My Vampire System Chapter 1638: Not the only one with a secret

Seeing who was on the other side of the door, Jessica cautiously asked why the Red Vampires had come. Since she felt like the other red vampires were most likely not aware that Quinn and Peter were not in the room, they wouldn’t try anything funny.

If anything, she attempted to talk to them first to delay them from entering, or at least find out why they were at the door, but before she could do any of that, the last thing she was expecting was for a red aura-filled fist coming right through the door and into her stomach.

It was a powerful blow, and from a strong vampire as Derik, who was second in command within the Red Vampires group. Jessica went flying into the wall, crashing against it, she fell on the group. A wound appeared on her stomach, but it was slowly recovering due to the natural healing ability of vampires.

“What are you doing? We’re on the same side.” Lucia said as she immediately pulled out her spear and spread out her ability. However, the spear lit up more dimly compared to before. She had been fighting non stop out on the field, and later on, the game of tag had worn her out even more.

She wasn’t in the best condition to fight, to say the least, but knew that Jessica wouldn’t be able to handle things on her own, especially after noticing there were three members of the red vampires.

“It looks like the other two aren’t here like we thought, so it’s the perfect opportunity to act,” Derik said, looking around the room a little scared.

“You scumbag,” Jessica claimed as she stood up; her wound was almost healed, “You decided to attack us when you knew the other two were away? Are you that scared of them? Scared of what they would do to you?”

This comment seemed to enrage Derik as he swung out his armful of red aura, giving out a blood slash towards Jessica. Seeing this, Lucia acted as she slashed through the red aura, breaking it apart, but the blue light now had dimmed from her spear completely. If Derik used another attack like that, she wouldn’t be able to stop it.

“Those two are clearly not normal. You saw them today!” Derik shouted. “We need to make sure that he is not trying to go against us Red Vampires, and to do that, we just need some insurance.”

It was then that the two other vampires that had yet to act had gone straight for Minny. Lucia, the only one standing between them and Minnry, thrusted her spear again, but Derik quickly moved from the door and grabbed onto the spear tightly while kicking her away.

Now Derik held the spear in his hand.

“I don’t usually use beast weapons, but this one would be a waste to throw.” He coated the spear in a strong, powerful red aura in the next instant.

He could see that Jessica, having recovered, was now going towards the two other vampires as well. Rather than using a blood swipe, she had pulled out two small daggers and had coated them in the red aura, condensing it malting them stronger.

Seeing this, he knew she was quite the skilful vampire, enough to have even already wrapped her string ability around Minny and pulled her back slightly away from the others. Still, she was far too focused on one thing, protecting Minny.

The spear left Derik’s hand at an incredible speed, and just as she was about to slash forward towards one of the vampires, the spear went right through her shoulder, sending her back and pinning her against the wall again.

“We are not some weak vampires!’ Derik shouted, walking over towards Minny, who hadn’t been hurt but had her escape path blocked by the other two. “I am not a weak vampire; I am a respected vampire among the red vampires who truly cares for the group and will go to any lengths to protect them!”

Nodding his head, Derik had given the signal for the two vampires to attempt to grab her, and they both walked forward.

“Minny, play tag!” Lucia shouted while pressing her hand on her left side. It seemed like a rib or two had broken and pierced some organs, and she was currently trying to use whatever little Qi she had to stop it from becoming a serious matter.

Hearing these words though, Minny thought back to the game they were playing. Rather than being her scared self, she looked at the arms approaching her and could see that they weren’t as fast or scary as they first seemed.

Jumping up, she leapt onto the man’s arm, and with one jump, she avoided both of their grabs. She eventually reached the shoulder and jumped off towards one of the sofas in the room, landing safely.

“What do I do now?” Minny asked.

By this time, Jessica had pulled the spear out from her shoulder, but the deep wound was still there. She would have to consume bland to heal such intense wounds, this meant she was down to one arm now.

“Just get out of here, Minny, get out of here! Remember what they said; they will be able to find you if you were in trouble, so call them!” Jessica shouted.

Thinking about this, Minny was wondering what Quinn meant. He had never explained how exactly she would be able to find them even though they were in trouble. They were in trouble now, so why hadn’t Quinn arrived?

“I can’t leave you; you are my sisters, family sticks together!” Minny started shouting, and tears started to flow down her face. “I can’t lose my family…I can’t be away from my family again, and I can’t be the reason everyone gets hurt!”

The two girls didn’t understand why Minny was so upset because they had no idea what she had been through—having been separated from her mother for so long and being captured by the enemy.

She didn’t really know what was happening in the war, but even at a young age, she at least knew why they hadn’t killed her, how they wanted to use her, and she understood that something similar was happening again.

Minny had prepared herself. She would use everything she could in the fight to save them. Holding up her arms, she remembered the pain from using the rifle gun form before, but having seen it work once, she was prepared to use it again, and in the next instant, the red aura began to appear around her arms.

“You really think I will let you use that? I know you are dangerous like them.” Derik smirked as he quickly hit Minny’s arm as hard as it could, breaking it on the pot. The red aura around her arm disappeared in the next moment.

Grabbing Minny by the back of her collar, Derik soon broke her other arm as well, making sure she wouldn’t be able to resist. Intense pain seeped through Minny, making her cry out loud.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you because I need you after all,” Derik said with a smile, “But don’t try anything like that again. Otherwise, there will be a lot more pain.”

Having never experienced anything like that before, Minny was shocked to the point that she didn’t even dare think of anything.

“How could you!? how could you do that to a little girl?!” Jessica screamed at the top of her lungs in anger.

Lucia, looking towards her, was concerned for her newfound friend.

‘Is she going to do it again? Like she did when we were fighting against those robots? But if she does it here, in the middle of the vampire crops base. With all the fighting, I’m sure they will be here soon if you do that here…you could lose your life!’ Lucia thought.

However, she understood because she was beyond enraged at this vampire in front of her. ‘Just take them out quickly.’ Lucia thought.

A bust of energy enveloped Jessica’s body, and as she stared straight at Derik, one of her eyes began to glow yellow.


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