My Vampire System Chapter 1658: To Earth!

Perhaps, saying the name out loud, Quinn was expecting somewhat of a reaction from Hannah, but there was nothing. If Tiker didn’t know what the leaders names were, it was unlikely that Hannah would know either.

For a split second, Hannah saw a change in Quinn’s expression. She knew he was expecting something. Seeing this made her recall the time when she first saw him. When the two first met, she wasn’t afraid of him even after knowing his great strength. She just knew that she needed to be cautious and not get on his wrong side.

Honestly, even after seeing what this vampire could do, her opinion didn’t really change. In Derik’s incident… she had figured out what most likely happened after she had time to think about it. During the fight in the room, her reactions were irrational after seeing the Dhampir.

“I… will help.” Hannah replied. “I still don’t think what we Red Vampires are doing is wrong and if you have a friend or someone you know in the red vampires, then it means they believe the same.”

“I… I haven’t made a report back to the Red Vampire base and the other guys weren’t able to as well.”

“I will be your link and even help you if you let me go back to the Red vampires. I know I’m not in a position to ask this, but I don’t think the two of us are enemies here.”

Quinn thought about it for a while. Hannah had helped him, and it was true that he shouldn’t put of the red vampires in the same category just all because of one bad incident. At the same time, he was sure after having witnessed his strength, she wouldn’t try anything funny, and even if she did, such as alerting more members of the red vampires to their position, Quinn wouldn’t be bothered because he was confident in his own strength.

Unlike in the past, Quinn wasn’t afraid of whatever came to face him. If they were to go to him instead of him visiting them, he was okay with that since that would save his time.

“In return for your help, I’m happy to bring you back to the Red Vampires, but I need to do many things before that.” Quinn stated. “Feel free to stay in this place. There are a couple of guests in here to keep you entertained and I will warn you again from trying to do anything stupid… it would be wise if you were to listen to him.”

Of course, Hannah was greatly confused by this because she only saw endless darkness and didn’t find anyone else around them. However, there was the sound of whistling wind even though she couldn’t feel anything.

“Wait!” Hannah called out. “What are you doing… maybe I can help in some way? That way, you can trust me more, and if you don’t, you can put me back in this shadow jail thing.”

“I have a meeting with the Chained,” Quinn answered, and to his surprise, Hannah took a bit of a step back.

“Oh, you know about them?”

“Right, yes… the Chained are one of the strongest groups on Earth. So much so that even the Red Vampires have tried to avoid them as much as possible.”

“They not only have strong abilities but are a little bit on the crazy side.”

“Still, even though they are undisciplined, every group, in a way, has tried its best to ignore them, and we can say that the Chained have done the same. Why would you be meeting them… don’t tell me you are planning to attack them?… That would be a death wish.”

For the Red Vampires to be so afraid that they even avoided this group, Quinn thought the Chained had to be somewhat strong. Still, he doubted if they were as frightening as One Horn, Graham, and others. In his mind, the current most prominent problem for him was either Laxmus or Erin.

“If I can talk things over with the Chained, I’m hoping there won’t be a need for that. Anyway, since you’re willing to help me, I will consider it and might bring you out later.” Quinn said and left the shadow space before Hannah could respond.

“This vampire… he’s really going against the Chained… but with who? Which group? or is he planning to go on his own? Damn it! I have to think of a way to save myself if he decides to do something like that.”

With nothing to do, Hannah decided to walk through the space. She was wondering if there was anyone else in here. Either way, it didn’t take long for the windy sound, which she had heard all along, to intensify.

The hairs on her body stood up as she felt the goosebumps. She knew something was coming toward her. She prepared her red vampire aura in her hands, ready for an attack. However, when she saw what was coming toward her, her hands and shoulders dropped, and a helpless expression appeared on her face.

“What… is that… is that a… dragon?!”

Before she even had the time to think about anything else, the huge dragon landed only a few feet away from her. She expected that with the latter’s weight, there would be an earthquake upon its landing on the shadowed ground, but no such thing happened in the shadow space. What she did aura though, was that she increased her red aura output and made sure to cover herself.

“Welcome! It looks like he has given me another one to look after.” Ray stated, speaking directly to her head as he would do to Quinn.

“I can hear and understand the beast!”

‘Yes… I can hear you and I can speak to you! Ray replied. “Either way, now that you are in this shadow space, I must welcome you. The thing is, I get a little bored here, and the other two have begun to bore me a little, so you have come at the perfect time.”

Hannah was wondering if she was dreaming of everything. The whole thing seemed crazy, and she wondered what a giant Dragon beast was even doing in this space in the first place. Was it a pet of some sort?

“Me? A pet? How dare you?!” Ray was instantly irked.

At that moment, Hannah saw two lines of yellow aura coming right for her. She quickly rolled and skidded across the ground, narrowly avoiding both of them.

When she looked up, she saw two Dhampirs with the dragon. They jumped off, and it looked like they were ready to charge in, but the dragon soon put its feet in front of them, stopping their path.

The two dhampirs immediately stopped moving and obeyed the dragon.

“Don’t worry, if Quinn wants you alive, I will keep you alive, but I will make you three fight each other in the meantime. Grow stronger and maybe one day you will be able to entertain me a little bit.” Ray smiled, revealing his enormous sharp teeth.

“Wait…Quinn… are you talking about the Hero Quinn?” Hannah asked.

Once again, Ray just smiled, revealing that there was a lot for her to learn.-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-

Meanwhile, Quinn returned to the ship with Mitchell, and it looked like everything was alright. The others were all still patiently waiting, and Minny had a big smile on her face. It didn’t take long after that, that the group was ready to head to Earth.

It looked like whatever Andy needed to do was done, and now they were heading to Earth. The rest of the journey between the group was primarily silent. Lucia was trying to find the right time to approach Quinn. However, she found him playing with Minny.

Earlier she had suggested they play tag, and since Quinn was faster than Minny, it proved to be quite the challenge and training experience for Minny. Of course, Quinn was holding back and would let her win. Until Minny started to brag, of course, and then Quinn would catch her once in a while.

It was a nice sight to see, which was why Lucia decided she should wait for now and ask her questions later.

Just then, an announcement resounded throughout the ship.

“We are now approaching Planet Earth.”

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