My Vampire System Chapter 1645: A competition of strength

It was clear that all eyes were on Peter who was in the ring, and on top of that he had used his old stage name. Although Quinn thought that there would likely be no one who would even remember that name.

In fact, what was even the state of the game power fighters in the first place, Quinn hadn’t even had time to enjoy the new wonders of technology since he was busy enjoying everything else.

“Peter, what have you gone and done, the idea was to stay low!” Quinn thought. Right now, it wasn’t even best for him to go on stage while everyone was looking. Although, Quinn did have the idea to use the blue fang armour set.

Perhaps he could grab Peter and get out of the place before anyone would notice. However, in the end, Quinn decided to stay and watch for a while, as he wondered just what exactly was going on in the first place.

The next participant had been selected from the crowd, and he appeared to be quite the bulky vampire… at least partly. The vampire had the appearance of someone who was in the gym every day of the week, yet for some reason had decided to skip his legs, making him look like an upside down triangle.

As he entered the ring he was punching his two hands together and Quinn was beginning to think he had an idea just why they had a ring in the centre of the stage, that was until the two of them sat down at a table that had been placed in the centre, that also had tow-bars on the side.

“This is arghhh interesting…” Quinn thought, moving in closer and eventually taking a seat at the bar and ordering a drink.

“Juice please!” Minny shouted straight away as she quickly climbed on top of the stool. Although Minny looked like a kid, the vampire bartender could tell that she was a vampire and thus happily complied, pulling out a little carton of juice.

Usually Quinn would have said something, but with the day that Minny had had, she truly deserved a treat in his opinion, and he had to remember that times were different compared to what he was used to. There seemed to be an abundance of blood these days, and nobody paid any heed to someone drinking blood out in the open.

Looking up at the arena, Quinn soon saw that both Peter and his opponent locked arms, and now he knew exactly what they were doing, but he couldn’t quite believe it. Both of their hands were locked in with each other. The next second and a loud bang was heard, and all that could be seen was strain on the large man’s face.

His hand hit the table without any resistance. To Quinn’s surprise, the table remained fine, yet the same couldn’t be said for the challenger’s hand. There had been a loud sound indicating that those bones were completely broken.

“You could have gone easy on me, or at least made it look like it was going to be a close match.” The large man complained as he calmly looked over the state of his arm. Without having to say anything, seemingly used to this scene, the referee had allowed brought him a drink so that the man could start the healing process.

“I’m sorry, I don’t really know how to hold back.” Peter merely shrugged.

After watching this short match that had lasted less than a second, Quinn understood what Peter was doing. The Wight was having arm wrestling matches with his fellow vampires from the Vampire Corps unit.

As he walked down, Peter couldn’t help but attract the attention of everyone else. In the end, one of the braver Vampire Corps members who had been out on the raid called out to him. The vampire praised the Wight’s strength, and seemed quite intrigued in finding out just how strong someone was who managed to get a Bronze blood emblem on their very first day.

Of course, Peter understood that he couldn’t just punch his fellow members, yet soon other members gathered around the duo, asking to have a match of their own. The Wight was sure that he could take all of them in a direct fight, but that might be bad for whatever else Quinn might have planned.

Eventually, someone came up with the idea which led to the current situation.

“Well, at least he seems to be having fun, and it looks like he didn’t really get in any trouble.” Quinn thought.

Seeing how the table was still in good condition even with Peter using his strength, Quinn thought that the table had to at least be made out of Glathrium, or perhaps some stronger material that might have been discovered during his slumber. Of course, that was assuming Peter hadn’t lied about the not holding back part.

“Is there anyone else that wishes to go up against our undefeated contender?!” The referee shouted, looking out to the crowd. Seeing the nervous look on all of those out in the bar, Quinn would guess that Peter must have defeated quite numerous vampires already.

“Why don’t you go up?” Minny tugged on Quinn’s arm.

The bartender, seeing this, couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Hey, don’t laugh, my Dad is the strongest!” Minny insisted, flexing her small little biceps.

Although Quinn wasn’t aiming to correct the man, nor did he have any desire to show off anymore than he already had done, the Celestial Vampire did wonder who among the two friends would be stronger. In the past, he had created the Wight, meaning they had shared a connection that had made it so that Peter would share Quinn’s power.

However, at some point, Quinn had surpassed Peter to the point where this would no longer apply. The link between the two of them had broken. Since then, Peter had been able to still get stronger regardless, Quinn had seen that.

Developing his own special use of Qi, and now even using Celestial Energy. The few times Quinn had used Celestial Energy, he hadn’t felt his strength change by a large margin. However, from the sounds of it, it would deeply affect Peter’s performance.

“That would make somewhat some sense, Bliss didn’t seem that strong either, so maybe just because someone is a Celestial or a God, it doesn’t mean they are strong.”

The bartender served another drink to another customer, and when he turned around to look at Quinn, he almost dropped the glass he was wiping, because he saw the poor father raise his hand.

“What are you doing? You don’t have to impress me, you have a daughter, you should look after her!” The bartender shouted.

“It’s okay, I’m not trying to impress anyone, I just want to see how much he has improved myself.” Quinn answered, who also thought this would be the perfect time to find out first hand how much Celestial Energy could improve one of his, dedicated followers since he had recently gained quite the nice boost.

“Oh what’s this, just when it looked like there was no one else, now there are two brave volunteers!” The announcer shouted.

“Two?” Quinn wondered, already having gotten up and out of his seat, he looked around.

“Please both of you make your way up to the stage, and we will decide which order for you guys to take on our champion!”

When Quinn walked up to the stage, he brought Minny along with him, he didn’t want her to get out of his sight. At the same time, there were those that noticed Quinn as well. His face had become quite memorable after the meeting, for more reasons than one.

“Hey, isn’t that… that vampire, the one that used the Influence skill on the General?”

There were whispers about him everywhere and there were even a couple of people that were so frightened that they left the room, but most stayed, excited to see just what was going to happen. Peter, when seeing that it was Quinn, he just had a large smile on his face.

“Now, don’t go easy on me.” Peter stated.

“Don’t worry, I won’t and remember there’s another one. Why don’t you beat him before you get to me?’ Quinn replied.

On the other side of the ring, the other participant who was a well-built man, quite tall and strong, stood there. He was the only other one that had put his hand up, but strangely he had a full lack mask covering his whole face, and only two small slits for his eyes.

“After seeing Peter beat the last person like that, he has to be fairly confident… and there’s one more thing. He doesn’t smell like a vampire, he smells like a subclass.” Quinn thought.


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