My Vampire System Chapter 1639: Coward

The Vampire Corps actually worked on a shift basis. There would be those that lived on the barracks closer to the wall and lived on-site—protecting the place from any incoming dangers, like the beast wave they had faced earlier in the day.

Then, there would be those who were allowed to live in the city nearby. They would just have to come to work in the daytime. Essentially, every member of the vampire Corps unit had two living quarters.

One temporary when staying at the barracks and the other in the city, a permanent home for them and their family. Of course, there were also other humans and vampires in the city who weren’t part of the Corps; they just generally lived there as citizens would.

At the moment, all of the new recruits were living in temporary accommodation at the barracks. It was usual far many recruits to leave in the first few months of the conscription, thus, the Corps unit wanted to make sure if they were willing to commit to their new duties before giving them permanent homes in the city.

However, the Vampire Corps didn’t assign the new recruits with any roles or duties yet; this will come in the following week, and for now, they will be under Lieutenant Mitchell’s command. This meant, right now, they didn’t exactly have to stay put in the rooms assigned to them, as long as they would be there in the morning when Mitchell arrived.

With this information, Hannah had decided to head into the city, where the other corps members lived. She had sent out a message wishing to meet up with the other red vampires working in the base.

She was trying to find out and share the information with the other members. Not everyone from the red vampires knew witnessed morning incidents since some were in the barracks or on other duty, but this did allow them to meet up without being seen or creating any suspicion.

Hannah had gone out on her own, which was why she was surprised to see that only one of her men was left behind when she returned to the room.

“What happened?” Hannah asked. “Where did Derik and the others go?”

The red vampire seemed nervous. He had somewhat expected Derik to come back by now and for Hannah to find out nothing about this, but for some reason, the latter was delayed.

“Tell me!” Hannah demanded as she stomped over to the vampire side. It looked like she was ready to lash out at her fellow member, but he soon flinched.

“I’ll tell you. Derik said he had a plan to keep the new vampire under control, and the others went with him…but I was too scared to go there. I mean, they haven’t returned yet. Do you think that that vampire has done something to them!”

Hearing this, Hannah felt steam coming from the top of her head, not just because of Derik’s actions behind her back, but what this could mean for them. Like the red vampire in front of her, Hannah was more afraid of the vampire she had invited to join them after seeing what happened today.

At first, she was excited, but now after knowing what Derik had done, she felt frustrated because she knew this could be a grave mistake. If they were to make one wrong move or one wrong decision, she could see it: that vampire can get rid of them in a heartbeat.

‘The name of the red vampires…it doesn’t even scare that person…just who is he?’ Hannah thought as she was already rushing towards the other building towards the room of the other group.

[y1e7]——— [/y1e7]

Inside the room, every time Jessica looked towards the injured Minny, her blood boiled at every passing moment. This time, she was the one that initiated the attack, as she used her small daggers to produce two blood swipes towards the other vampires.

She knew that they weren’t the most significant concern but were a problem that needed to be dealt with. Out of instinct, the two vampires performed a blood swipe; however, Derik knew which attack would win out.

The yellow energy broke right through the red aura and continued hitting the two of them in the chest. It hit their armour and caused quite the deep wound, permanently creating a mark. It was only one attack, but suddenly, the tides had turned.

‘That damned vampire, are none of them in this group normal? Derik thought. ‘How the hell, and why do they have a f*cking dhampir travelling with them?’

Derik knew fighting against a dhampir was always an uphill battle for vampires, and using the red aura against them was like trying to use fire to get rid of water.

‘She did it again, and she’s quite a bit stronger in this form as well.’ Lucia thought as she watched from the sides, as it was the only thing she really could do.

When they were attacked in the hotel room, the some thing happened before, but Lucia decided to keep it a secret and guessed that this was the reason why Jessica had left the Vampire Corps.

A dhampir being in the Vampire Corps unit was unheard of. In the first place, how was it even possible? Was Jessica really a dhampir? Because looking at Jessica, there was something different about her compared to the other dhampir which Lucy has come across in her life.

The most noticeable fact was that only a single eye would light up yellow. If she really was a dhampir, how did she suppress her urge like the others? She was travelling with vampires but never once showed any aggression towards them.

‘The single eye, is she something else, like a half of a dhampir or something? Either way, all of this fighting must have brought others’ attention, and if the other Corps members see her in this state… ‘ Lucia started to inch her way to the door to make sure she could buy time in case that exact thing happened.

Luckily, or unluckily, all of the new recruits were placed close together in the same apartment block-like building. Although some had heard the noise of fighting, they were unsure if it was an everyday thing here, and even those that were worried didn’t know who to report to or what they should do.

So the response was slow compared to the other areas.

With the new energy rising in her, Jessica’s arm started to heal somewhat, and eventually, she could use both daggers again. As she held them up, they were both coated in the aura; the only thing was they weren’t the same colour. One dagger was covered in the usual red vampire aura, while the other was yellow, indicating dhampir aura.

“Let go of hell” Jessica shouted as she charged forward.

Immediately, Derik knew he had no chance and needed to dodge. He let go of Minny, and she fell on the floor. Now getting both his hands ready, Derik incased them with a red aura. As soon as he sent his first attack, everyone heard a crash and Jessica’s dagger was slightly pushed back.

Jessica was somewhat surprised by this, but she still had the other dagger. When she went to attack this time, and her dagger clashed against Darik’s hand, unfortunately, it seemed like their power was equal as they both stayed mid-air.

“I see you are quite surprised. Did you think all vampires were so weak against the dhampirs or something? Derik said. “I’m afraid you have no clue about my ability because my punches get stronger and stronger with each successful hit on your body.”

Derik was getting ready to throw another punch, but he felt something wrap around his leg and could see no dagger in Jessica’s hand. As he threw out his fist, his leg was pulled, throwing him off balance and causing his punch to miss and Jessica’s dagger to go right through his forearm.

She had increased the yellow aura to force the dagger right through the blood hardened coating Derik had created on his forearm.

“You’re not the only one with an ability,” Jessica said.

Seeing how the fight was getting under control, Lucia was quite amazed.

Thus, instead of heading for the door, she stepped towards Minny to see if the latter was okay, but someone stomped inside the room just as she moved.

“What…what the hell is going on here?!” It was Hannah.

“Hannah!” Derik called out. “It’s a Dhampir! A dhampir has infiltrated the Red Vampires; help me!”


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