My Vampire System Chapter 1659

​: Is it a good day?

After the first Dalki war, Earth didn’t have as much land mass as it did in the past. This led to gigantic highrise buildings surrounded by walls. Since the war was going on at the time, it also allowed protection in case of an attack.

Due to the low population of the human race, the little landmass worked out better for them. However, the current time was not like that of the past. In the past, only the wealthiest people could live on earth, while others would have no choice but to live on the beast planet’s solar system.

Now though, Earth had once again become a type of battleground. More so in a political sense, but extremists in each group would constantly fight against each other, leaving those on earth as some of the strongest in the solar system.

The top members of all groups lived there; one had to be strong and brave enough to, so they respected those who did. Logan Green, Andy and even the group Pure, who mostly were on Earth, whose support was growing by the day, not just within the current solar system but outside it as well.

On earth, there was one piece of vast land that had been transformed. This piece of land had a single building built on it, or more correctly, a luxury resort in a sense that had everything-an entertainment area for games, several swimming pools, workout areas, large gyms and more.

It was similar to a giant luxury shopping mall or a state of the art airport. However, it wasn’t either of those things. This was a home, a building that was owned by the Chained.

All members of the Chained lived there, and there were a hundred rooms. There weren’t many members of the Chained. They numbered fifty in total, and the others that lived in the building were servants, workers or guests.

When an official member would perish, they would replace that member.

As for families, the members of the Chained didn’t really have a family. It was a weakness to them, and they weren’t the type to settle down. Once in a while, perhaps a member would pass on their knowledge of their ability to a person, then when they perished. That student could attempt to join the chain, but there was no guarantee.

If they chose not to do this, each Chained member was to write details of how their ability worked and put it into an Ability book that would be stored in a particular place.

However, they didn’t operate like Pure despite having some similarities in their system. There was no internal ranking of who was strongest. Everyone knew they were strong ability users and a lot of them had the same history and past. The Chained, the original and core members all had the same goal they were working towards.

The leader made sure of that because it was a prerequisite to joining the Chained in the first place. He made sure that all members followed this rule, or there would be an unavoidable punishment.-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

Inside the large establishment, looking at herself in the mirror, sitting up straight, Jessica couldn’t help but let out a big puff of air.

“Dear, please, could you not move so much while doing this? We promise it won’t take so long.” A woman said, who was busy applying makeup onto Jessica’s cheeks.

Jessica was in a room that would be fit for a princess. It was large, glamorous and had all the luxuries one could want. Even staring out the balcony overlooking the swimming pools, where she could see some of the other members having fun and a laugh.

She was in a tight-fitting white dress, a wedding dress. At the moment they were going through a trial run of the wedding. It wasn’t the actual day, but they were picking the hairstyle and the dress and other things.

“Hey, if I tried to escape, would you try and stop me?” Jessica asked.

Other than the four maids attending her, there didn’t seem to be anyone else in the room. No members of the Chained anyway. There were worried looks on the maids faces when asked this question.

“Please don’t try that, miss Jessica. Otherwise, we all would be in great trouble.” The maid said.

“I know… I know.” Jessica sighed again. “It would be selfish of me and besides, now that I’m in this place. I could never escape it. Maybe when there were only a few Chained here and there, but all fifty of them.”

“This has to be one of the most secure prisons in the world.”-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

In another part of the connected building, there were quite a few members in a dark bar. It was lit up with different Neon lights, music blaring out loudly. Some female dancers were wearing skimpy clothing that were from the outside, not part of the Chained group.

They had been brought in for a particularly high paying job and would be sent home when told to. Sitting in the most oversized chair, there was a medium-framed man in the room. His hair was long, blonde, curly and the strangest thing was that he was the only one wearing his beast gear, unlike all the others in the bar.

On both of the man’s hands, two blades were tattooed onto them. He was the only Chained with two Blade tattoos on him, which signified that he was the leader who had built up this place and had gathered the Chained in the first place.

Sitting in his chair, he continued to watch the girls dance. Suddenly out from his side, a man looked to have appeared out of nowhere, as if he was teleported into the place.

“A report.” The man said. “We have asked all the news channels to be ready for your big day, sir. At the same time, invitations are ready to be handed out to all of the groups. The Vampire corps, the Green family, the ‘Graylash’ group, The Bree family and more.”

“We have made sure that each group sends an important figure to this wedding. After all, it is your big day. There is only one thing we need, sir, and that is the day of the wedding itself.” The leader continued to stare ahead at the girls, not breaking eye contact.

“Send an Invite to Pure and ask them if they wish to bring someone from the Dhampirs. The Red Vampires probably already have someone on the inside coming to this event. Still, there is one thing that needs to be done.”

“Tell the Green’s that they can’t just send the Green family; they need to send a Blade as well.”

Hearing this, the man looked a little nervous; he knew about the deep hatred the Chained and the Blade family had for each other.

“Don’t worry; the whole world will be watching this. They won’t act. It will just annoy them even more that they can’t act, and if they do. Well, that gives us a chance to get rid of them without starting anything.”

“We have been enjoying benefits from the Green family for quite a while now… but after this marriage. Everything will soon change, as for what day.”

The man by the leader’s side knew what to do. He clicked his fingers and once again, as if being teleported in, a hooded figure appeared by his side.

“Shall I have my wedding one day from now?” The leader asked.

Hearing this, the hooded figure threw out a coin onto the floor. It spun and eventually landed on the tail side.

“Two days from now.” He asked again.

Pulling out another coin, the figure tossed it again, but it was the same result, landing on tails.

“Three days from now.”

Throwing out the coin, this one seemed to spin for longer than any of the others. As it was slowing down, it looked like a result would appear. However, one of the girl dancers stepped on the coin.

Immediately, before she even realised it, she could no longer see as her body fell to the ground, limp and dead. The other girls were getting ready to scream, but each of them fell and died in seconds.

Then, the leader stood up and walked over to where the coin was, seeing that it landed on heads.

“What does this mean? Is the third day a good day?” the leader asked.

The hooded figure lifted its head, revealing glowing red eyes underneath.


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