My Vampire System Chapter 1655: You are not the same!

The whole group soon returned to the ship on which they had come to the small planet, and they were now returning to Mars. Although this time, there was one thing different: General Yaddy was tied up by Andy’s red string, which was much stronger compared to the others. In fact, it was strong enough even to hold down a vampire lord like Yaddy, who looked to have tried to escape from it multiple times.

Currently, Quinn and Andy had put him in a separate room onboard the ship.

“It was something found out about the thirteenth family’s ability many years after the war.” Andy explained the string ability, “Before, everyone thought infusing our blood aura with the string was the best way to harden it.”

“Although this does work, it means a vampire would have to have a powerful blood aura to have their strings more practical against enemies like a Demigod tier beasts, Demon tier beasts and vampires like that guy. Later, we also found out that the string’s natural strength was actually related to our own. The stronger the user is, the more powerful their string ability will be.”

Quinn subconsciously glanced at Andy’s biceps were large and bulging even in a relaxed state.

“I guess that’s why your string is incredibly strong, being that you’re a Colossal Draugr,” Quinn commented.

Andy was stumped upon hearing Quinn’s words. How could someone else know what he was? In truth, even he himself didn’t know what subclass he was. He just knew that he had surpassed his mother in terms of evolution and it was the first time he had heard the words Colossal Draugr.

Still, he said nothing as he had to remind himself just what great person was standing next to him. Heading back to the command centre, Andy had called a meeting. It was more official compared to the talk they had. last time.

It seemed like he was in a rush of some sort. Even when coming to see his father, he stated the lieutenants were brought along so he could update them on the way about an important upcoming event and also about Jessica. The latter was why Quinn agreed to board the ship, because he wanted to know the truth regarding Jessica.

As soon as Quinn and Andy stepped in, everyone stood up from their seats and bowed down.

“It’s okay, guys. Please take a seat.” Andy ordered.

A few chose to sit down, as they usually would have done after Andy said those words, but that’s when Quinn and the others noticed something out of the ordinary.

A few of the lieutenants remained standing, and one of them was Mitchell.

“It would be rude to sit down before the great hero does,” Mitchell spoke, smiling and making sure his eyepatch was properly fitted. Hearing this, Quinn smiled.

“Please sit down.”

It had set a little strange mood for the meeting as the lieutenants looked at each other. It was clear that there was already a split between the lieutenants: those who thought they should be following the Hero Quinn and those who still believed Andy was in charge.

“I guess this is what Andy was talking about. In a way, it proves that he was right. Even after seeing me in person, not everyone would be willing to believe. Although this wouldn’t just cause the others to attack, a split in the vampire corps or the public is possible. However, if I pick and choose people who know that I am back and who don’t, things will be much more under control.” Quinn thought.

“Before we discuss the matters of Jessica, there is something else that need to announce. When I get to earth, I will send out a notice about what I am about to say to all the other bases.” Andy explained. “In the last meeting, it was… loosely agreed that the dhampirs would be attacking the red vampires. Apparently, they have found one of the red vampire leaders.”

“They have said that they won’t be touching the vampire corps bases and areas or the red vampires currently hiding within these bases. In turn, we are not to attack them and give them aid when required to.”

“However we are not directly taking part in taking down the red vampires.”

“This is not cooperation and I need to make that clear. However, with the dhampirs being so confident, who knows what they might try to do after attacking the red vampires. They will have to be confident in their strength if they think they can take on the red vampires and not be afraid of someone attacking them from behind. Maybe that’s why they informed us of their plans, so we would seem like the villains to the public, or perhaps it’s because they are confident that even if we attacked them they could defend themselves from any attack.”

If there was one thing Quinn learnt, it was that all major factions seemed to be against the Red vampires. The latter made the Vampire Corps look bad, and ultimately their goal was completely contrary to the dhampirs.

The others looked a bit worried about this, but they knew Andy had made the decision and there wasn’t much they could do. In the first place, the values that the Vampire Corps has taught them were to not attack but defend and protect those they cared about.

“As for why I am reporting this now, it’s because it is partially linked to our Jessica problem.” Andy spoke and paused for a second as he was unsure how to really explain what was going on.

Lucia’s heart thumbed louder as she started to think.

“What is it? Is it because Jessica is the first hybrid Dhampir? But what does this have to do with them? Or maybe she is a secret weapon that the vampire corps have been developing.”

“You see… Jessica herself is not of much importance, and I don’t mean this in a bad way, but she is just a normal member of the vampire corps admittedly with unique characteristics of her eyes.” Andy explained.

“Jessica not of importance?” Lucia raised an eyebrow. This certainly wasn’t what she thought.

“It’s her position that is of importance or her role. Because of her unique position, she gained the attention of a certain someone and that someone had proposed to her. She knew of the importance of this group and had agreed to the marriage… however it looks like she either got cold feet or maybe doesn’t wish to go through with the marriage at all.”

“So… Jessica got hurt just because she doesn’t want to marry some stinky old man!” Minny shouted across the table.

Usually, such interruptions wouldn’t be allowed at the meeting, but since Minny was next to Quinn, no one dared to say a word.

“Perhaps you have explained it as simply as possible. The problem is who this stinky person is.” Andy smiled. “Earth is in a tough battle against the dhampirs. The Green family and the Vampire corps are strong forces, but Pure and the Dhampirs are strong as well and we need all the help we can get. As for another strong party helping us so far… they are known as the Chained.”

“They are humans with strong abilities, some of them are more powerful than any of us can even imagine. They have abilities that aren’t shared with others. The man that proposed to Jessica was the leader of the Chained. This marriage was meant to bring the vampire Corps and the chained closer together. This is why we need to find Jessica; otherwise, it will cause a huge problem for us.”

Peter began to shake his head because he knew exactly how Quinn would have felt about this.

“Is this how the vampire corps, no, the leader of the vampire corps operate? Forcing people to do things against their will for your own benefit.”

“You don’t understand, the sacrifice for one is to help the many, and we need the strength of the Chained. Times are different, Quinn.” Andy stated.

“No,” Quinn replied. “Times aren’t different at all. Do you think nothing like this happened in the past? I can already tell by the way you’re talking that if I advised you to support Jessica to call off this wedding, you wouldn’t agree to it. But I want you to know something: if your father was here, he wouldn’t have acted helpless and he wouldn’t have allowed for such a thing.”

Peter knew this type of situation was coming because even in the past, when Quinn wasn’t a prominent figure, and he had to go against the whole vampire settlement and the Blade family, on his own, he had done so. He had done this type of thing many times before.

“Are you trying to stir up my feelings?” Andy said, staring directly into Quinn’s eye and the others felt like a fight was about to happen any second aboard the ship. “Mentioning my father and what he would have done. My father is not perfect; he made plenty of mistakes. Just because I care about him doesn’t mean I agree with everything he has ever done!”

“No,” Quinn said. “I was never going to ask for your help in getting Jessica out of this situation and I just wanted to know about her situation. My point was, in fact I would have never asked for help from your father either because I wouldn’t have needed to. He would have helped me no matter what.”

Standing up, Quinn didn’t want to hear anymore as Andy’s words had soured his mood.

“Just get me a ship to Earth, and I’ll talk to the Chained. You can at least do that much, can’t you?”

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