My Vampire System Chapter 1640: What have we done?

Derik had acted very swiftly, and it didn’t even take him a second to throw the other person into the line of fire. He knew that Hannah wouldn’t be on his side or agree to do something like this, so he had acted on his own.

If she had come moments later, then perhaps Hannah would have attacked Derik to stop all of this. However, there was one thing that the red vampires had in common, and that was a hatred for the dhampirs who had killed many of their close friends, family and allies.

Without a doubt, in their eyes, the dhampirs were enemy number one, which was why after seeing the yellow glow in Jessica’s eye, Hannah had already made up her mind with whose side she would be on.

Taking out a small short sword, Hannah thrusted it forward, and in doing so, a red line of aura shot out similar to the blood bullet. It wasn’t as fast, nor would it be as strong, but there was no drawback to using a blood skill like this through the weapon.

“Wait!” Lucia shouted out who was in the middle of the room; she stood up from the ground and held out her hand open. She couldn’t use her lighting powers in her weapon like she usually would have but could still use a small portion of her ability on her hands.

Regardless of this, the attack pierced right through Lucia’s hand. Running up her arm, it even shot through her shoulder.

“Arghh!” Lucia cried in pain. “Blocking those attacks without Qi is a lot harder than i thought, and why does it seem like ever since I’ve joined these guys, I keep getting hurt.”

Either way, Lucia had somewhat done her job, as the attack had slowed down slightly, and it was then that Jessica had the time to turn the side of her blade and use her Yellow aura to stop the attack. As the red aura hit, the strength of the two attacks seemed to collide. Hannah’s attack turned out to be more powerful than Jessica had thought.

“These guys, both of them are leaders of a red vampire squad… and I’m nobody. This is going to be a tough fight!”

Thinking this, while she was still trying to stop the attack from Hannah, it left room for Derik to deliver another punch. She protected her head, but Derik aimed right for the gut while twisting his fist again.

Jessica could feel her insides being slightly ruptured as the attack was stronger than that of the first lot. It seemed like Derik’s earlier words that his punches would get stronger with each attack were true.

However, this time, Jessica was expecting it, and she had a goal to achieve. While flying through mid-air, she attached all the strings she could to Derik’s arm and pulled them as extensively as possible, countering the momentum from the hit, which would have sent her flying into the wall.

But before she could do anything else, she saw Hannah come from the side, this time, she was using the sword itself covered in the red aura. As she went for an attack, Jessica pulled herself forward, using the strings on Derik to avoid the strike.

“Now you want a punch in your face, don’t you!” Derik shouted while clenching his fist, ready to pound her in the face. With as much strength as he had now, she was sure she would die if anything happened.

So as her body hurled at him, she threw her dagger with as much yellow aura as she could. It pierced through Derik’s hand and cut the strings off from him, ducking down to the point where she could roll on the ground and get past him.

Quickly getting up off the ground, she held her stomach, which was in pain, and there was even a little trickle of blood coming from the corner of her mouth.

“Maybe I could take out one of them, but even fighting with my powers, I can’t take on these two at once.” Jessica thought.

Seeing everything going on, Lucia also felt guilty for already using most of her powers. Maybe if she had recovered, she would have been able to do a little more, and at the same time, she imagined if the other two were here, then they wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Lucia had Minny in her hands, the latter’s arms were still broken and hadn’t recovered, but she was awake, though still under intense pain.

“I’m sorry, Minny. I can’t do anything, but maybe you can.” Lucia thought as she placed her hand above her mouth. The wound from earlier that was created on her hand was bleeding. She squeezed tightly, pouring the blood into Minny’s mouth.

As it slowly dropped into her, Minny started to feel better, and her arms began to recover just that bit more.

“Minny, we will protect you, but right now, one of your sisters needs your help!” Lucia squinted, feeling bad for relying on a child, but this was no ordinary child.

When Minny opened her eyes, she looked towards Jessica, who seemed concerned, and without a second of hesitation, Minny held up both of her hands. She was trying to create the blood rifle attack that so badly had hurt her hands again.

Looking behind her for a second, Hannah noticed what was happening. “MOVE!” Hannah shouted, immediately putting her palm on the floor. She created the thickest blood wall she had ever done before. Then she also decided to do something strange; she proceeded to stab herself several times with her own weapon.

In the next second, Hannah had become somewhat of a blur. Minny fired the two blood rifles off in her direction. It had smashed through the blood wall without a hitch and continued forward, hitting the wall on the other side and creating a large hole.

Minny’s arms were completely mangled once again, and she was left exhausted as she tried to catch a breath. She didn’t pass out this time but was grimacing in pain with each breath.

“They… how did they avoid that?” Lucia said as she could see that both of the red vampires were fine. With Hannah having pushed Derik out of the way.

“The ability to get faster with each hit.” Jessica recognised. “She attacked her own body several times for a speed boost. Damn it, they have strong abilities.”

“Finish off the dhampir. The little girl won’t be able to do much anymore!” Hannah ordered.

Hannah couldn’t act on her own because even though she hadn’t been hit by the blood rifle attacking herself, she was still badly injured. Following her orders, Derik went towards Jessica with pleasure. The latter attempted to move, but pointing out her blade, Hannah fired out another blood attack, showing that her end would be even worse if she moved.

Doing this perfectly, firing out a fast blood attack each time as a distraction, allowed Derik’s punch to land. She was either to be hurt from the blood attacks from Hannah or to take a punch from Derik.

While doing her best to avoid the blood attacks, Derik’s fist was ready to hit her. But suddenly, something happened.

Minny appeared between Jessica and Derik. Her arms were blood-red as if the attack’s recoil had destroyed all the vessels in them, they were floppy as her small bones had broken from using such a powerful attack, and yet she still stood there with a severe expression on her face.

“I won’t let them take you!” Minny shouted, and from her back rose a shadow which instantly moved towards Derik’s fist. It blocked the attack, stopping it, and before anything could happen, Derik’s full strength punch became useless.

Seeing all this, Hannah’s mouth opened wide as she lost the grip around her sword.

“Is this… little… g… g… girl… guardian? But how… how is that… possible?!”

Even Derik stopped his punch by dropping both arms to the sides, his mouth was wide open, while Minnie was very tired, she didn’t have much shadow power, and blocking this punch took away a lot of mc cells from her, slowly, the shadow started to fall from her body, but before that happened, something strange happened.

As the shadow touched the floor, it created a large circle as if a pool of shadows was created and a figure could be seen slowly rising from it. The figure’s outline looked somewhat familiar to the others, and as the shadows began to fade, they knew who it was.

“NO… what have we done?!” Hannah’s heart dropped when she recognised the figure as well.


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