My Vampire System Chapter 1660

​: The one who knows all.

The night sky was out and Jessica was lying all alone on the giant bed inside her room. Now that they were gone, she actually somewhat missed the company of those maids, even if they had pestered her for the better half of the day, by making her dress for what would be the worst day of her life. It was a long day going through the rehearsal and what was worse, was the fact that her future husband wasn’t even there to go through it with her.

“I’m okay with this… No, I HAVE to be okay with this… you don’t want to be the cause of a whole war Jessica.” She thought to herself, trying to keep calm now that her mind was allowed to roam free. She knew that her privacy was just a farce. There was bound to be at least one camera in the room, from which someone should be watching her twenty four hours a day. Worse yet, people outside of the door and outside of the windows.

Grabbing one of the oversized pillows, she shoved it into her face, and proceeded to scream into it, resulting in a muffled scream. Unfortunately, it was a short lived escape, a few seconds after she was done her mind wandered yet again.

“I wonder how Lucia and the others are doing… Given how crazy things were, me disappearing should be relatively tame, right?”

“What am I thinking, of course it is the two of them even had the largest bounties in existence placed on their heads…”

“I initially thought it was because of me, but now I’m not so sure, never even found out why that happened… and I miss Minnie… She was like the small sister I never had… I hope she doesn’t hate me for not saying goodbye… are they missing me as much as I?”

Jessica had only known them for a few days. With how much had happened in that relatively short time frame, it had felt like it had been far longer, though. As she thought back about how confidently she had acted towards them, believing to be an asset, rather than the onlooker she had turned out to be, a shade of red came over her and in order to cover up that embarrassment she grabbed the pillow and screamed into it once again.

“You have my condolences, Jessica, I’m sure this isn’t how you wanted your life to turn out.”

When taking the pillow off her head, the vampire expected to see no one. Honestly, she thought that she was just going crazy, starting to hear voices in her head, but as it turned out there actually was a hooded person standing in the centre of the room. Although Jessica had no problem in the dark, the face of the person was hidden behind the hood, yet the large staff in her hand was all the information one needed to recognise the woman.

“You… YOU!!! I did everything you told me to, and look where that got me!” Jessica shouted as she got up from the bed storming towards the woman. “How did I you even get in here? If the Chained find out, not only will you be in trouble but so will I!”

Processing the words she had just let out, Jessica decided to quiet her voice down. However, the unknown woman seemed unbothered by that prospect… that was because she had already made preparations beforehand, expecting this type of reaction.

“Even though you are in a tough situation, you have done as I asked. For all this time you’ve managed to keep your secret.” The woman spoke.

Hearing this, Jessica paused before reaching her. She thought back to the last time the two met. It was soon after her father perished away. She had been young with no clue what to do next and in the end the one who had guided her was this woman, advising her to join the Vampire Corps.

Somehow, this woman had known that Jessica had been the child of a vampire mother and a human father, something that had been considered impossible. As such her birth had been quite the big deal, even before she had started manifesting traits of a Dhampir.

As time went on, those powers had strengthened, not to the point where she had felt an urge to fight her fellow vampires nor kill them. However, the fear that it might appear one day had consumed her on a daily basis… and then all of this mess with the Chained had started.

Seeing the person who had recommended her to go to the Vampire Corps in the first place, Jesssica wanted to somewhat blame her, yet before she said a word she realised that it wouldn’t change anything at this moment.

“I may have kept the secret you told me to, but there were those who saw me.” Jessica lamented.

The woman raised an eyebrow as if she was intrigued by this. “And how did they act?”

“They…didn’t act at all. Actually, I’m not quite sure, some people tried to kill me like you said they would, as for the ones that were protecting me… Arghh what does this even matter in the first place? You have yet to tell me why you’ve come here? I haven’t seen you even once in all those years, so why now? Have you come to tell me what to do next, to get me out? Or is the future you foresaw one where I marry this guy and live the rest of my life in shame?!”

There was a pause as if the woman was thinking about what to say.

“I’m sorry, but in all the futures I saw you ended up here. I advised you to enter the Vampire Corps because that should have allowed you the happiest life until now. As for what happens next, that is up to you, but you should know the consequences of that best.”

“The fact is, that if you don’t go through with this, there will be conflict. Honestly, my advice would be to try and get as close to the Chained as possible.”

“Then when your secret is out, at least you will have a strong set of people to protect you.”

“Given what you are the Vampire Corps can’t protect you, you will now have to rely on others.”

Hearing this, Jessica’s hands were shaking.

“That’s… that’s your answer?!” She ran forward as fast as she could at the figure. Making sure not to use her vampire aura to attack, just in case it would alert the others. The woman in front seemed calm, not taking a step, when the fist landed upon the woman’s body her figure just lit up in a golden light.

Jessica felt her hand go right through the body, and she almost tumbled to the floor herself. Looking back, the figure was no longer there. In a way, this person had been her last hope to get out of this situation and now she had been told to try to get close to the one’s she disliked. Covering her face with both her hands, she was fighting back the tears.-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

The next day the sun rose, and the events that happened yesterday felt like a dream to Jessica for a moment. Still, part of her knew that the woman had been here, but that didn’t matter. Looking outside, she knew it was one day closer until the day of her wedding. She had already been informed that it would begin tomorrow.

“Miss Jessica!” A female voice called out and the next second the doors were swung wide open. Storming inside as if they were ready for war were yesterday’s maids. The one at the front was holding up a scarlet red dress.

“Miss Jessica, you are to get changed into this as soon as possible, so that we can escort you to the outside grounds.” The head maid explained.

Jessica was confused, for one it wasn’t a white dress, and the second reason was the fact that the wedding was to take place tomorrow not today. Nevertheless, she knew that she had no real choice, so she followed the instruction.

Once getting changed, they headed out to the outside field, which was large and filled with more people than Jessica had ever seen around the Chained area. There were many unknown faces among them, though some she could recognise as public figures. Then, she also noticed that there was a large red runway carpet, leading from where the spaceships would dock to the main building.

Just up ahead, she could see several drones that were being used as cameras and immediately they went flying towards Jessica. A little flustered and embarrassed as her dress showed quite a bit of her skin, she wanted to attack the cameras but before she could a man suddenly appeared in front of her.

“This annoying clicky finger man.” Jesscia thought, having seen him before she had been taken away.

“Apologies, Miss Jessica, the reporters have arrived earlier than anticipated. The leader wishes for you to do an interview with them, and also, to greet all the guests that will be arriving a day early before the wedding.” The man instructed.

It made it clear to Jessica that this really was going to be a world broadcasted event.

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