My Vampire System Chapter 1661

​: VIP Guests.

There was visible concern on Jessica’s face. For one this was something that she wasn’t a willing participant for. She didn’t like the fact that she had to do this, and now she would need to put on a fake smile for the whole world to see.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it! This thing just can’t get any worse.”

As she said those words, not too far behind the countless numbers of drones. She could see groups of reporters running behind. There wasn’t just one team, but it looked like streamers, as well as those from other solar systems who must have arrived just for this event.

“What do I do?” Jessica thought as she was trying to compose herself. None of the preparations she went through yesterday had gotten her ready for this.

“Don’t worry, he doesn’t expect you to entertain them all on your own.” Clicker, as Jessica liked to refer to him, clicked his fingers again, and suddenly her soon to be husband, who she hadn’t seen once since arriving, was suddenly in front of her.

“R-r-russ!” Jessica stammered, as she bowed down, holding her dress. Although she disliked this person for forcing her to play along in his farce, the vampire knew that as the leader of the Chained, Russ had to be shown a certain amount of respect.

When Jessica lifted her head, she watched his arm stretch out in her direction, a cold chill went through her body as it reminded her of the first time the two had met. However, he merely placed his hand around her shoulder and brought her in close.

“Today you look extra gorgeous. I hope you can share your smile with the world on such a beautiful day like this one.” The leader of the Chained stated. It was true that the day certainly was a good one. There were fluffy white clouds showing the clear blue sky.

Of course, this was just using human standards, for vampires this was a nightmare, but of course she wouldn’t correct Russ about that. The one thing she did want to speak about, was the fact that Russ own expression hadn’t changed. It looked like he was trying to smile but his eyes were still showing no emotion in them.

“Thank you so much for inviting the BandV station to one of the biggest events in the world.”

“The whole world is excited to find out just who has managed to capture the heart of the Chained leader, the famous man voted to be the most cold-hearted bachelor for ten years in a row!”

The reporter closest to them claimed.

He was a young man in his twenties with light blue hair. The reason he was the first one on the scene was all due to his ability which was speed. Each reporter had wanted to be the first to ask a question to the couple. They all took a step back after hearing the question that the first reporter asked.

“Damn it, they invited BandV studio here!” Another reporter thought. “Argh, they do rack up the most views so it makes sense but I swear that Aj is just asking to die young.”

The other reporters had all been briefed beforehand about what questions they were to ask. More so, they were warned that if they tried to push the boundaries with the questions they asked, or in some way insinuate or insult the Chained, they shouldn’t expect to come back.

For AJ though, that threat didn’t matter, because he was the majority shareholder of BandV, so he could do as he wished. It was unusual for someone who was successful, had large funds to want to enter the field themselves, but it was all due to the legacy of his family.

Generations ago, his great great…great grandparents had been the ones who had filmed many great battles, but the most famous one was undoubtedly the battle between the Hero Quinn Talen against the Dalki leader Graham. A video that everyone in all solar systems would see at one point in their life.

“Step back!” Clicker shouted, and when clicking his fingers, not just the reporters but all of the cameras moved back to the landing dock once again.

“All of you should have been told the ground rules for this event, as well as the time table. Right now, Russ and Jessica are here to greet the VIP guests that will arrive at any second.”

“You’re more than welcome to film that and feel free to report on all details of the event regardless of what will happen.”

“As for questions, they will only be allowed after the wedding has concluded. There will be a day after for a Q&A section.”

“As long as you listen to what we say, we promise you will enjoy and have perhaps the best time of your life here, while also filming a piece of history.”

The reporters looked a little sulky at this, but they had to try to get past that, as it really was a once in a lifetime opportunity. Soon though, the reporter’s mood was looking up as they could see not just one ship, but a few ships approaching.

“It looks like his VIP guests have arrived.” AJ thought. “I wonder who was invited, and who is also willing to attend.”

Leading with his hand, Russ walked down the large red carpet that had been prepared while pulling Jessica along. At the same time, at either side of the red carpet, Clicker was clicking his fingers, making the other members of the Chained appear one by one.

This time, all of them were wearing high level beast gear. None of them stepped on the red carpet and didn’t go past or ahead of where Russ would walk.

“Look at that.” AJ reported, as he controlled the drones with his fingertips to get into view.

“Unlike other groups, each individual member of the Chained looks completely unique. It is said that there is no ranking between members which is why there are so few of them.”

“The only thing we know for sure that the strongest among them is their leader, who will be getting married in a couple of days…”

Russ and Jessica just stood by and patiently waited for the ships to dock. They landed one by one, and the members inside could be seen coming out, walking towards the future groom and bride.

The first to exit from the vessel and enter the docking area, was one of the Generals for the Vampire Corps group. Most expected them to send over a small delegation, seeing as the bride was one of them, however, as it turned out, there was only a single person who had come, General Fizzwell.

As soon as he saw the cameras, immediately he started to pose straight away, getting into different positions for different shots. Fizzwell didn’t look like your typical Vampire Corps General. He had short spiky hair and always seemed to wear a pair of sunglasses as well. Still, no one doubted his ability as one of the Generals leading Earth’s Vampire Corps unit.

Next, coming off one of the other ships, was a young short female, with rough looking hair. The strangest thing was the actual mount that she was on, resembling a large lion, whose mane was constantly on fire. Even stranger, the little girl, or more accurately, the short woman named Pinky Bree, was seemingly completely unbothered by the fire.

After the cameras filmed the individuals, Russ and Jessica went ahead to greet their newcomers with the man doing all the speaking. He told them to follow Clicker’s arrangement who would place them in their room and update them on the schedule for two to three days.

Then, there was the Green family, head of the main military.

“Now this is a surprise!” AJ Commented.

“Do they see the Chained as this much of an important ally?”

The reason for his comment was because everyone who wasn’t living under a rock would recognise the representatives. Jake Green, humanity’s strongest fighter, could be seen coming forward waving towards the camera and behind him was Vicky Blade. Immediately, several of the drones blocked their path as they wanted to film everything.

That was when two others descended from another spacecraft and together.

“So they really came, huh.” Jake said to his mother, staring in the direction of the other pair. As soon as he had seen the ship, he had known that it was from Pure, but that wasn’t the surprising thing. No, he had expected the high ranking agent from Pure, unlike the young blonde female Dhampir who had been at the meeting.

The cameras moved from Jake Green and immediately went to the others, which Jake was a little upset about, but just clicked his tongue.

“Please, you guys go first, I wouldn’t want to be stabbed from behind.” Jake commented loudly to the two.

Walking ahead, they seemed unbothered by his snide remark, and when meeting with Russ and Jessica both were respectful to the Chained leader.

“Thank you so much for inviting us and allowing me to bring a guest.” The large red headed Pure agent stated, a large number one had been stitched on the back of his jacket.

When Jake and Vicky walked ahead, everyone knew that this was a tense moment for the world. The disliking was public knowledge.

“It’s great to see that the Green family has taken this seriously, although frankly, I was hoping to see Logan himself.” Russ looked at Vicky, mostly ignoring Jake.

“Am I not good enough?” Jake replied, and was doing his best to keep his anger in.

“I didn’t say that, both of you are certainly good enough… for the Green family. However, I believe I also invited the Blade family to this event as well. You know, I don’t regard you as part of the Blade family.” Russ was clearly addressing Vicky. “I hope a true Blade will also attend.”

“I must have missed the meeting which gave you any say who was or wasn’t a Blade” Vicky replied sharply. “But don’t worry, one of them should also come.”

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