My Vampire System Chapter 1656: Correct out Wrongs

1656 – Correct out Wrongs

Andy felt like he was standing between the devil and the deep sea. Whatever he was going to do now, it would be his loss. Not too long ago, he had sworn that he would be happy to help Quinn using the vampire Corps by all means.

The only thing was, Andy never thoug| would try to go against the Chained head-on. Perhaps using the Corps members to search for people, or aid them in their fight while Andy still kept command over everything, was what he had expected.

Yet, for some reason, it was clear that Quinn held an attachment to a vampire whom he couldn’t have known for long. Clenching his fists, Andy was even prepared to do something he never thought he would do if he were to meet the hero Quinn.

“If I do get you a vessel to go to Earth…what are you planning to do? I know you plan to see the Chained, but what will you ask of them?” He asked, controlling his frustration.

“That’s simple. I will tell them who I am and request them to let Jessica be the judge of her own fate. If she wants to go through with this marriage, then it’s up to her, but if not, then I will support her decision against whatever that entails.” Quinn shrugged his shoulders, but he was clearly stating he would fight them or use force if necessary.

Silence descended the meeting room as Andy took time to think, and at that moment, Luci was struggling as well.

‘I wonder, do the Chained know about Jessica? Is it because of what she really is? Maybe that’s why the Chained want to keep her so bad, not just because their leader is obsessed with her. Does everyone here know of this?’ Thinking about it, Lucia wondered if she should inform everyone.

It was quite possible that if the vampire corps knew about this, they might change their mind about handing Jessica over so willingly.

“Fine.” Andy eventually spoke, which came as a surprise to the other Lieutenants. They knew how hard Andy had worked behind the scenes for this relationship with the Chained. Quinn wasn’t the only one who wanted to break off this relationship, Andy himself didn’t like this, but he was trying to see the bigger picture.

“I will grant you permission to enter the Earth. You can head to the Corps base located there. From there, the staff will prepare the ship for you, and then they will give the location of the Chained. I only have one request: in return for all this, you must declare that none of your actions has anything to do with the Vampire corps, that this is completely your doing.” Andy’s clear voice ran throughout the room.Quinn wasn’t sure if he was looking too deep into Andy’s words, but he wondered if this request had a double meaning. Perhaps he was stating that if he were to do him this favour, Quinn should forget trying to become the leader of the vampire crops.

After all, if Quinn really did become the leader of the vampire crops, all his actions would certainly be treated as their responsibilities.

“About my other request from before, will they still be followed,” Quinn asked, wondering if they were on the same wavelength. Although Quinn wasn’t friends with Andy, the vampire Corps were a yield from Fex.

In the end, their goal and what they were doing was exemplary. Just because they didn’t do this one thing how he would have done didn’t make them bad people or a sinister organisation.

Andy nodded. It looked like Quinn had received his answer.

“Wait!” Mitchell suddenly stood up. Putting his hand on the emblem stitched to his shirt, he soon ripped it off and placed it on the table. “I have decided to resign from the vampire corps…and Quinn Talen. I wish to follow you.”Hearing this, Quinn smiled. Of course, he would welcome Mitchell. The latter had proved himself to be more than loyal, and it was to the point where Quinn was thinking of making him a dedicated follower-increasing the latter’s strength.

However, he knew that this perhaps would put Andy in a difficult situation. After seeing the first person leave, maybe some other lieutenants might choose to go and follow the Hero. Mitchell walked over to Quinn, who gently nodded, indicating he didn’t mind travelling with them.

What was surprising was that no one else had done the same thing. Only Mitchell was the one who resigned. If it was only one lieutenant, Andy didn’t have a problem with letting him go. As for why no one else chose to leave, including those that seemed to support and welcome Quinn’s return as leader of the corps, it was simply too risky.

Right now, Quinn was on his own, and he had no support from the current great powers in the world. Even now, he needed Andy’s help to get to Earth since there were no teleporters anymore. The lieutenants also had their families dependent on them; they were a source of income and safety.

Leaving with Hero Quinn was a huge risk that promised little benefits to them. Their life was good, and no need for them to go on an adventure. Mitchell always thought his life had a purpose. That’s why he developed skills to protect others around him.

These days, his left eye was pricking, and perhaps he was a superstitious person, but he believed that a change was coming and needed to be on the correct side of it.

There was little time before their ship would land back on Mars, and not to make the situation awkward or the tensions any higher, those travelling with Quinn had left the command room and would stay in their rooms, leaving the others to discuss stay in their rooms, leaving the others to discuss their own matters.

Just before leaving, Peter had a few words to say to Andy as the others went on ahead.

“I’m not the smartest guy,” Peter said. “However, I think you’re even stupider than me. Are you trying so hard to keep a good relationship with the chained that you’re even ready to fall out with Quinn? Do you really think the Chained are worth more than Quinn?”

Andy looked a little frustrated by Peters’s words.

“I know you two are strong, but you are only two people. You guys know nothing of what is currently going on. How much do you think one person can do?”

Peter stared at him for a few moments and then left the room while shaking his head.

“If you were there a thousand years ago, you would have never said those words. There’s a reason why you have statues of him everywhere.” Peter said as he walked off to catch up with the others.-

Inside a small spaceship heading towards the Earth was a young blonde man and his mother. Jake Green seemed to be listening and reading through reports from different planets.

“It says the Chained were spotted on Mars,” Jake commented. “It looks like those bastards are doing something again.”

“That’s none of our business. We agreed to stop getting involved with them because of our deal with Andy. Keep to the deal for now.” Vicky replied.

“You know, the uncles will be really annoyed that we didn’t do anything to them when we were just on Mars. Even if it was just a poke here and there.” Jake smiled as he imagined it would be quite fun.

Thinking of fun, he started to remember the vampire he had done combat on as well. It looked like not only would his uncles be upset, but his father would be as well for not gathering enough information on the newcomers. Either way, there were more serious matters to attend to.

“Don’t worry about them. They have as much reason as I for getting rid of the Chained. After all, it’s our family’s fault, to begin with. When we no longer need the Chained’s help, I will make sure to right the wrongs of our past.”


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