My Vampire System Chapter 1654: I’m not a Hero.

Everyone was left full of thoughts after witnessing the meeting of two brothers after millennia. They slowly processed the information, and at the same time, they were afraid to say something. In the end, what could they even say? And eventually, Quinn was the one who broke the ice.

“I am Quinn Talen.” Quinn addressed everyone in the room. He wasn’t shouting, but it was loud enough so that everyone could hear him.

“That is all I am. That is just a name given to me by my parents, whom I don’t even know very well.

I know, to all of you, that name means a lot, but to me, it’s just a mere name. I never thought I would be called a hero. I never planned any of this to happen. I was doing everything for those I deeply cared about. Waking up… a thousand years later, it is the same world? No, but I still want to look after and know what happened to those my friends and everyone else whom I care about.”

After hearing Quinn out, the others, bit by bit, truly understood how Hero Quinn had lived in the past. From the tales he had heard, there wasn’t much known about Quinn to the general populace. A person a vampire that seemingly had great strength and he had come out of nowhere for the world. Nearly no one knew about his past.

This was even more of a reason why they felt like he was a god to them all, but they realised now, seeing the actual person, that he was someone just like them… a normal person.

“I… I am thankful for everything you have done, and I am so happy to see a smile on my father’s face.” Andy said, already bowing and standing on one knee. It looked like he had more to say, but before he could, there was one person who had chosen to speak out.

“What are you doing, commander?!” Yaddy shouted out loud.

His face was covered in sweat. Right now, his mind was going through panic mode. He had betted everything that this person wasn’t who he claimed to be, and even now, he couldn’t fully believe that was the case.

Either way, he was reacting as such to save himself. Yaddy had been so vocally against Quinn that he knew he would be done for, if Andy really gave the Vampire Corps unit to him. In fact, even if Andy remained in his position, he would still be done for, so there was only one thing he could do.

“How do we know?!” Yaddy tried to reason, “How do we know the vampire didn’t use some strong influence skill to trick your father?”

At that moment, Yaddy felt something pull him from under his legs, and in the next instant, something dragged his body across the floor, and he was directly in front of Andy.

Before Yaddy could understand what happened, Andy moved his first and threw a punch at the former’s face, only to stop it just short of hitting Yaddy’s face.

A large gust of wind flapped Yaddy’s cheeks, and he could do nothing but gulp.

“How dare you say that someone can trick my father while we were all here?” Andy gritted his teeth as he said these words. “We all saw he used no such trick, and do you really think anyone can fool my father?”

“You are indeed a man who only cares about himself and his position. I was an idiot for not seeing through you and promoting you to such a post!”

“If it weren’t for the fact that this is my father’s resting place, my fist would have gone right through your head!”

If there was one other thing everyone could be sure about, it was that Andy deeply cared for his father and his father’s wishes.

“Make sure to keep an eye on him, relieve him of his position. I will find a replacement for him during the meeting later today.” Andy ordered the lieutenants.

Yaddy was simply too stunned even to act or move anymore, and he got even more frightened as two lieutenants stepped forward, lifted him off the ground and took him to the side of the room. While this was happening, Mitchell’s eyes hadn’t left Quinn for even a moment.

“I can’t believe it… he was telling the truth… this whole time. I knew he was something special, and I needed to follow him, but for him to actually be Quinn Talen… I have no regrets about what I have done.”

Mitchell felt immensely relieved and proud of his intuition. Turning his head, Quinn glanced over at Mitchell and smiled as if he knew what the latter was thinking. Quinn didn’t really want to hide who he was, and he was honest from the beginning, but he knew there would be plenty that would have a hard time believing it.

“Quinn, if you please let me speak.” Andy respectively bowed, and of course, Quinn nodded back.

“I wish I could welcome you with a great celebration, I wish I could tell the whole world of your return and I wish I could hand over the Vampire Corps unit to you as my father wished.”

There was hesitancy before saying his following few words and based on the quest details he saw earlier, Quinn knew that there would be problems.

“But I’m afraid it wouldn’t be the best thing to do. How many people do you think would believe Quinn Talen had returned? Even with my word I can’t convince the masses out there. The Vampire Corps would think something went wrong if I suddenly said you are now in charge of the vampire corps.”

“However, if there is anything you need help with, you can ask me and I will do everything to help you. At the same time, as for telling everyone of your return… the others will think it’s a hoax, or maybe we’re trying to trick them.”

“Something like this can get the whole ‘Graylash’ planets and other neutral factions dragged into this whole mess again and this can even trigger a war against the Pure and the Dhampirs.”

“It would give the red vampires a clear position to attack, or if we claimed you were Quinn, it might even make those red vampire fanatics attack us as well for saying such things. There are too many reasons why we can’t announce your return.”

“Do you think that really matters?” Peter replied.

“I don’t think you understand. Quinn doesn’t need to prove who he is. He just said he never wanted to be a hero. The simple truth is you don’t have to tell anyone that we have come back.”

“If there is a problem or someone disagrees, we will just deal with it ourselves. If we wanted the Vampire Corps, even if you didn’t wish to give it to us like you just said, we could simply kill everyone in this room and you wouldn’t even be able to see it coming.”

Hearing those words left most of the other lieutenants uneasy. Many of them had only seen a fraction of Quinn’s power, and now that they had verified Quinn’s identity, they fully well believed Peter’s threat and knew the latter wasn’t joking around.

“It’s alright, Peter. We don’t need the Vampire Corps, and I never planned on using them the way you think. Quinn smiled, and then turning his head towards Andy, he spoke, “Andy, I only have a few requests, and if you can help me get them done, that will be more than enough for me.”

Quinn paused for a moment, and as Andy lightly nodded, he added, “First, I wish to go to Earth with you, and then, I want you to set up a meeting with Logan Green if possible. You can tell him who I am or do whatever you think is best.”

After saying these words, Quinn was trying to gauge a reaction once again, and it looked like Andy had no problem with that request.

“Second, there is a little ritual I would like you to incorporate into the Vampire Corps Unit. This ritual is crucial, and the vampires throughout all the Vampire Corps bases must adhere to it.”

This request raised an eyebrow, but Andy first wanted to hear about the details. “The third request I have is access to the information you have on the Red vampires and the Dhampirs.”

Upon hearing this one, Andy looked displeased because he didn’t really want Quinn acting on his own and causing more trouble. His father might have been close to Quinn, trusted him and knew who he was, but to Andy, he was still a stranger, and his father’s wishes would only take him so far.

Quinn didn’t mind the latter’s reaction and revealed his final request.

“Lastly, you need to tell me about Jessica and why she’s so important.”

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