My Vampire System Chapter 1657: The link

It didn’t take long for the ship to return to Mars and since Quinn and his group were going to continue their journey onward to Earth, they were advised to remain on the Ship for a few hours. This was because Commander Andy needed to drop off the lieutenants back to the base and decide what to do with Yaddy while also determining who would be the latter’s successor.

Of course, Quinn couldn’t complain. Andy was his sure way to reach Earth without the Ship being blown to bits or without facing any unnecessary attention. During that time, while on the Ship, everyone in his group and he were currently sitting in a room.

“I’m just happy that we no longer have to wear those disguises.” Peter said as he continued to touch his face. It was tiring continuously using his transform skill.

“The statue is of my old appearance… in case you are wondering.”

“I can see the resemblance.” Mitchell said, standing up from his bed. He was formal every time he spoke to Quinn. “It is an honour and I am thankful that you allowed me to travel with you.” He added as he bowed ninety degrees.

“I know… I know.” Quinn said. “I already told you as well; you don’t have to be so formal with me… it feels a little weird. Anyway, I wanted to ask you something…”

Quinn proceeded to ask Mitchell if the latter had completed the request he had asked for earlier and asked if he saw anyone else doing the same thing. That was when Mitchell explained to Quinn that a few other vampires who were nearby him at the time had acted in their own accord due to the respect they held in their hearts for the Hero Quinn.

“So the condition worked, and I got those extra celestial points. If Andy still decides to go through with my request and gets the whole vampire corps to do the ritual, then the number of celestial points will increase significantly, but I’m sure that’s not on his priority list. He might not even do it, but at least he doesn’t know that I will always be aware if he has or hasn’t completed what I requested of him, so there’s no way he can fool me.”

Either way, Quinn knew now was the right choice to make Mitchell a dedicated follower. Of course, he would need to explain the benefits and the risks that came with it as well.

Since there were no longer any secrets, Quinn explained to the latter what being a dedicated follower would mean. A lot of it was new news to the vampire and to Lucia, who was in the room. They had never heard of a human or a vampire capable of doing such a thing.

However, this reminded them that Quinn Talen wasn’t a typical vampire. He may not have been an Original, but he had the strength which other vampires couldn’t even fathom, which allowed him to beat the Dalki in the first place.

Of course, even after Quinn explained the risks, Mitchell agreed and not only that, he seemed pleased that he was chosen.

[You have gained a Dedicated Follower]

[3 Celestial points have been granted]

[15/23 Celestial points are available]

Quinn still wanted to keep quite a few celestial points with him. After all, it did seem to help when he was facing celestial followers or other celestials. Also, since draining celestial energy from followers was something he could do, it was highly likely that this was something the other Celestials could do as well.

Giving his Dedicated followers more energy would make them a potential target. Quinn also found out that he couldn’t get double points from a follower and dedicated follower. Since Mitchell had already completed the condition, Quinn didn’t gain another celestial point for having a dedicated follower, although now it would be permanent, and Mitcehll wouldnвt have to sacrifice blood every month.

Hearing this and seeing all of this take place, Lucia, who was in the room, was a bit disappointed. It didn’t seem like a thing that was limited to vampires, yet Quinn hadn’t asked her to become a dedicated follower. She still didn’t know whether or not she would have, accepted due to the condition of death and being linked to a particular person, but she still would have liked Quinn to ask.

“I guess… he just doesn’t see us two as that close, I would say it’s because we haven’t known each other for long, but he hasn’t known that lieutenant long either.” Lucia sulked to herself.

Rather than ask this,, she had another question she wanted to ask, but just as she was about to, she saw Quinn do something quite strange. Quinn pressed his ear against the door to hear if anyone was guarding the door.

“Mitchell, how long do you think will it take before Andy returns?” Quinn asked. “He has a lot of things to address. It should take him at least a couple of hours.” Mitchell replied.

“Do you know where they would keep prisoners?”

Of course, with his position, Mitchell knew that as well, and that’s when Quinn decided to do something. A large shadow rose from the ground, appeared beside him, and slowly turned into his exact replica.

“If you don’t mind, come with me,” Quinn said to Mitchell and then, glancing at Peter, he added.

“And Peter, use a mud mask on Minny for Mitchell’s replacement.”

With their replacements staying on board the ship, Quinn decided there was one person he wanted to see, so he and Mitchell were travelling through the shadow space heading straight for the cells located at the vampire Corps base.

Honestly, there was nothing left for Quinn to do on Mars, no one to stay behind for and nothing to find out about. However, there was one person he still wanted to talk to, his only link to this planet and the Red Vampires.

After reaching the cells, Quinn went past many criminals, most of them were vampires, and occasionally he would pass by a human. Eventually, Quinn and Mitchell appeared in front of a cell.

Three vampires were placed together in this cell, and they could see what was happening on the other side of the cell. Regardless, as quickly as Quinn and Mitchell appeared, they disappeared in the next moment, but they took one of the vampires with them.

“Hey… who was that? Did you see their faces?” One of the remaining two vampires frowned.

“No, it’s so dark here, anyway, who cares about that – hmm? Fu#k, they took Hannah!” The other vampire suddenly shouted at the end of the words upon seeing the third vampire amongst them was now missing.

At the same time, Hannah was in Quinn’s shadow lock. She knew ilt was an individual place, disconnected from everything outside.

Regaining her composure, Hannah looked around, wondering where she was, she could see nothing, but there were a few noises in the distance, which concerned her for a bit until she saw the person in front of her.

“Who… who are you?” Hannah asked. It was the first time she saw Quinn’s real face; thus, she didn’t recognise him.

“I’m… the one who was travelling with you. This is what I really look like.” Quinn replied. “But I didn’t come to show you my real face. I am here because I can get you out of this place. If the vampire corps keeps you here, it will most likely be your end.”

It didn’t take long for Hannah to figure out who this was, especially since she had seen the shadow powers before, which she presumed was the place they were in now.

“You mean a crueller death than what you did to my fellow before?” Hannah asked. “Why would you even break me free? Are you actually a guardian for the Red Vampires, or are you trying to trick me? And why do you need me anyway if either one of my questions is true?”.

“Because I’m not with the Vampire Corps, nor am I with the Red Vampires. I’ve just learnt that the dhampirs plan to attack one of the Red Vampire leaders because they have the latter’s location. Now, if you ask me, it might mean that your position will become a little complicated.”

“As for why I’m helping you, you can believe me or not, but I’m a little worried that maybe some of my friends are part of the Red Vampires, and I don’t want them to get hurt.” Quinn answered without hiding his true intentions since there was no need to lie anymore.

“The death you gave to Derik… it was too far. I would rather die in the Vampire Corps hands than yours.” Hannah replied, but she seemed a little hesitant.

“But… I want to live; I want to believe what you’re saying is true… I’m your only way to the red vampires, aren’t I?”

“That means… you should keep me alive and take me out of here.” Hannah requested.

“But tell me, what is the name of the Red Vampire, or that are your friends? Maybe I can confirm if they’re even in the group or not.”

Of course, Quinn already knew that she didn’t know. Quinn had already asked the other Red Vampires about the leaders’ names, but they had no clue. Then how would Hannah know their names?

“I doubt you know their name, but maybe if I tell you their name now. It might let you help me find them quicker in the future…well, her name… is Layla Munrow.” Quinn answered.

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