My Vampire System Chapter 1646: Extreme strength

After receiving the important announcement, General Yaddy was already out and about, walking out of the base. He was travelling with his two close confidants who wore the two silver emblems on their bodies.

As they walked through town, many of the vampire corps units’ members greeted them, saluted them or spoke a few words in praise. However, it was clear that General Yaddy had a lot on his mind, as he barely gave any response and did little to acknowledge greetings.

His pace was fast as they walked through the city, while the two men with him kept a close eye on the surroundings. Eventually, they had reached the local landing station. It was an airport made for the that would arrive and depart.

It was large, and every vehicle that arrived would be inspected and the people too before entering the city. In simple words, the security was top notch. That was unless the person was a VIP. In that case, they could get approval to land beforehand with their loading spot, and this was where Yaddy was heading to right now.

“What do you mean he’s not here?!” Yaddy shouted at the top of his voice at a staff member.

The staff was instantly terror-strick, as Yaddy’s fear was being instilled into him a bit as well.

“Sir, when he landed, he said he wished to explore the place. He also arrived on his own, so only his ship is here. The staff replied.

Yaddy proceeded to slap his forehead upon hearing the news.

“He’s exploring the plack; does that mean he’s doing an evaluation? Well, if he’s just in the city, things shouldn’t be too bad, but I thought he would have gone straight to the base.”

“Sir, you’re not going to like this, but I just received news from the base.” One of the men beside Yaddy suddenly spoke, “They just went to the room where Jessica was staying, but it turns out, she and the male vampire are no longer there.”

If Yaddy was human, he felt like he could feel a heart attack about to ensue at any moment with how his blood pressure was rising. Everything was going in the worst direction for him and his future.

“Tell them to find her or the vampire. Also, we need to find out where the commander is right now!” Yaddy ordered and took a deep breath to calm himself down. He knew this was not the time to break down.


Inside the ring, the mysterious man sat down in his seat confidently. It was hard to gauge his feelings and thoughts. Quinn couldn’t even sense an aura in him, no Qi or vampire aura. He had met a few who could control their aura well in the past, most of them being from Pure, but it was unlikely for a Pure’s agent to be in a place like this.

Honestly, Quinn still wasn’t expecting much from the man. Anyway, there wouldn’t be many in the current world who could face Peter when it came to strength. After Peter dealt with this guy, Quinn was actually looking forward to facing Peter himself.

“If you use the same amount of strength as you did against the last guy… you will lose, Wight.” The mysterious man wearing the black mask said.

“Oh, says the one that chooses to hide behind the mask. If you were that strong, you wouldn’t be any need for you to hide behind the mask.” Peter replied while taking a fighting stance as the match was about to begin.

The two latched on their hands, intertwining their fingers to ensure they were holding properly. They then placed their other hand on the metal bar, allowing them to use more of their arm’s strength. Then when everything was set, the referee could make the call.

“Start!” The Ref shouted.

Everyone in the bar cheered at the top of their lungs, hoping to see another massacre like they had seen in the last match. However, there was no sudden bang. As seconds flew by, the cheering died, and people whispered about what was going on.

“I said start!” The Ref shouted once more just in case they didn’t hear because both of their hands were still dead in the centre.

“I told you, didn’t I? You will have to use a lot more strength than that if you want to beat me.” The man spoke again.


[Colossal Draugr]

Using his inspect skill on the person who could match Peter in strength astonished Quinn, but it made some sense now, seeing what subclass this mysterious person was.

“The Draugr class was what Linda was, but, if I remember correctly, she only ever evolved up to a Great Draugr?”

“She had great strength, but it didn’t scale up to a creature like Wight. Also, after evolving, Linda was one of the strongest in terms of strength.”

“I want to know if he is at an evolution above Linda’s, or is he far beyond Great Draugr level?… Also, the scary thing is, I’m guessing he isn’t using everything he’s got either.”

The frustration could clearly be seen on Peter’s face. Although Quinn could tell that Peter wasn’t using his Qi, different energy was rising in him.

“Sigh, I should stop him, but I guess the others have already seen it.” Quinn inwardly sighed.

Peter’s whole body started to transform as he used the celestial energy. The vampire corps members got excited at this sight. They had all heard of this but never expected they would see this. At the same time, Quinn was also quite eager to see what these changes were since he had missed out on them.

When Peter started to change though, there was something that would seriously change, and that was his face. His real face was revealed. Quinn looked around to see if anyone noticed, but no one seemed to.

Finally, Peter had finished his transformation, looking the same as before, with a strange tail sticking out from the top of his head, but the red celestial energy was pulsing through his whole body. With this boost in power, Peter smiled before giving it his all, and in the next second, the Qi that will usually cover his hands appeared as well.

Taken by surprise, it looked like the mysterious stranger didn’t even have time to act before Peter slammed the latter’s hand into the table. This time, the force was so much that the table was also slightly dented.

“It looks like ZombieP is still our winner.” The Ref exclaimed in the silent room, breaking the sudden silence.

The whole crowd cheered at this, and as the Ref walked over to lift Peter’s hand, he was a little hesitant to grab it since it was still slightly pulsating with the red power. At that moment, Peter raised his hand on his own anyway.

The mysterious man stared at his own hand for a few seconds, it didn’t seem too hurt, and after shaking it a couple of times, he healed most of his hand’s internal injuries.

“I wonder, could the Draugar have done more in this match? He has piqued my interest.” Quinn thought.

The mysterious man stood up and started to walk over in Quinn’s direction, which startled the latter a little bit, but as he went past, he lifted his hand as if going for a high five.

“Come on, don’t tell me you don’t know what this is? It’s a tag. I’m tagging out, which means it’s your turn. I just hope you put on a better show than me and beat him.”

Quinn smiled at the person. At least this one didn’t seem to be a sore loser and was a change compared to the annoying flies he would meet.

“Hmm… I’m not sure, but I’ll make sure to go all-out from the beginning rather than testing my opponent. I know how strong he is already.” Quinn replied as he walked past and headed towards the centre.

Quinn soon sat down at the table. Glancing at the table, he held the table’s opposite sides, and then he kneed the table from below, and as he did this, the dent formed due to the previous match came out of the table.

This simple action awestruck the crowd, and they now knew the show wasn’t yet over.


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