My Vampire System Chapter 1642: Runaway

The others in the room had no clue what Quinn would do next, and soon they saw something strange forming around his palm. It was a dark spherical shadow that began to turn into the shape of a dragon head as it left his palm.

The shadow changed shape, growing so large it looked like it was a real beast. The shadow was long, had no legs or arms, and looked more like it had a serpent’s body, as it had no wings. However, due to its head shape and size, without a doubt, it was clearly a dragon.

“What is this…” Jessica and the others all stared at the scene with their mouths wide open. They were witnessing something like this for the first time in their lives. Most of them had seen glimpses of video of the shadow power being used in different ways, but never like this.

Bracing himself, Derik squinted his eyes as the shadow came towards him, he was still at a loss of judgement, and that was when the shadow passed directly through him. As it did, it felt like something had come out of his body, as if a part of him was taken away from him.

In the next moment, a burning sensation overcame him as if Quinn had lighted up his body in flames. Immediately, he tried to use his broken arms, but they were useless. Kneeling on the floor, Derik was now screaming and shrieking in pain.

“Minny… i’m sorry that you had to see this.” Quinn said, not looking at her, afraid of the look she would have on her face. “But I want you to know the extent of what your powers can do. This was taught to me by a great man, i am sure you know him too. And this skill was developed by him, and he used it to punish vampires for their wrongdoings. To make sure that they never acted out again.”

“Perhaps the vampires have forgotten about this fact, and they need reminding that the Punishers are still exist.”

Thinking about it, Quinn was officially the Punishers leader, or, at least at one point, he had claimed the title of that. He also noticed that since evolving, his shadow eater skill seemed to change slightly, and due to that, he had gained more MC cells from the vampire than he assumed he would have received.

Just now, he had obtained about 200 MC points.

“Perhaps it won’t take me that long to get my MC cells back up to how much they used to be.” Quinn thought.

Derik kept screaming, but the others didn’t know how to react. Eventually, Minnie, whom Quinn was trying to protect, started crying on the spot due to Derik’s scream. Hearing this, Quinn thought it was a signal to put an end to this outrage. Using his shadow, he threw it over Minnie’s eyes, blocking her vision, and then the screams suddenly stopped.

When the shadow descended once again, Derik’s body was no longer there because Quinn had placed it in his shadow not to make Minny any more uncomfortable.

“Minny is just a child. I didn’t want to show her that… i said I would look after her… These people, it was because of these people that i had to show her something like that.” Quinn thought and immediately turned his head towards Hannah. She was next.

The other vampires that had joined the attack were already standing at the edge of the room. Kneeling on the floor and begging for forgiveness, they didn’t even dare raise their head.

As for Hannah, her whole body was shaking, and she, too, hadn’t moved. She was so afraid that she even felt a warm trickle down her leg.

“This… man, he has complete control over the shadow… is he a secret leader of the red vampires? Was he here to supervise us… or is it something else?”

The next second, Hannah went down on her knees and kneeled as well.

“I apologise for my subordinates’ actions!” Hannah shouted. “I initially came here to stop him. I didn’t want to cause any harm to you or your group. We didn’t know you were a Guardian. Even then i know this was not an excuse for our actions, i only acted because i saw the dhampir…”

“Quiet!” Quinn spoke in a stern tone, “You are mistaken. I am not these damn guardians you speak of. You have mistaken me for them?”

Hearting this, Hannah wondered how that was even possible. Only the guardians and one of the leaders knew of the shadow powers. In the end, she could only ask.

“Then who are you?”

“I said before already; I am a Punisher, someone who uses his shadow powers to punish the vampires who abuse their powers,” Quinn replied.

He had somewhat expected a reaction from the others because he still remembered how much fear the word punishers had instilled in the vampires before. However, there was no reaction from them all whatsoever.

“Punishers… forgive me; I do not know of them,” Hannah replied as she started to panic. She couldn’t think of a way to get out of this situation, so she said whatever came to her mind, “Didn’t you join the red vampires for a reason? Did you perhaps want to meet the others with shadow powers… maybe I can help somehow? You tried joining our organisation for a reason, right… I can help you.”

This was a familiar scene to Quinn. When one’s life was on the line, they would do almost anything to protect it. The organisations they had joined, the loyalty they exhibited will disappear.

“Originally, i did,” Quinn said. “But there is one thing that i will never do, and that is to allow those close to me, those i wish to protect, to get hurt, just because of my own goals. There are other ways i can find out what i want without bringing any unnecessary trouble.”

As he finished, he moved his hand and spread his palm in the direction of Hannar. It looked like Quinn was ready to use the shadow eater skill again.

“NOOOO!” Minny shouted. “No more, please… please… i don’t want you to hurt anyone anymore… anymore… please stop!”

Quinn’s hand lowered to her side, and silence filled the room. One could only hear Minny sniffling while others remained silent.

Jessica and Lucia knew of the guardians, many people did due to the reports, but it was quite clear that this vampire in front of them wasn’t a Guardian and it seemed like he was even quite disgusted by the fact that someone might consider him so.

“I’m just happy that he’s on our side instead of being on the enemy’s side.” Lucia thought. “I was right; this vampire is something special. He clearly knows something, and there is a reason why our leader was so kind to him.”

Just then, as if on cue to end this small scuffle, a Vampire Corps unit stormed through the door. They stepped into the room with their red aura brandished out, expecting a fight. It seemed like with everything going on, in particular the screams. The vampires nearby had finally gained some sense to report to the higher-ups.

However, what came as a surprise was the number of high level vampires that had entered the room. In this new group were some of the lieutenants who were on stage earlier, and eventually, Yaddy had stepped inside as well.

“I had a feeling that this vampire would cause trouble, but to cause so much on the first day…” Yaddy thought as he saw the mess in the room while unconsciously blaming it on Quinn.

After swiftly considering what to say, Lucia was the first to act.

“Thank you for arriving. These people are part of the Red Vampires.” She almost shouted while pointing at Hannah and her group. “We found out, and they tried to silence us.”

Looking at the situation, of course, Yaddy didn’t know what to believe, but for a second, Hannah glanced at Quinn, and she knew what to do.

“What she has said is right… we are working with the red vampires.” Hannah accepted, thinking that it might be her only way to get out of the situation safely, and perhaps it was for the best.

Soon, the Vampire Corps rounded up the Red vampires and took them away while also asking for Quinn and his group to make a report. However, when Yaddy got to Jessica, he paused for a second as she looked down, trying to hide her face.

Yaddy frowned, and after a moment of pause, he suddenly shouted, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Jessica… it’s you! What are you doing here?! We have been looking for you everywhere!”


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