My Vampire System Chapter 1651: The orgins of the Vampire corps

The orgins of the Vampire corps

Memories flashed through Quinn’s mind at that moment. To prove who he was, Quinn thought that perhaps he would have to reveal his strength, show what exactly he could do and prove that he was the Hero that they all worshipped.

However, it was quite clear that even though he had performed feats that many alive today can’t even fathom, they still refused to believe he was the exact figure from the previous millennia they idolised.

Just then, a thought came over Quinn: Maybe he could leverage this situation to get to Logan Green? Of course, there was also the chance that Logan wouldn’t believe that he was Quinn, but there were so many incidents from the past, which if Quinn spoke about, only a few would know, including Logan, and that would let them ascertain who he was.

On top of that, there was one thing that only Logan Green could do, and that was to access his system. This was something he could do with a simple touch and something only the Green family ability had an advantage of.

“Are you saying that your father is someone that knows me?” Quinn asked, still surprised by this fact, he wasn’t expecting to meet someone from his time so early, “If that is the case, they would have to be as old as I am.”

There seemed to be strange expressions on the people in the room. Someone had raised eyebrows, a few were whispering, and others were frowning. It turned out that even the lieutenants, along with the others, were unsure of just who Commander Andy was talking about.

“It is a big risk,” Andy said.

“I can’t just let anyone see my father, and just so you know, he no longer has anything to do with the Vampire Corps unit. He will only appear to confirm whether you are the Hero or not. Are you willing to accept?”

There was a pause before Quinn answered. It was mainly due to him wondering who he would meet, but the others took this as a lack of confidence.

“Ha, look at this; you have scared him straight. No one would have ever thought that there was still a vampire alive who would remember how and what the Hero actually looked like.” Yaddy scoffed, enjoying this moment.

At first, Yaddy hid his displeasure against the new vampire, but now it seemed like he was making it clear that he didn’t like Quinn. He felt confident as the other lieutenants also considered this person a liar.

“Agreed, it would be nice meeting someone who knew me,” Quinn answered. “If possible, do you mind telling me your father’s name?”

Taking a medium-sized vessel, the group was on the move, with half of the lieutenants, including Mitchell. Originally he wasn’t one of the selected ones, but Quinn insisted he come with them.

Andy wanted to take the lieutenants with him because he also wanted to update everyone on the current events that he had learned of so far.

At the same time, Mars couldn’t just be left defenceless, although he had good reason to believe that the dhampirs wouldn’t cause a stir or attack the Vampire Corps base anytime soon.

Everyone was aboard the ship travelling to reach where Andy’s father was. Andy has told them that they would have to leave the planet Mars. Quinn was hoping they would be heading to Earth, but that didn’t seem to be the case.

As the ship was on autopilot and voyaging to its destination, the group had gathered in the command centre, where one could gaze at the dark view of space.

“I said I would tell you who my father is once we begin the journey.”

Andy broke the silence, “Originally, many of those in the Vampire Corps believed that I was the one who made the Vampire Corps unit. That is because every vampire in the unit has only ever known me as their leader and although I am old, I am not the leader of the original Vampire Corps.”

“What are you saying? You are documented as the only leader of the Vampire Corps,” Mitchell spoke up, confused by what he was hearing.

“I guess, technically, I am the only leader of the Vampire Corps. Andy chuckled, realising his words may have confused the former, “But long ago, the Vampire Corps were known as something else: The Vampire Soldiers, which is the true origin of the Vampire Corps unit. If you are who you say you are, you should know about them, yes?”

Quinn knew who the Vampire Soldiers were, so he happily answered.

“After a thousand years, perhaps what you and I know might be different. However, the Vampire Soldiers were initially a unit belonging to Earth’s military, and they were human beings led by a man named Paul.”

“His men were captured by the vampires and turned by them. Eventually, Paul died, and the unit was led by a vampire named Ashley. Since they were trained as soldiers but turned vampires, we called them the Vampire Soldiers.”

The others then turned their heads to look at Andy to see if he had a response. Everyone was still trying to figure out if this was the real Hero or not.

“Indeed, what I know and you know is slightly different, and I can not confirm what you say is true, at least not yet,” Andy replied.

“All I know is that a group of vampires had agreed to work with what was then known as the Earthborn group, and these were the Vampire Soldiers.”

Quinn could guess perhaps why, in the end, all of those Vampire Soldiers had family members in the Earthborn group.

Quinn had promised that he would try to find a way to turn them back into a would try to find a way to turn them back into a human, but he never did, having gone asleep for millennia. It didn’t seem like any one of them would be alive today, or maybe one of them did survive.

“The relation between the vampires and the humans was starting to develop, it wasn’t always as hostile as it is now. The Vampire Soldiers also expanded in numbers, mainly because of three people.”

“The leader of the Vampire Soldiers at the time, and then my mother and father, Fex and Samantha.”

Hearing these names, a warm feeling came over Quinn, and he couldn’t help but smile. Others thought this smile was fake, but when Andy noticed it, for some reason, he instantly knew it was Quinn’s genuine reaction, and this made him smile back.

“Those two, I hope they both had a happy life, and it looks like I will be getting to see you again, Blood Brother” Quinn thought.

“The ties increased dramatically when my father and mother joined. My father held great prestige among the vampires, and as more vampires enlisted the Vampire Soldiers it eventually led to the founding of a unit within the military composed of only vampires.

Then, my mother was someone who was vampires, someone who was incredibly trusted by the humans as well.”

“My father introduced his family ability, that of the thirteenth family, to the Vampire Soldiers and familiarised them with the String ability. However, relations between the vampire and humans didn’t exactly seem to stay the way they were. Which is why the Vampire Corps came into existence, but honestly, it was just a reorganization of roles within the military of Earth, something that was done to please the humans and masses at the time.

We still have a good relationship with Earth, and wish to keep it that way while also trying to fight our own battles and protect our own kind.”

There were a lot of questions that Quinn wanted to ask Andy. How Fex was, what he had done, what happened to his mother and more, but since they were already heading to see the person in question, Quinn thought it would be best to ask Fex himself.

“How did the relations between vampires and humans turn sour? Was it a dhampir attack or something internal?” Quinn wondered.

At the same time, Yaddy and the other generals were just waiting for the act on this vampire to slip.

Andy continued to walk forward, and eventually, they entered a dark room. It was well furnished with different paintings, treasures, beast armour, etc. The whole place looked more like a museum.

“What is your father doing in a place like this?” Peter eventually asked since it was so secluded from all signs of life. Turning around, Andy looked at all of them.

“My father is resting. He went into eternal slumber.”


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