My Vampire System Chapter 1653: They are yours!

Vampire leaders tended to enter into eternal slumber before reaching their peak age. There were many possible reasons as to why they chose to do it. Be it because they believed that they had accomplished everything they could hope for, or because they felt that it was time for a new generation to decide the vampires future.

Vincent Eno’s theory on the matter, however, was an entirely different one. He had stipulated that the reason they would make that choice was a lot less selfless, and rather quite selfish. It was something vampires would do… out of fear.

As a long-living species, they were blessed with a few centuries in which they would continuously grow stronger, yet it was inevitable that at some point the ravages of time would turn against them. Instead of growing weaker with each passing day, they would much rather be remembered as the bastions of strength each one of them represented. As such, it was quite rare for a vampire to actually look the way Fex did now… seeing him so weak before him just pained Quinn. He couldn’t help but imagine how much pain his friend must have been through while he had been asleep, completely oblivious to the loss his blood brother had suffered.

He was so sorry for not being there, to help him grief over his loss. He could even tell the anger he had from his voice when speaking about losing his wife Samantha. If only he had been there, he might have been able to prevent that misery from occurring. Of course, with Fex being one of his closest friends, he had practically read the other’s thoughts, so he had immediately stopped his blood brother from uttering nonsense.

Quinn was someone who had not only saved his life, as well as that of countless others, but he had also selflessly risked his own life time and time again to literally save humanity and the vampires. The person in front of him had managed to accomplish so much in two short decades than others would have in multiple lifetimes.

After all that he had been through, the worst thing he, as friend, could do, would be to make him feel guilty, especially for something which has happened when he must have been recuperating. “I knew that you would come back one day.” Fex said, a lone tear dropping from his face.

“Even after all those centuries, I knew that there would come a day when I would see you again. I would have loved to be there for when it happened… but I never knew you that would be THAT heavy of a sleeper, Quinn.” Fex joked, making a small smile appear on his friend’s face.

“I’m glad, my boy listened to his old man and allowed me to see you one more time.” The old vampire hit his son on the back a couple of times, who rubbed the place, even though the pats barely had any power behind them.

“I wish we could talk for a long time, I wish I could tell you everything that happened while you were gone, to reminisce with you about the good old days…”

“Unfortunately, as you can see, I was a bit too foolish in my old days. I can tell that I don’t have a lot of time to talk, so please allow me to be selfish and be the one to do all the talking.”

Quinn wanted to interject there, there was a lot he wanted to say to Fex, but with his new powers the Celestial Vampire knew exactly what the other was talking about. The red vampire aura surrounding his blood brother was barely there. His outburst earlier had diminished the little wisp even more. Although, Quinn was thinking if there were other ways he could maybe solve the problem.

“He must have really waited till the last second before entering an eternal slumber, and now he’s using his last moments to talk to me… I need to respect that.”

“I hate to admit it, but for once you might actually be the more handsome one from the two of us. Perhaps you are similar to the Originals.” Fex chucked.

“I don’t know how long you’ve been awake or how much time has passed, but if the world is still in the same state as it was when I left then allow me to apologise. I never wanted you to see it like this.”

“After the ten years had passed and there was no sign of you coming back, all of us split up. Each one of us set out to make a chance, to help. create a perfect world you would have been proud of to have given your life for. Everyone from the Cursed Faction did what they thought was best with you in mind. I truly believe that, so take that as you will. I can only hope that at least one of us succeeded.”

“In my case, after marrying Samantha, we took care of the Vampire Soldiers, and together with Ashley we created what later became the Vampire Corps unit. Seeing my son with you, I assume that means that they still exist.

“As you can see, I can’t really help you myself any more, but fortunately I can offer you a different kind of help. I’ve already instructed Andy that in case you would ever return, he is to hand over the command over them. In return, I only have a single favour and I realise that it’s a giant one, but you might be the only one who can fulfil it. I beg you, Quinn, please kill Erin! Avenge my Samantha!”

[Optional Quest received]

[An old friend has made a request?]

[Upon accepting the Quest, you will receive the following rewards:]

[Reward: Leader of the Vampire Corps unit (Title)]

[Task: Kill the Dhampir Queen]

Quinn had listened to Fex’s plea wholeheartedly, and it seemed like he had developed a true hatred for Erin now. It was also the second time he had heard her being referred to as the Dhampir Queen.

It made him realise that she really had gone too far, she was no longer one of the friends that he had grown up with.

On top of that, to learn what the Cursed faction had become failing his return, that the people closest to him had set out to spread good was good to hear, though it saddened him at the same time. Not having a family growing up had been painful for Quinn. He had missed out on that, and what was painful now was that he himself had left the replacement family he had created…

And yet, none of them had blamed him for it. Instead, they had responded in kind, doing grand gestures for him like these. “It looks like you have said everything you wanted to say.” Quinn replied.

“I can tell that every second you’re out here must be painful for you. So please, enjoy the rest of your time, my friend… no, my brother.” Quinn corrected himself.

“I want you to rest in peace, knowing that I will do everything to fulfil your request.”

[Optional Quest accepted]

[Quest reviewed: Kill the Dhampir Queen]

[Reward: Leader of the Vampire Corps unit (Title) (Error)]

[Although the original creator wishes to hand over the Vampire Corps to you, the people within the Vampire Corps do not accept you. Prove to the people, to your future subordinates that you deserve to be their leader]

“Huh, I thought as much… it seems even if Fex wishes it and originally created it for me, it isn’t something I can just take over. Either way, I don’t want him to know about this.”

“Please rest, and perhaps one day I might find a way to wake you up again without it being so painful for you… because I too would love nothing more than to listen to you tell me everything that happened during my absence and to reminisce with you about the good old days…” Quinn replied.

With his Celestial Powers not yet at its full potential, and not having reached level 10, Quinn didn’t know what he was capable of, so maybe this was within his powers. At least, he hoped so. He had thought about trying to make him become a Dedicated Follower in hopes of rejuvenating him, but that wouldn’t be fair towards his blood brother. He wasn’t someone that he could treat as a guinea pig.

Besides, the old vampire had already lived a full life, yet his obsession to get revenge on his wife’s killer had left him in his current state. Even if it would work, it would most likely lead him down a dark path, and in the worst case scenario he might lose his for real… No, letting him continue down this path would only be selfish. Not to mention, Quinn was certain that even if he did offer him that choice, Fex would decline it. As such, Quinn vowed to himself that when the time came for him to end his own journey, he would come back and the two could share their tales together.

With all that was needed said, Quinn walked toward Fex, and carefully gave him a giant hug. The two embraced each other, and the Celestial Vampire could feel how light his friend’s body felt. After that, Fex returned to the chamber, and Andy performed the ritual to allow his father to enter his eternal slumber once more.

“Peter!” Fex spoke with a weak voice. “Thank you for watching over him… Please stay with him, in my stead!”

Finally, the chamber was closed, and Fex was resting once again, leaving the whole room silent. No one knew what to say, it was just that unbelievable.

The emotion in all of their words, Quinn and Fex had spoken to each other as if no one else was in the room. They had ignored everything around them, aware that those might perhaps be their last time talking to each other.

Without a doubt, though, the biggest shock that was taking time for them to process was that the person who had claimed to be Quinn Talen hadn’t lied. Nobody dared to doubt the confirmation from someone who had been there on that fateful day.

Now that the great Hero Quinn they had all learned about, studied and thought of as something akin to a God was in front of them, none of them knew how they were meant to act towards him.

To top it all off, everyone in the room were high ranking members of the Vampire Corps. Could they really adhere to the wishes of their founder? All eyes shifted to Andy, then to Quinn, waiting for him to say something.

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