My Vampire System Chapter 1641: Worst Pain

Rising from the pool of shadows was the silhouette of Quinn, yet from Derik and Hannah’s point of view, that person might have been the grim reaper himself. That was just how afraid the two Red Vampires were when faced with the power of the Celestial Vampire who they had known for such a short period of time.

“He told us he would come if we were really in trouble, and here he is…” Lucia thought, letting out a little sigh of relief. Still, the air in the room remained thick enough to be cut, the tension high, because nobody knew what that person would do next.

Quinn had sensed Minny was using shadow. Shadow in some way, he became aware that the group of girls had to be in trouble. As such, he hadn’t hesitated to use his Shadow Link.

The truth was, the vampire had never taught Minny how to use that skill, to have it active one would have to leave a small part of their shadow powers active. Not teaching her was how Quinn could tell that they were in trouble because the link had become active.

Looking at those angry eyes, Hannah understood that her worst fears had come true. She had run over here in the first place to prevent such a scene from happening. She didn’t know what Quinn’s real goal was, or what Derik had been planning, but one thing was for sure, they didn’t want to upset this person.

“What is going on?” Hannah thought. “I was already overwhelmed when I saw the little vampire use the shadow powers. I didn’t see him here before, and it looked like he rose from the shadows. Is he another guardian? Since when do guardians travel together?”

“Dammit… could it be that he’s teaching the little girl to become guardian in the future? If so, that means we’ve made a colossal mistake! We’ll be lucky if they don’t excommunicate us from the Red Vampires for harming them…”

Considering that possibility, Hannah was trying to figure out if there was any way for them to salvage this situation, or at least buy enough time to explain themselves. She could tell with the little time they had spent that Quinn was extremely protective over the girl.

“Minny…” Quinn whispered, yet his voice trailed off, that was because he had already noticed all of what looked like destroyed blood cells in Minny’s arms. He hadn’t been there when the small girl had used the Blood Rifle before, so he had no clue that this was the aftermath of her own action.

Her arms were mangled, and it looked like the blood was trying to rupture through the skin but was unable to. Seeing this, something had come over Quinn that he hadn’t felt in a long time.

A rush of blood was moving all over his body, his heart beating louder than before, and his hands were slightly shaking. If he didn’t do something about this rising energy soon, it felt like it would completely consume him.

“Minny, tell me who did this to you.” Quinn requested, his teeth grinding against each other, as he was finding it hard to speak through the anger that was rising in him.

“That man… he hurt sister Jessica!” Minny exclaimed, not holding back, she swung her injured arms as they weren’t in the best shape, but Quinn knew who she was pointing at. The next second, before Minny’s arm even swung down, before anyone could Say anything, Quinn already had his hand right around Derik’s throat.

No one in the room had seen Quinn move, the room wasn’t large by any means, but the Celestial Vampire didn’t limit his speed at all, not in the current state he was in, and where he had left from the floor boards had been destroyed underneath as well.

“No, wait!” Hannah shouted out. “The vampire you were travelling with, she’s not really a vampire, she’s a Dhampir!”

There were some strange things that Hannah had noticed when travelling together, and the other three seemed more of a tight-knit group than the two girls that would often be with them, so she was hoping revealing the fact, that one of them was their mortal enemy might make him stop his aggression.

Also, she was sure that it would be a secret that the Dhampir wanted to keep at all costs. Even Jessica herself started to worry that things could be turned on their head at any second and that Quinn would instead come for her. Lucia was also contemplating what she could do to help her friend.

“Don’t listen to her, Nate! That bastard broke Minny’s arms! All she wanted to do was help Jessica because he was trying to kill her!” Lucia shouted, hoping that would sway things.

However, in the first place, Quinn hadn’t even turned around for a second to confirm whether Jessica was what they claimed her to be… simply because the Celestial Vampire didn’t care about it. He could always verify the truth of the matter later, but now was the time for punishment!

Letting go of Derik’s neck, immediately, Quinn held onto the Red Vampire’s hands. At that moment, the pale surface of his skin started to light up red, small spots started to arrive until it filled his arms completely. Then blood squirted out as the pressure of the blood from inside his body was too much. piercing through the pores of his skin.

“ARGHH!” Derik screamed in pain as he felt the blood burst through every part of his skin like a balloon.

“Tell me, was it fun breaking the arms of a little, innocent girl? Are you proud of your actions?” Quinn asked, yet he wasn’t done with just that. He soon started pulling one finger after the after, breaking them with great speed, before moving on to each bone in Derik’s body, using his strength to crack them. Now not only was blood covering his skin, but part of his bone had ripped through it.

Hannah wanted to jump in and stop him, idiot Derik might be, that didn’t change the fact that he was her subordinate, yet something about Nate’s eyes made her abandon any will to get in his way. She knew powerful vampire wasn’t using the “Influence” skill, but she instinctively knew if she tried anything, she would be the next one to suffer his wrath.

Kicking his victim right by the knee, flying through the air, his legs came off. They had been broken off from the joints and hit the wall. Quinn had let go of his arms, making him, who was now considerably, fall to the floor on his bloody stumps.

“Don’t think for a second I’m done with you. My instinct was telling me that you were dangerous, yet i gave you the benefit of the doubt… Only for you to prove me completely right by demonstrating that you someone who doesn’t deserve to live.”

The fridge door swung open, and out from it, all the blood from the cartons of blood juice had been removed. It soon floated over to where Quinn was, breaking off from the pool of blood that was behind Quinn, a fraction of it suddenly went right into Derik’s mouth.

It was at that moment that the wounds on Derik started to heal.

“What is happening? Is that everything? Is he now healing me?”

There was visible confusion on the Red Vampire’s face, but when his arms had fully healed, his bones and skin back to what they used to be, he felt pressure on his wrists again, and the build up of pressure like a balloon was felt.

“This was just the beginning” Quinn stated coldly. “You will soon beg me to end your life.”

It was a cycle, Quinn was going through a cycle of torture with Derik, letting him experience the same thing over and over, healing him from near death. For some reason, each time Quinn thought that the anger in him would disappear, but it hadn’t. In the end, the blood from the cartons had run out, and Derik was left there, a shell of his former self.

His mind had long since shattered, unable to mentally endure such a procedure.

“One more thing needs to be done, the worst pain a vampire can ever experience.” Quinn started opening the palm of his hand and a shadow started to form.

[Skill shadow eater activated]


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