My Vampire System Chapter 1648: The Corps Leader

It hadn’t been long since Quinn had woken up, but according to what he had learnt so far, the quickest way for him to learn what happened to the Cursed faction and the events of when he was in slumber was by getting to Earth.

This was because Logan Green, one of the core members back then, was currently on Earth. Quinn believed he would give him all the answers. However, he didn’t expect that while he was here on Mars, he would encounter one of the higher-ups in the power hierarchy of the world and someone who could also take him to Earth.

This person was the commander of the Vampire Corps. Quinn assessed him; he looked like quite a strong vampire or subclass now that he knew him better, and after seeing him go up against Peter, he understood how someone like him could become a leader, at least based on their strength.

“He isn’t anyone I recognise from back then… but I have to convince him to bring me to Earth either way. Perhaps the easiest way would just be to tell him who I am; whether he believes me or not will be another thing, but we can deal with that as it comes.” Quinn thought.

Thanks to Commander Andy’s intervention, it looked like Yaddy could not go on a wild rant. Instead, they left the bar area and headed straight for the Vampire Corps base. The group stopped at what looked like a luxury lounge.

There were several seats, fancy glasses, even some raw meat stored away to be consumed whenever the guest desired. It was quite the luxurious place which surprised Quinn a bit since most of the Vampire Corps unit was uniform and disciplined.

Lucia was already present in the room when they stepped in and some lieutenants were watching over her. In fact, all of the lieutenants were invited, including Mitchell, whom Quinn was pleasantly surprised to see.

“I should talk to him about those other followers and see if he knows anything.” Quinn thought. “Please, everyone, relax. It looks like Yaddy has already decided to make this place a paradise for himself, and he’s only been here six months.”

Andy joked as he went to grab himself some of the meat displayed in the huge fridges placed on the side… Yaddy was nervous about the comments, while Andy was calmer than ever.

He was so laid back, the polar opposite of Yaddy, that Quinn wondered if it was an act and if he should be a little worried. Grabbing a metal box, Andy started to eat away, and after he was done with his food, he patted his stomach.

Although at the moment, he had some clothes covering his armour, Quinn could tell, thanks to the inspect skill, that Andy had a piece of demon tier armour underneath, which was expected.

After all, a thousand years had gone past, and the leader of the Vampire Corps not having any protective gear would be quite odd. The reason for him covering it in the first place was due to others recognising him, and it was the same with the mask.

Now that he didn’t have to worry about that, he removed the large overcoat, revealing his muscular arms and his black and red armour-like chest piece.

“I feel much better,” Andy said as he stretched his arm a couple of times. “Now, since not everyone here seems to know me, I think I should introduce myself.” Andy looked towards Peter, who had made quite the big comment in the ring.

It had caused some of the other members to raise their eyebrows, but Andy just laughed it off, even though it was strange that someone in the Vampire Corps wouldn’t even know what the leader looked like.

“I am the Commander and leader of the Vampire Corps Unit, Andy Sanguines. On the way here I asked about you and your group… Nate, was it? Apparently, you have done a lot in the short time you were here. It seems that Nate went toe to toe with Jake Green, Peter faced a wave of a level four horde all on his own. And then, Nate went on to finish the final wave by himself while also using the influence skill on everyone including General Yaddy. Did I miss anything?” Andy asked, looking at Yaddy, who was a little surprised.

He had learnt that the Commander had only just decided to come over.

Due to the meeting with the dhampirs, he was in the area and didn’t plan a visit to the base, but after learning about Jessica’s presence, the latter had decided to come.

“When did he even have the time to learn about this?” Yaddy thought. His worries were coming true. The Commander already knew that transpired in the base today.

“Honestly, I would have thought most of it was exaggerated tales, but after seeing the two of you for myself, it seems like there was some truth in them.”

“The good news is, it doesn’t seem like you are working with the Red Vampires since you have even reported a group of Red Vampire infiltrators.”

“What if they did that just to get us to trust them more and grow in the ranks quickly?!” Yaddy said, worried about his position and said whatever came to his mind.

But upon hearing his words, Andy just shrugged his shoulders. “I very much doubt that. You see that chest piece he is wearing?” Andy pointed.

“That belongs to the ‘Graylash’ leader Zinon. Now, not many have seen it, so I don’t blame you if you don’t recognise it, but if the ‘Graylash’ leader trusted him enough to give him that, he has earned my trust. Now, I can’t deny that I have a high-level interest in you and your group, but don’t worry, I will ask those questions in due course. I have some guesses and ideas, but there is one thing I don’t understand.”

Why is a group of strong, high ranking vampires travelling with Jessica?” Looking around the room, that’s when Quinn noticed that Jessica hadn’t been invited, and there was also something strange that had been asked before about her as well.

“Where is Jessica?” Quinn asked, looking at Lucia.

But someone else opened his mouth before Lucia could respond. “You helped her escape, don’t try to play stupid. I still can’t fully trust you; who knows how you got that armour, it might be fake. How could an unknown vampire like yourself have the trust of everyone?” It was Yaddy.

Quinn ignored him and waited for Lucia’s reply.

“She escaped.” Lucia finally spoke. She had been silent for the entire time ever since Quinn left. She felt like she had been swept up in this madness but knew she needed to say something now.

“She said that she didn’t want to bring our group any trouble, and it would be best if she parted with the group.”

Hearing this, Yaddy’s frustration grew tenfold, while Andy just let out a big sigh.

“That girl is running away from her responsibilities and is acting quite selfish. Anyway, I don’t think she left too long ago; she couldn’t have gone far. Send out a team and bring her back. Don’t hurt her; just tell her that the commander wishes to speak to her and make things clearer.”

“Wait!” Quinn said, just as the Lieutenants were about to move out. “Before you follow his order, I still see Jessica as part of my group, and I won’t allow you guys to hurt her. So first, I want to know why Jessica is so important to you?”

Honestly, Lucia was curious about this as well. Was it because she was a Dhampir or at least part dhampir? Was she a part of an experiment that the Vampire Corps had been performing secretly and didn’t want to get leaked, or perhaps she’s a weapon against the dhampirs?

“Look, I really want to work with you two.” Andy finally said. “And I’m really an easy-going guy, but the matter with Jessica also involves the humans, not just the Vampire Corps, and I really don’t know who you guys are. At the same time, this is an urgent matter due to the meeting I just came back from, so… I don’t think I can answer your question.”

It was then that Quinn came to a decision. Considering everything, it seemed like the right time, so he lifted his hand and held out one finger.

The eyes of everyone were on him as they were expecting him to do something, but that’s when with a single tap, Quinn touched the tip of his nose, and several cracks appeared on his face.


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