My Vampire System Chapter 1637: Dirty little secret

Jessica and Lucy, who were in the apartment, decided to play with Minny while waiting for Quinn and Peter. Being a young girl, it was easy for Minny to get bored, and whatever they tried didn’t seem to work on her.

They watched shows on the TV played on a few game consoles left in the room, among other things. In the end, Minny said that she wished to play catch. But the two girls knew it wouldn’t be safe to go outside right now, so they decided to play in the room.

Just then, Jessica had a serious look on her face as she charged in as fast as she could, her arms spread wide in an attempt to grab Minny. However, the latter quickly jumped up and even pushed off her head.

“Minny, it’s rude to do that to your sisters!” Lucia said as she had ignited even her hands with a bit of lighting in an attempt to grab hold of Minny. However, the latter was able to avoid that as well, as she threw out parts of her blood aura from her hands and towards the door to push herself slightly backwards, making her fingers miss just a little.

As soon as the blood aura hit the walls, they heard a large bang. The walls were pretty solid, so they didn’t break, but some deep cracks did appear.

“Maybe we should stop there,” Jessica said. “It looks like you’ve won this game, Minny. How about we do something else?”

Jessica and Lucia had been trying to catch Minny for a while. At first, they thought that perhaps they would have to go easy on her during the match and eventually let her win. However, after realising that wasn’t the case, the two of them used their full speed, and Lucia had even resorted to using her abilities, yet they still were unsuccessful.

The two women were afraid that if this little game were to go on, they would damage the room a little too much, which would bring even more attention.

Minny was sitting down on the sofa, between Lucy and Jessica, as the latter gave her a small blood juice box.

“No, Daddy said that I have to try and restrain myself from drinking blood, and also that I should only drink blood once a week or when I get hurt!” Minny claimed.

Hearing this, Jessica knew what ‘Nate’ was trying to do. It was to wane her off the blood lust. It was training that vampires in the vampire crops did and was something that vampires of the old times did as well. For Quinn to start such training for someone so young, she found it strange.

“Well, Daddy isn’t here right now, and I’m sure he just hasn’t been able to keep up with the times. Artificial blood is in large supply, so you don’t have to worry about those things. I promise we won’t tell him.”

Minny had thought about it for a while, and in the end, she allowed her instincts to kick in as she grabbed the blood juice box and started drinking it away. Her cheeks began to puff up wide as she drank the drink relatively fast, and the women couldn’t help but agree that Minny was the cutest little thing in the world.

“Speaking of your dad, he’s such a powerful person. No wonder Minny is a strong vampire just like him.” Jessica commented.

After giving the juice box a few slurps, Minny patted her small tummy and let out a little burp.

“That’s impossible. He’s not my real Daddy; I just call him Daddy.”

“Not your real daddy?” Lucia repeated and looked at Jessica for confirmation, but the latter was just as lost as her. “Then who is your daddy, and why are you with Nate?”

It seemed like Minny had a few seconds to think about that before she finally came up with an answer.

“I don’t know who my real Daddy is. It was always just my mum and me, but after I separated from her, Daddy One came along and looked after me. Minny thinks everyone is slow and weak because Daddy One was so strong.”

The girls felt like facepalming as this was a difficult situation to decipher, to say the least, and they were wondering if they should even try and get more involved in this or back out now, but they were just too deep.

“Daddy One… is daddy One your real daddy? and Daddy Two Nate?” Jessica asked.

Once again, though, Minny shook her head. “Daddy One is the Daddy that looked after Minny and Mummy. He protected us from all the strange monsters. I used to watch him fight all the time, and once in a while, he would explain to Minny.

“Daddy One was faster than both of you.”

“Then Minny, do you mind explaining to us why you are with Daddy Two at the moment, and where is daddy One?” Jessica asked again. She was fishing for answers, and while the other two were away, perhaps it was her chance to get them.

“Daddy Two is friends with Daddy One. Minny was in danger, and Daddy Two saved me…I trust both of my Daddies.” Minny explained. “Both of them are stronger than anyone I have ever seen. Daddy One…I don’t know what happened to him, but you can ask Daddy Two.”

After seeing what Minny could do, the two girls thought they could somewhat understand where Minny’s strength had come from. She was in an environment where she perhaps was surrounded by monstrously powerful vampires. To adapt and be around them, she had to be strong. Although it still didn’t clear things up.

“Minny, do you mind telling us something,” Lucia said as she scooted over to her side. “You trust us, right? If you do, do you mind telling us about your Daddy, who he is, like what type of vampire and from which family? If you don’t know that, just tell us what you know about him.”

Hearing these words, Minny started to frown, as if she knew what the girls were asking was something that Quinn didn’t want them to know. Eventually, the girls even put their hands together to beg her.

“We promise we won’t tell your dad or Uncle about this. We’re your sisters. We’re family, right? And family shouldn’t have secrets from each other, and we’re just concerned about you.” Jessica stated.

Eventually, Minny had decided, as she lifted her hand and presented three stubby little fingers.

“Three more juice boxes, I want three more juice boxes, and I’ll tell you everything I know, but you can’t tell them that I told you.”

The two women smiled as it seemed like the easiest thing in the world. They got the three more juice boxes in no time and handed them over to Minny. She quickly sipped all three away, and her little belly was getting larger and growing by the second.

They thought it was now too obvious to hide it from ‘Nate’, but it was worth the price.

“Daddy’s real name isn’t Nate.” Minny finally said.

These words alone confirmed that he had been using a different identity, but even then if they knew his real name, what would they do? Jessica thought that perhaps she would have to ask her father if he knew who this person was after learning his name.

Just as Minny opened her mouth to say something though, they heard a knock at the door.

“Damn it, who has appeared at this time?” Jessica thought.

Looking through the peephole, she was surprised to see that the person on the other side was someone whom she recognised. It was one of the Red Vampires, Derik.

“What’s the problem?” Jessica asked, without opening the door.

Rather than answering, the door had quickly been kicked in, breaking off its hinge and hitting Jessica by surprise. The next second, and a red aura, fist smashed through the door and hit Jessica in the stomach, sending her flying back and crashing into the wall.


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