their end.

However, the reporters were still outside. They, too, would be given a place to stay, but they were a second priority to the Chained, and they continued to point their cameras and drones towards the sky, waiting for a ship to approach, but none had arrived.

Clicker clicked his fingers, planning to send both Vicky and Jake away. They were the last of the guests that had arrived so far, but nothing occurred when he clicked his fingers. The two were still standing there in front of him, and Jake just had a large smile on his face.

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“The Green family has been cooperating with the Chained for now,” Jake said. “And although I trust you guys to do nothing to me, I can’t say the same for my mother. Did you think we wouldn’t have some countermeasures against your ability and would let you just teleport us away?”

It was unexpected, and Clicker didn’t know what to do as he looked at Russ for an answer. Of course, this little problem had caused the reporters to move their cameras back towards Jake.

‘What Jake is saying makes a lot of sense. Clicker could have always teleported the two to separate areas. Then, with the rest of the Chained, he could attack Vikky Blade…but the Chained would never do that. Their leader just said, on the way, he recognised Vicky Blade more as a Green than as a Blade. And he knows better not to harm Logan Green’s wife.’ Aj thought, which was why he was interested.

Jake should know all of this, so perhaps he was antagonising them for a different reason, that or he was just close to the Blade family as well, being a son from the two families.

“It is fine. It looks like the last guest might arrive at another time, and I will come here and welcome him personally when he arrives. In the meantime, I can take you to your room personally and give you a tour.” Russ explained.

To this, Jake smiled, and Clicker did his job of getting rid of the rest.

Russ was doing as said, giving both Jake and Vicky an almost personal tour of the whole area. There certainly was a beautiful theme throughout the place because of the wedding day. In particular, Jake noticed the use of red roses.

They looked beautiful, but the vast amount of red roses was drastic, to say the least. They spiralled up pillars along with the floors and were nearly in front of every venue.

“You must have every red rose on earth here!” Jake shouted in surprise.

“It looks beautiful.” Vicky couldn’t help but tell the truth. “It seems you must really care for your wife.”

“Of course,” Russ answered immediately. “Only the best for my future bride to be, and I chose what I thought suited her the most. Don’t you think these red roses have formed a sea of blood?”

The two of them looked at Jessica for answers, and she didn’t know what to say. She had never seen someone go through so much effort for her.

‘But…I know…he doesn’t really like me.. I can tell…this is all appearance for the others and the TV.’

“It really is beautiful, thank you, Russ,” Jessica replied with a smile.

She thought about what the mysterious stranger had said to her early and about seeing everyone today. It made it clear to her just how important her role was.


The guests enjoyed the resort as if it was a five-star hotel, and the Chained catered to their every need. The reporters, during this time, were also able to enjoy the facilities, and each person was able to film who they wished, apart from Russ.

So instead, they were trying to get answers from the likes of the Vampire Corps, Pure and the other groups. However, for Aj, none of this was good enough. He didn’t want to get what anyone else could get. His stream had to be special.

‘That Blade…it would be good to look at who will arrive. Maybe I should try to get out of the resort and go back to the landing dock to see them first. I would have to sneak or run past the Chained. Even if I’m caught, I doubt they would hurt me.’ He thought while standing by an open window and staring at the bright sky.

But just then, he suddenly frowned. He had heard a noise. To be more specific, it was of someone crying. After a moment of consideration, he swiftly ran without using the drones, not to make it obvious. And then, as he came closer to the sobbing noise in one of the large hallways, he came to a halt and peeked around a corner.

Here he saw the sunlight shining down upon a certain individual wearing a red dress, and it didn’t take him long to recognise who this person was. If this person were in a crowd, she would be the first to get noticed, but right now, she was on her own, and from her state, it was clear that she had been crying for some time now.

“What are you doing, Jessica? Get it together…you have to marry this person.” The person said to herself, and she was indeed Jessica. “You have to…you have to not care about your own feelings…and forget about them.”

Seeing this sight, Aj didn’t know what to think, but he clearly understood that…this girl clearly wasn’t happy. His habit, in the end, got the better of him as he decided to film this scene. He zoomed in, capturing her teary face.

But it had just been a few seconds when he began to film when he heard a loud bang out of nowhere.

‘What was that?’ Aj thought, instinctively lowering his head and going fully on alert. On the other hand, Jessica had a similar reaction as panic spread across her face.

Quickly, Aj peeked out of a nearby window and saw multiple ships approaching the area.

Before he could react, an announcement rang throughout the resort,

“Please do not be alarmed. Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed and chose to attack us. But please don’t worry. The Chained will handle it without any hassle.”

He noticed about five medium-sized vessels when looking out the window, which meant the enemies numbered around 200. It wasn’t a small attack force, and it was indeed a surprise.

But with the people here, Aj wondered who was brave enough to initiate an attack. Running through the resort, Aj wanted to get in the best position to film, but he noticed many in the resort, including the servants, weren’t even phased by the sudden arrival of unknown enemies.

While taking a moment to catch his breath, Aj stopped to ask one of the nearby servants why they weren’t scared or worried?

“Why would we need to be? The Chained are strong, and you know that. They have many enemies throughout the world, and they get attacked multiple times by different factions. Also, this time, I feel we might even get to see our Leader fight.”

Hearing this, Aj rushed outside and saw that Clicker and four other members of the Chained were indeed already out. And in front of them was the leader, Russ, himself.

“Well, well, well,” Jake commented from his room’s window. “Will you look at that? It seems that the Chained will put on a little show for us, and I think we will see how much of a help they can be to us.”


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