My Vampire System Chapter 1647: Trick the Trickster

Seeing who was on stage and the two that were about to face off, the crowd couldn’t help but talk about them. They mainly focused on what had happened earlier today. First, they spoke of Peter’s feats on the field; even now, his body was still transformed into the great monstrosity, looking the same as it did then.

However, seeing how he was calm and not attacking others, the vampires felt more calm seeing him this way. There were rumours about when he transformed. He was more like a wild animal that would attack anything on-site, but it was clear that wasn’t the case, and he clearly was in control.

Then there was the talk of Quinn. Although not everyone in the bar was a part of the vampire crops unit, most of them worked for the vampire corps, helping one way or another, and they too had heard of what he had done.

A vampire with an influence skill that was even stronger than the general. Of course, the mysterious stranger was able to hear all of this.

“Hmm, these two certainly are interesting, and it looks like they have made quite the stir already. I wonder why the general didn’t report anything then?” The mysterious man thought.

Sat opposite each other, the two friends didn’t say anything. They both knew they wanted to test their strength, and saying anything would reveal too much. Getting both their hands ready, they quickly held on.

“Since he’s using some strange powers, anything goes right?” Quinn asked the ref. Honestly, there really were no rules since this wasn’t a common game played by them, and he decided just to say what the people would want.

“Of course.”

After answering Quinn’s question, he looked at each contestant, who gave the nod calming that they were ready.

“You know, that hair of yours looks pretty strong. but you won’t be able to use it in a match of strength,” Quinn commented.

“Oh, trust me, I won’t need it, but if you think you need your blood aura or Qi to win this, go ahead.”

“Oh, trust me, I won’t need it, but if you think you need your blood aura or Qi to win this, go ahead.” Peter replied.

Minny stood close to the table, looking at them both; she was mainly being ignored. Usually, they wouldn’t allow one to get so close and be in the ring, but everyone seemed to ignore that because she was with Quinn.

She looked at both as she didn’t know who to cheer for.

“Both of you, fighting!” Minny shouted, pumping her fist.

In the end, she decided that she couldn’t support one or the other, even though secretly she did have a favourite, but she would never say that out loud.

“Start!” the ref shouted.

This time unlike before, there was a clear swing in movement. As for the one whose hand had moved, it was Quinn’s. It was lightning quick, but there was no bang heard as the back of Quinn’s fist was seen centimetres from touching the table.

“His strength really has improved now with the celestial energy. I haven’t given him any more points. I wonder why it affects dedicated followers so much and not myself.”

With his 200 points of strength, Quinn believed that he might be able to still win this; in the end though, he had to reinforce his arm with the first stage of Qi, giving him extra power. Peter was doing the same, going full blast from the get-go.

Quinn didn’t know if it was a tactic of Peter’s just to win the match using the Qi and his celestial power or not. Either way, Quim felt like he had this one in the bag.

“I thought I would give you a chance.” Peter said, “But if you’re not going to go all out.”

At that moment, Quinn felt his hand move ever so slightly as the power started to increase, and it looked to be growing bit by bit. This wasn’t the celestial energy. Peter had already used all of that; no, this was the Qi surrounding his arm.

“It looks like the Qi training that he has been doing has been paying off… right now… I couldn’t be happier, but you aren’t the only one that has been trying to learn something new.”

Of course, there was an easy way for Quinn to win this, taking away the celestial energy Quinn had given. According to the system, he could take it away and give it back as needed, but that just wouldn’t feel right.

Quinn wanted to beat the Peter that was in front of him. Perhaps right now, in a battle of Pure strength, Peter would win, but just like with any fight, there wasn’t just strength. There were a number of factors, and Quinn had faced multiple opponents that were far stronger than him and had overcome them. This time he was going to do the same.

In the middle of the match, Quinn closed his eyes. Peter felt like this was a little strange but continued to push forward with his energy. He too, closed his eyes as he tried to draw more Qi from his body to his arm, but that’s when Peter noticed something.

Since learning Qi, he could feel his own clearer, and at the moment, it was flowing straight from Peter’s hand and into Quinn’s.

Is this… did you learn how to use the Qi drain skill? You’re stealing his Qi. Ray commented. He quickly realised that this was one of his tricks being used.

“I’ve always been quite skilled in Qi. I had quite a few good teachers in the past.” Quinn said, thinking of Leo and Chris and wondering if the two of them were still alive. “Because I was worried about my vampire aura entering their bodies, I learnt to control it, and I learnt to control others Qi to teach it to them. I realised that perhaps I already had everything needed for the Qi drain skill, and what better time to test it than now.”

Quinn wasn’t worried. If he took Peter’s Qi, he would always give it back, if not by the same method; he also still had the gauntlet. His blood gauntlet may have disappeared, but the other demon tier gauntlet was still in his possession.

Slowly, the tides were turning as Peter’s strength was weakening, and Quinn was making a comeback. The arm slowly rose until both of them were in the centre once again. The two strong powers of Qi were colliding against each other. Although Quinn could use the Qi drain, it wasn’t as straightforward as he imagined.

The clashes of the two powers caused quite a wave of energy to be sent from the centre of the ring. The vampires sitting closest could even feel it giving them shivers and shaking their glasses on the table.

It was then that Peter knew that he would soon lose this match.

No longer planning on winning this match with his Qi energy, he started to rely on his celestial energy instead.

“Now don’t you think this is. A Little unfair.” Peter said, his eyebrows shaking as he used every ounce of his strength.

“Aren’t you also using something that I gave you in the first place?” Quinn replied, talking about the celestial energy. “Anyway, why don’t I give you a hand.”

[2 Points of celestial energy have been transferred]

Immediately, Peter could feel the effect of the power and the red pulse in him grew.

He wondered why Quinn would do such a thing in the middle of the match, and sure enough once again, Peter was able to overcome the power even with the added Qi that Quinn had drained.

The truth was, Quinn was trying to see just how much stronger the celestial energy made Peter. At the moment, Quinn wasn’t using any celestial energy himself.

“I just wanted to give you a bit of confidence before you lost this match,” Quinn said. All of Quinn’s hand was starting to become encased in red blood. It was so pure and dense that it just looked like Quinn’s arm was red.

“That’s some strong blood aura.” The mysterious stranger noticed. ‘However, I fail to see how this would help him.

The way Quinn had used the blood aura in this instance, he coated it over his arm like some armour which was why the mysterious man was confused, but that was because he had no idea who Quinn was nor what he could do.

Now that his arm was completely coated in the blood aura, Quinn could use his blood control to increase the strength of his arm further and push it that much further. There was a smile on Quinn’s face, and the next second, Peter’s hand moved so quickly, followed by a loud clang.

The contestants could see a completely destroyed table and Peter on the floor lying there.

“It looks like we have a winner!”

The crowd started to cheer like madmen, as they had just finished watching the most intense arm wrestling match they had ever seen in their life.

“Man.” Peter said, getting up off the floor. “I should have tried to stab him a couple of times with my head.”

Now the match was over; Peter was reverting back to his form. It looked like he would never be able to surpass his creator, but Peter didn’t mind that, he didn’t mind that at all.

The mysterious man, this bartender, and more started to clap away at Quinn as he stood there in the centre, and all of them looked at them proudly until a certain person had entered the venue.

“NATE!” Yaddy shouted, with the other two by his side.

Everyone turned and quickly stood up straight as they saw their general enter the venue. “Where is Jessica?” He asked.

Quinn raised an eyebrow at this question because he had no clue what was going on.

“Jessica’s missing?” Quinn replied.

“Don’t play games with me!” Yaddy shouted. “You and she went missing from their room, the commander is here, and he will be furious with you once he learns what you have done!”

Saying these words, it was then that the mysterious man stood in front of Quinn.

“Now, now, there is no need to shout. I’m sure there was a misunderstanding. Everyone is friends and on the same side here, right?”

The mysterious man removed his mask, and out from the back, long flowing white hair was seen. There were audible gasps in the room as they saw who it was, and soon everyone understood why he was able to put up a match against Peter.

“Commander Andy!” Yaddy said, immediately getting on one knee.

“The commander?” Quinn thought. “Does that mean he’s the leader of the vampire corps? The leader is right here in front of me. I don’t have to go to earth?”

“Who?…” Peter said out loud.


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