My Vampire System Chapter 1649: Shackles

It wasn’t in Jessica’s plan to leave so early. At some point, she thought that she might have to, but with everything going on, and event after event coming up, the thought that this would have to happen one day kind of just slipped to the back of her mind.

Everyone just used their wristwatches for ID purposes. Of course, usually there would be identification methods that linked each person or their own wristwatch, but she hadn’t left the Vampire Corps without learning a thing or two, after all, it was also part of their training as well.

Now, with a new ID, she headed to the space station, paid for a spaceship taxi and just headed for another city. Where she would go, she had no idea. In the first place, she didn’t have the funds to go back to the ‘Graylash’ planets like she originally wanted.

“Maybe I should try to become a Traveller again, and then earn income that way and live my life.” Jessica thought while she was in the spaceship. “Ah, why does my life have to suck… Seriously, what did I do to deserve any of this? If I’m not being chased by the Dhampirs, then it’s the Vampire Corps… and if not them, then the other guys… I just want to do my own thing.”

While lamenting her own situation, Jessica couldn’t help but think about her companions. Although her decision to accompany ‘Nate’s little entourage had ended up leading her to more trouble than she had ever imagined, in a way it had felt truly liberating. At no point in time had the others demanded for her to do anything against her own interest.

“Here I was hoping that I might have gotten to travel to Earth somehow… maybe, I could have explained myself there… Just what was I thinking? Getting to Earth without showing my face… I seriously believed I could help those guys, yet I didn’t even get the chance to do anything… somehow, I ended up being the most useless of them until the end.” Jessica sighed.

Eventually the ship landed, and straight after going through the checks, the ‘vampire’ entered the new citv. She did have to sneak Dast the sensors but city. She did have to sneak past the sensors, but given her experience, it wasn’t too hard. This was due to the facial recognition they also had for new entrants. They were always strict with security when someone came in from a spaceship rather than on foot.

After a tiring time sneaking around, Jessica had made it to another city. It was smaller than the one they were at, and there was a Vampire Corps base here as well, though it was merely a quarter of the size of the one she had just escaped. It was more to just keep the order and protect from small beast attacks here and there, it was also one located far away from where the others were as well.

“If only I had half the power of that Nate guy. He was kinda cool with his Influence skill. I wish I would be that powerful, maybe I could simply make everyone forget about my condition.”

Walking through the city, Jessica continued to think of the others, yet sooner or later her thoughts always gravitated to the original vampire. She hadn’t noticed it while travelling with him, but at one point she had become quite obsessed with him.

Perhaps it was due to a vampire’s nature of looking up towards those with real power. Then again, perhaps it was his seemingly kind and caring character. He had always done his best to protect all of them, whenever they needed it. Jessica still remembered her first encounter with him and how rudely she had treated him, yet he never held a grudge against her.

“It’s truly a shame, if only he was a bit more handsome with a more memorable face, I would have already tried to snatch him.” Jessica giggled to herself at the thought. “Not that I could ever think about that type of stuff anyway.’”

Once again, Jessica found herself in front of the Travellers centre. This city, although smaller, had more humans in it. Since there wasn’t just a Vampire Corps base, but also a regular military run by the Green family.

However, here she was hoping that she wouldn’t have too much of the same issue, since she could just make a team of mostly vampires. Heading inside, she still looked around the place cautiously checking to see if she could see anyone.

When looking, she saw the back of one of the Travellers neck, there was a tattoo of a sword. Immediately, this sent shivers running through Jessica’s entire body.

“They’re here… do they already know that I’m on Mars and no longer on ‘Graylash’ planets… no, that shouldn’t be possible.” Jessica thought.

There was the off chance that they were just here by pure chance, but either way she wasn’t going to risk it and decided to head back out of the building. She walked quickly, almost running, but not quite, paying attention to not make it too obvious.

Having finally gone out of the building, she was relieved, but as she looked in front of her, she could see a man just standing there with his arms crossed. Looking at his hand, he too had a tattoo of a blade on his hand.

“Calm down, it might just be a fashion statement to get swords and stuff tattooed on your hand.” Jessica thought, already gathering some of her string powers in her hand.

Smiling, the man clicked his fingers, and suddenly she no longer could see people around her. There were no buildings, crowds of people. No, she was on the hard red desert like ground in the middle of nowhere, and standing opposite her was the same man.

“Jessica Clark, don’t you think he’s waited long enough?” The man before her asked as he clicked his fingers once more. Following the sound, more people started to appear, all with the same tattoo. Each time he clicked his fingers a new person appeared, until a total of six of them had her surrounded. Immediately, Jessica pulled out her daggers.

“We can do this the hard way, if you wish, but there is no need for us to fight. We both know that there is only one outcome to this, so please make this easy for us.” The clicking man requested.

“I… I want to speak to Andy first! Or Logan! Let me speak to either one of them. I promise I will comply, just let me speak to one of them first.” Jessica pleaded, not liking her odds.

The people that had surrounded her, all of them were human, not a single one of them was a vampire or Dhampir, nor were they from the ‘Graylash’ family, yet for some reason, noble vampire like her that had skills, was afraid and knew that she wouldn’t be able to fight out of this one.

“Don’t you think you had multiple chances to do that anyway? It’s time we took things into our own hands.” The man nodded his head, giving her a toothy grin. “Now are you going to come peacefully… or shall I continue bringing more of us?”

Even though she knew she was going to lose this fight, Jessica decided to fight anyway. Her single eye started to glow. They already knew that she had run away, so why should she make it easy for them?

Immediately, she charged forward and swung both her daggers, releasing out two lines of yellow aura.

One of the six guys that had cut off her path of retreat ran forward, taking the hit on his body, the yellow aura struck him causing his limbs to fall off, but they regenerated on the spot. The man continued to run forward towards Jessica without a care for his life.

Seeing this, she immediately went to slice towards his neck, cutting the man’s head off.

Successfully having killed the first one, Jessica went on to move to the next, yet felt someone grab her from behind, which turned out to be a body without a head.

The next second, Jessica could feel her body’s weight increase by multiple times. From the corner of her eye she saw one of the tattooed men point at her, seemingly the case of it.

Then she felt herself getting drowsy all of a sudden.

“Damn it… I wasn’t even able to put up a fight against them… damn these Chained…” Jessica thought as she fell asleep.


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